Kings Wharf Bermuda: A Complete Guide


About Kings Wharf

Kings Wharf is the original cruise pier in Royal Naval Dockyard which is the largest port in Bermuda where many large cruise ships dock. Most cruise lines show the destination as Kings Wharf in their cruise schedules, and therefore visitors tend to think that Kings Wharf is the cruise port. Actually it is only a berth in the port and the port itself is known as Royal Naval Dockyard, or simply the Dockyard. 
A second berth known as Heritage Wharf was added to the dockyard in May 2009 right next to Kings Wharf. So two large cruise ships can now dock at the port at the same time. The two berths are on a line, which means one ship docks behind the other. 
Kings Wharf, Bermuda 
Kings Wharf Bermuda 
The Dockyard is located at the western tip of Bermuda in Sandy's Parish at Ireland Island (North). Check out the map of Kings Wharf and Dockyard to know more about its location and layout. 
Once you get off the cruise ship, the narrow strip of land that connects the pier to the mainland of the dockyard is known as North Arm. The land-end of the North Arm is about 380 yards from the pier. The entire dockyard is laid out on a 24-acre land area and therefore everything within the port area is within walking distance from the cruise berths. 
Kings Wharf and Dockyard Complex, Bermuda 
Kings Wharf Bermuda Dockyard Map 
Due to large influx of tourists arriving by regularly scheduled cruises, the dockyard or the Kings Wharf port area has developed into a modern and complete tourist complex with many tourist attractions including the National Museum, a full facility beach, art and craft shops, many restaurants offering varied cuisine, bars and pubs, a shopping mall with several boutique shops, and lot more. 
A host of activities operate out of dockyard including island tours, boating and sailing tours, all kinds of water sports (such as kayaking, jet skiing, paddle boarding, snorkeling cruises, scuba diving etc), fishing tours, a series of events and festivals, and more. 
Royal Naval Dockyard Imagery. 
Rotate the image for 360° view. 
Summer (May to October) is the high tourist season in Bermuda although some cruise ships start arriving in April and some leave as late as November. Weather at Kings Wharf (actually, in the whole of the island) is sub-tropical in nature... it's warm and fairly humid during the summers (May to October) when the average daytime air temperature goes above 80°F. Summer is a great time to visit the beaches and take part in water activities. In winters, the air temperature comes down to 60s... some attractions and tours close down in winters. 
On your day of cruise departure, you do not want to stray too far and risk being getting back late. So on your last day, you can spare some time checking out the dockyard itself. It works out nicely if the cruise ship leaves in the second half. Go through Self guided tour of Dockyard to know how to get around the dockyard on your own and find all the places of interest. 
The dockyard or the Kings Wharf Complex is well connected with rest of the island by bus, ferry and taxi services. The ferry dock is about 500 yards from Kings Wharf pier. Public ferries connect dockyard with important places like Hamilton City and St. George's Town
Hamilton is the capital and the main shopping, dining and commercial hub of Bermuda , and it's only a 20 minute ferry ride from Kings Wharf. 
A summer ferry service connects Kings Wharf Dockyard to St. George's Town which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site where Bermuda's first settlement took place in early 1600s. It's located at the eastern end of Bermuda and known for its narrow alleyways, quaint shops and dining venues, and old historical sites. Kings Wharf to St. George takes 35 minutes by ferry. 
The bus stop in Dockyard is located in front of the Clock Tower Mall which is about 930 yards from Kings Wharf pier. Buses operate between Dockyard and Hamilton City (takes about 1-hour each way).  
There is a taxi stand near the berths and all taxis in Bermuda are metered. There are also privately run shuttle minibuses (that queue up near the piers) and service Horseshoe Bay Beach all through the day during summers. 
The dockyard has a Visitor Service Center (at Dockyard Terrace) to assist the tourists with free maps, brochures, bus schedule, tour information etc. You can also get Transport passes and tokens here to get around the island by public buses and ferries or pay the fares by cash. 

