Ozone Nightclub Bermuda

Update: Ozone has closed down.
Ozone, located on Front Street of Hamilton City is one of the well known nightclubs in the island. At the entrance of the nightclub which is on the 3rd level of the building, there is a nice fountain. Ozone nightclub has a 400 square-feet dance floor that allows ample elbow room. The lounge area offers enough privacy for conversations. Thursdays are salsa nights where professional instructors teach salsa virgins while the DJ plays Latino music and the latest hits. 
There is also another room called The Rock Room which is open during summer season. Top North American club bands complement local bands playing a variety of rock and blues here.   
There was a time (until December 2004) when this nightclub also had a casino with slot machines. But even slot machines in Bermuda were banned subsequently resulting in closure of that section. 
All seven days a week from 12:00 noon till 03:00 AM 
Dress code is Casual. T-shirts and jeans are welcome. Reservation is preferred. 

Location and Contact

Ozone Nightclub 
69 Front Street , 3rd Floor Emporium Building, Hamilton, Bermuda  
Phone: (441) 295 8299 / (441) 292 3379; Email: [email protected] 
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