A Brief History

The Royal Naval Dockyard once served as an outpost for the British Royal Navy, and has come a long way to become the busiest passenger ship port in the island. 
After the British lost the American War of Independence, they also lost all their ports along America’s Atlantic coastline. So as an alternative, they began construction of Royal Naval Dockyard along with its Kings Wharf pier in 1809. To build this Dockyard, the British had engaged thousands of convicts who they brought in from England and also involved many slaves from the island. 
Many workers died out of yellow fever epidemic that once ravaged the island and also due to the nature of risk involved in the work. However, during the epidemic, many navy officers and their families including children also died. You can go down to the Royal Naval Cemetery in Sandys, which is a short bus ride from Kings Wharf complex, and see the graveyard where many of them were buried, you can even read some of the headstones. 
Since its construction, the Royal Naval Dockyard operated for over 100 years serving the British forces in such affairs like the American War of 1812. In mid-1800s, The Keep Fortress was built here covering an area of 6-acres in order to protect the dockyard from enemy attacks from western waters. Today, the National Museum of Bermuda is housed within this Keep fortress. 
A pond within the fort premises, known as the 'Keep Pond' was used by small boats to load ammunitions from the fort and then transfer them to the navy ships waiting at the bay. This pond is now used by Dolphin Quest for training dolphins and putting up dolphin shows to the visitors. 
The naval base remained in operation through the World War-II. However over time the British began to realize that the dockyard was no longer a real necessity as a navy port for defense. After all, the Americans became allies to the British in both the World Wars. So gradually, the importance of the dockyard as a naval base started to diminish. Most of the navy facilities were closed down by 1951. Limited facilities were kept open to support British and NATO ships. 
Finally, all navy operations came to a complete closure in 1995. Passenger cruise ships then started to visit Bermuda and docked at the Kings Wharf, and the dockyard gradually became a commercial port and a complex with many tourist attractions. Today the dockyard handles well over 500,000 cruise passengers annually, and the number continues to grow. 

A Short Video of Kings Wharf Port


Things To See and Do

Kings Wharf Dockyard has developed into a complete tourist complex where you can get virtually everything you want. That includes a full-facility beach that's great for swimming and snorkeling, great tourist sites such as the National Museum, dolphin interaction center, art and craft centers, historical buildings, and more. There are many restaurants and bars in Dockyard for you to wine and dine. 
The Clock Tower Shopping Mall has a range of boutique and branded shops of all types. You can visit several other nearby pink beaches as well as tourist attractions easily by bus, or take a ferry to Hamilton or St. George to explore plethora of sites, shops and tourist attractions. A range of island and water-based tours operate out of the dockyard. 
Here are all that you can see and do in and around the Dockyard: 

Visit The Beaches

There are several great beaches that are close to Kings wharf. However, Snorkel Park Beach is located within the dockyard itself and only 6-7 minute walk from the cruise berths. There is an admission fee of $5 per person. The beach is manmade but there are ample facilities including a Bar and Restaurant, beach rentals (such as loungers, umbrellas, cabanas etc), snorkel rentals, lockers, etc. 
Snorkel Park Beach, Dockyard 
Snorkel Park Beach Bermuda 
The beach is great for swimming and snorkeling. Other than lots of fish in the waters here, there are also underwater features such a sunken cannons, slides etc which make an interesting snorkeling experience, especially for families with kids. There are other water sports such as Jet Ski safaris that are organized by Snorkel Park. The 'Hammerhead Bar and Grill' at Snorkel Park offers nice innovative island cocktails and food including snacks like chicken tenders, burgers, fish n' chips etc. 
The famous pink south shore beaches like Horseshoe Bay Beach, Church Bay Beach, Jobson's Cove, Warwick Long Bay Beach etc can be reached easily by public bus (#7) and taxis. Shuttle minibuses are also available (near the piers) making several round trips to Horseshoe Bay during the day. 
Nice beaches like Black Bay Beach, Daniel's Head Beach, Somerset Long Bay etc are located in the same Sandys parish. You will need a transport though. There is also a lovely Sea Glass Beach near Black Bay which is full of colorful sea glasses. 
Here are all the Great beaches near Kings Wharf
With extensive public transports in Bermuda and availability of scooter/minicar rentals, it is actually easy to get to any place in the island and you don't want to miss out on the great beaches that are little farther away. Several beaches such as Tobacco Bay Beach in St. George, Shelly Bay Beach in Hamilton parish, John Smith's Bay in Smith's and Clearwater Beach in St. David's are among the finest in Bermuda, but they are not as close to Kings Wharf as the others, but several of them can be combined when you plan to visit other tourist attractions in the island. 
Check out the Amazing beaches to know about all the great beaches in Bermuda. 

Visit Tourist Sites

Spread across some 24-acres of land area, the Kings Wharf Dockyard complex offers many tourist sites other than being home to a marina, a working boatyard, many restaurants and shops. 
Some of the key attractions and places to visit in Kings Wharf complex includes: 
The National Museum of Bermuda which showcases exhibits and artifacts of Bermuda's maritime history as well as Bermuda's culture and heritage over the past four centuries including that of slavery period. Most parts of the museum is housed within the Keep Fortress. Dolphin Quest is located within the National Museum premises and offers a range of dolphin shows and interactions. 
National Museum of Bermuda (Fort Complex) 
National Museum of Bermuda 
Bermuda Arts Center where beautiful artworks including cedar craft, jewelry and paintings are created by local artists. 
Dockyard Glassworks where artists make beautiful glass articles using glass blowing technique. Bermuda Rum Cake Company is located in the same building premises as the Dockyard Glassworks. They bake excellent rum cakes where one of the ingredients is Bermuda Blackseal Rum. You can sample the cakes here. They come properly packaged so that you can carry them back home. 
There are several historical buildings within the dockyard that distinctly relate to the time of the Royal Navy in Bermuda. Victualling Yard located between the Dockyard terrace and Maritime lane, once served as a storage area for food and supplies. 
Victualling Yard, Dockyard, Bermuda 
Photo: James Willamor, flickr, cc by-sa 2.0 
Barrels used to be made in the Old Cooperage Building located in the Victualling Yard in order to store perishable items like pork, biscuits etc. These barrels were loaded into the ships. 
Old Cooperage Building, Bermuda 
Victualling Yard, Bermuda 
Photo: Captain-tucker, CC BY-SA 4.0 
Casemates once served as a barrack for the men of Marine Infantry. 
Jon Faulkner Gallery making wonderful pottery items. Craft Market showcasing handcrafted items including jewelry, wood craft, dolls etc is located within the Old Cooperage Building. 
Visit the 'Bermuda Transport Museum'. You can see a great collection of classic motorcycles, boats, carriages and cars that once used to be seen on Bermuda's roads. You can find restored models of Mobylette, Triumph, Cyrus, Morris, VW, and even an America's Cup foiling wing raced by Oracle Team USA in 2017. 2, Smithery Row, Dockyard (behind Clocktower Mall). 
Photo: Bermuda Transport Museum 
There is a small outlet of Bermuda Book Store at the Dockyard (their main store which is located at Hamilton, is acclaimed as the best bookstore in the island). The dockyard branch is located within Bermuda Arts Center in its northern section. It's packed with latest best sellers, great selection of Bermuda titles, kids' books, crosswords and puzzles and lot more. There is also a comfy couch where you can relax and read books in a cozy ambience. 
Bermuda Book Store at Dockyard 
Photo: Bermuda Arts Center 
Somerset Bridge in Sandys is the smallest drawbridge in the world and located only 15-17 minutes away by bus #7 or 8. 
Fort Scaur in Sandys is a historic British fort with a beautiful surrounding parkland and located only 6.6kms from the dockyard. This fort was built in the 1870s to thwart land-based enemy attacks on Royal Naval Dockyard. You can take bus #7 or 8 to reach there within 15 minutes. 
Gibbs Hill Lighthouse in Southampton is one of the oldest cast iron lighthouses in the world that was built in 1846. Climb up the 185 spiral steps inside and get to the balcony above and enjoy a sweeping 360 degree view of Great Sound and South Shore and many other landmarks. It takes about 30 minutes to get to the nearest bus stop by bus #7 and then it's a short walk. 
Heydon Trust has a wonderful parkland and the smallest chapel in Bermuda which was built in 1620. It's only about 6.4kms from Dockyard and you can get to the nearest bus stop by bus#7 or 8. 
Read: Great attractions in and around Kings Wharf for full information. 

Take a Tour

Numerous tours operate from Kings Wharf Dockyard including island tours by minibus, taxi, various kinds of sailing tours, water sport activities, cycling, Eco adventure tours and more, and they are hugely popular with tourists. Below is a synopsis along with links to give you detailed information for each. Below the list, you will also find how book such tours. 
  • Enjoy a Boating and Sailing Tour. Many of them operate from the dockyard and take you to the western water areas for sightseeing, glass-bottom views of corals and marine life, and some even combine water activities such as snorkeling, kayaking, paddle boarding etc with the cruise. There are also sunset sailing on a yacht or catamaran to watch sunset over Great Sound while you enjoy island cocktails. 
  • Take an Island tour in a minibus. These are set tours that operate on a per-person rate (you can also charter one for your group). A minibus usually takes up to 15 persons. There are half day and full day tours to show you different parts of the island including the best tourists attractions and beaches, and taking you to one of the most locally popular restaurants for lunch. 
  • Hire a taxi by the hour and take an taxi tour of the island. Although most taxi drivers are quite knowledgeable about the island and double up as a guide, there are Blue Flag taxis whose drivers are government certified tour guides and have vast amount of knowledge about the island, its history, heritage and culture, and will share that with you along the way. 
  • Take a Snorkeling cruise to outer reefs and shipwrecks where you can see amazing corals, fish, marine life and even ship wrecks. 
  • Take a guided Jet ski tour. They operate in groups and take you to calm water areas such beautiful Ely's Harbor and below the world's smallest drawbridge. You get to see the beautiful coastline as you drive the water scooter and sometimes even spot green turtles. 
  • Take a guided Kayaking tour along the coastline. 
  • Cycling Tours along the famous Railway Trail that starts in Somerset. 
  • Enjoy and get amazing view of the sea and the land from the sky by taking a Parasailing Tour. You are launched from a boat in Great Sound water area to a maximum height of 30ft as you sit comfortably and harnessed. 
  • Go fishing at the reefs or the deep sea. There are options for both group fishing tours where you can pay on a per person rate, and there are plenty of fishing charters as well. 
  • Take an Eco Adventure Tour to hike and explore a jungle, do a cliff jumping into a blue hole, visit several unknown and hidden caves and even do cave swimming. 
  • Explore the Royal Naval Dockyard itself and take a self guided tour of the Dockyard

    How to book a guided tour?

    Shore excursions, boat tours and transfer packages offered by cruise lines are usually quite expensive (they often rip you off) because they offer such tours through the local island operators and keep hefty margins on them. Instead, you can consider one of the following options to book your tours at Kings Wharf: 
    Option -1 
    You can book online in advance through Viator... World's #1 online tour booking service. Click/tap on the button below to check details of various tours including rates and make a booking. 
    Rates by Viator 
    Option -2 
    There is a kiosk of Island Tour Center close to the cruise piers. They are a tour booking agency and almost all tour operators in the island are registered with them. You can walk down to the kiosk, talk to the lady at the counter to know about the various tours and book one of your choice. 
    However there are a few things to note if you take the second option... 1) If a tour gets full for the time slot you want, you won't get a booking, 2) Often, there can be long queues at the kiosk, 3) they charge an additional fee (of $5) per booking, they call it administration fee. 
    Option -3 
    Walk down to the Visitor's Service Center (5-minute from cruise piers). They have touch screen kiosks where you can see the tours and its description with pictures and book one using your credit card. Like in the previous option, you can book a tour only subject to its availability. There is no extra charge though. Expect to queue up. 

    Engage in fun activities

    Fun Golf 
    There is a fun 18-hole mini golf course in dockyard which is supposed to be the best mini course in the world, and a has a nice Bar and Grill. The holes have all been designed on signature holes from some of the great golf courses in the world. 
    Locked on the Rock 
    Housed in the building right after the apparel shop Island Outfitters, they claim to offer the only and true Live Escape Room Games that are themed on Bermuda and innovatively designed by them. You need to be in a group of two or more, and will be locked up in a room. You need to pick up clues and find the way out to exit the room within 60 minutes. Address: #7, Dockyard Terrace. Phone: (441) 232 5687. 
    Trampoline Park 
    There is an indoor Trampoline Park in the dockyard that's great for kids and families... it's located behind the Clocktower Mall. 

    Enjoy some great food and beverages

    While there are a few vendors with stalls and kiosks offering island drinks, ice creams, fudges and snacks, there are also some great restaurants, pubs and other eateries in the dockyard. All together, there are some 11 food outlets and restaurants in Kings Wharf port area. go through the links to get detailed reviews of each long with pictures. 
    An Italian restaurant located at the corner of the Clock Tower Mall. It has a nice relaxing and friendly atmosphere, and serves authentic traditional Italian food all seven days a week, including breakfast, lunch and dinner. 
    The restaurant serves nice seafood and grilled items including steaks, pasta and Bermudian food. The outdoor patio has a wonderful view of the Great Sound water area. 
    Bonefish Bar and Grill Bermuda 
    Bonefish Bar   Grill Bermuda 
    Source: Bonefish Bar and Grill 
    A relatively new restaurant serving seafood and contemporary dishes. It's located near the main road entrance to the dockyard. The breakfast and Sunday brunch are great, although they serve nice lunch and dinner too. You can get nice Indian dishes here as well. 
    Nice place to have some bakery items, sandwiches, cakes and coffee. There is an open patio with garden setting where you can sit under an umbrella and enjoy some snacks. They serve Traditional Afternoon Tea that comes with goodies and finger sandwiches. The pastry shop is open daily from 9am to 5pm and serve breakfast and lunch. 
    The eatery is located at the entrance of Victualling Yard in dockyard. You enter through a small moongate (an arch like structure) and then you are at the patio where tables are laid out under umbrellas. There is also inside dining upstairs. #12, Dockyard Terrace. 
    Phone: 232-CAKE (2253); Email: [email protected] 
    Bermuda Rum Cake Company 
    They make delicious rum cakes of different flavors and you can see the staff baking cakes. You can even sample some of them for free, and if you like, buy a few (they are properly packaged) and carry them back home. The bakery is located in the same building as Dockyard Glassworks
    Gosling's Rum Barrel 
    It's a glass gazebo located Dockyard Terrace and right after the Visitors Service Center. You can get duty free Gosling's liquor here and branded merchandize such as T-shirts and other apparels from Goslings Brothers (Bermuda's famous rum maker). 
    Alex and Pete's Bermuda Artisan Ice Cream 
    Opened in November 2016 (where Bermyberry used to be), father (Peter) and son (Alex) run this outlet offering locally made ice creams, sorbets, frozen yogurts, ice cream sandwiches, coffee of different types etc. It's a glass covered gazebo located opposite to Dockyard Pastry Shop on the main road (i.e. Dockyard Terrace) and close to Visitors Information Center (after Rum Barrel). It's a few minutes walk from cruise pier and easy to find. 
    They have their kitchen at St. George's where they have been making ice creams for many years. Now they decided to expand their outlet at the dockyard to showcase handcrafted ice creams, yogurts, sherbets etc. Some of the nice flavors in ice creams includes the old favorite of Bermudians like the chocolate ripple, pineapple sherbet, Bermuda rum flavors etc. They offer free WiFi if you make a purchase... it seems to be quite popular with the cruise ship passengers. 
    Address: 9 Dockyard Terrace, Sandys, Bermuda 
    Phone: (441) 337-6101 
    Bermuda Fudge Company 
    They have a kiosk run by Woodmore family and sell different flavors of fudges including traditional (like chocolate, vanilla, nutty), rum flavored, sugar reduced etc. All fudges are sold in pieces (weighing half or one pound) and homemade. The kiosk is located 4-5 minute walk from Kings Wharf Pier after you cross the Visitor's Service Center on the left. 
    Address: Dockyard Terrace, Royal Naval Dockyard 
    Open Hours: Monday - Sunday: 9am - 6pm; Closed on Christmas Day and Good Friday 
    Phone: 441/533 8343; Email:[email protected] 

    Enjoy Nightlife

    Located inside the Old Cooperage building, this is an old British style pub and a restaurant serving pub fares and British cuisine. There is a brewery located here where you can get fresh local beers and also take a tour to experience the brewing process and sample some beer. 
    Dining Room and The Old Fireplace (Frog and Onion, Dockyard) 
    Dining Room 
    Photo: Frog and Onion Pub 
    There is a nightclub 'Club Aqua' at Snorkel Park that operates at the beach during the night time... you can enjoy music and Barbecue parties on the sands until the wee hours (only adults allowed though). 
    Inaugurated in June 2014, this is a pirate ship themed floating bar at the dockyard located near the cruise terminal. Nice cheap drinks, good music and DJ, lovely view of the water and passing ships and youthful vibe are the main attractions. 

    Go Shopping

    The dockyard port area offers many shopping opportunities. In fact many branded stores in Hamilton have their outlets here, plus there are several specialty stores, art and craft galleries and studios. 
    Clock Tower Mall is a charming shopping arcade located within the dockyard complex and 10-11 minute walk from the cruise piers. It has 100-ft high twin clock towers flanking its front facade and hence the name. 
    There are more than 20 nice boutique and branch retail stores in Clocktower mall and a few cafes and eateries as well. You will find attractive items like porcelain, fine china and crystals, silverware, fine tableware, dress materials for men and women, jackets and shoes, Scottish woolen goods, jewelry, accessories, locally made and imported perfumes and art and craft, handbags and lot more. 
    Clocktower Mall, Dockyard Bermuda 
    Clocktower Mall-Dokyard Bermuda 
    Source: Wikimedia Commons 
    The entire shopping arcade is air-conditioned. Visit The Clock Tower Mall to know about the different stores here, what they offer, mall open hours and more. 
    You can buy local handicrafts from the Bermuda Craft Market in the Old Cooperage building located between Dockyard Terrace and Maritime Lane. You can find Bermuda cedar work, candles, jewelry, pottery items, straw bags, banana dolls and many other crafts here. 
    Jon Faulkner Gallery has local and international artisans who create handcrafted pottery items like plaques and table top items. Another great place to visit is the Dockyard Glassworks where the flame artists create magnificent glass items like vases, models of animals and birds etc using glass blowing technique. 
    The store 'Crown & Anchor' is housed in a historical building that once was a residence of a ship's captain. It offers classical lifestyle brands that are themed on Bermuda's nautical history and heritage. It's located next to Bonefish Bar & Grill. All the apparel here are locally designed and made. 
    Right next to Crown & Anchor is 'Island Outfitters', a prominent store is located opposite to the Visitor's Service Center. It offers a range of accessories, gifts and souvenirs and also stocks items such as flip flops, sun glasses, sun hats, T-shirts, local jams, salt and lot more. Address: 6 Dockyard Terrace. 
    Island Outfitters and Crown & Anchor 
    Photo: Charles Lewis, Shutterstock 
    'Makin Waves' (located at 5 Camber Road, Dockyard), is a 2,000 sq. ft. store selling a range of action sport items such as swimwear, watersport gears such as snorkel gears, skateboards etc, T-shirts, hats, accessories including sunglasses. They also sell flip slops, eye-wear, sun-care products, etc. (Phone: 441-234-5319). Their main store is at 1 Church Street (Hamilton City). 
    Makin Waves 
    Photo: Makin Waves 
    If you are looking for European or American prescription medicines or over-the-counter medications, then visit the 'Dockyard-Pharmacy' prominently located in its own building. They also stock a range of local and foreign magazines, postcards, greeting cards, souvenirs, beach gear, sun-care products, and even snacks and beverages. Phone: 441-279-5410. 
    However, Hamilton is the main shopping hub in the island, and it's only a 20 minute ferry ride from Kings Wharf. The ferry terminal in Hamilton is on Front Street, which is the main shopping street. 
    Read: Shopping in Bermuda for a complete shopping experience in the island. 

    Enjoy Events and Festivals

    There are several recurring events and entertainment activities that take place at the dockyard (mostly during summer when the cruise ships are in port). These events include cultural programs, live music, historical re-enactment, shows, art and craft etc. While there are several day-time programs during the week, many musical performances and fun parties are held in the evenings running until late night and offering nice nightlife options here. Entry to several events are free while others have entry fees. 
    The summer weekly event Destination Dockyard has been recently revived which show cases Bermudian heritage and culture... there are various music and dance performances, digital and contemporary technology shows, local cuisine offered by vendors who set up stalls, art and craft etc. 
    Check out Dockyard Events for current schedule of all events in dockyard and event details. 
    Check out Things to do in and around Kings Wharf to know about all the recreational activities that operate out of the dockyard and the surrounding areas. 


    There are several transport options in Dockyard, both for getting around the port area, as well as reaching out to destinations in other parishes within the island. 

    Train Trolley Shuttle

    When cruise ships are in port, a train trolley (that moves on wheels) goes around the dockyard starting near the cruise terminal and passing by the important places completing a full circuit. It makes frequent trips during the whole day. 
    This is a FREE transport available inside the dockyard complex and you can hop on and off at various points. The train trolley stop is near the berths (at the end of North Arm and to the left). 
    There is also a privately run train trolley tour of the dockyard and nearby areas which is chargeable. 

    Buses at Dockyard

    Bus #7 and #8 operate between Hamilton City and the Dockyard. Bus #8 is more frequent and goes along the Middle Road, while bus#7 takes the more picturesque South Road passing by the lovely south shore pink beaches including the Horseshoe Bay Beach. Both bus routes operate between Hamilton City and Dockyard and take about 1-hour each way. Bus ride from dockyard up to Horseshoe Bay Beach in Southampton takes about 35 minutes. 
    There is no direct bus from Kings Wharf dockyard to St. George, you need to take a transfer at Hamilton Central Bus Station (to bus #1, 3, 10 or 11) and then it takes another 50 minutes. Ferry is the easiest mode to reach St. George from Kings Wharf Complex. 
    The dockyard bus stop is located in front of the Clock Tower Mall and is about 10-11 minute walk from the Kings Wharf pier. 
    NOTE: Earlier there used to be two other bus stops in Dockyard, one at North Rock car park and the other at the National Museum that was close to the piers. However, effective April 25, 2019 all buses stop only at the Clock Tower Mall bus stop and return, and do not service the other bus stops. 
    Read: Bermuda Bus Services for all the bus routes, schedules, fares etc. 
    Read: Transport Pass, Tokens, Tickets and Cash Fares to know how to pay fares in public buses and ferries, and what might be the most economical option for you. 

    Ferries at Dockyard

    There is a ferry dock at the dockyard only 5-minute walk from Kings Wharf pier. Ferries operate between dockyard and Hamilton City (all year but with reduced frequency in winter, takes 20 minutes one way) and also between dockyard and St. George's (operates April to early November, limited services on weekdays, takes 35 minutes one way). Ferry is the fastest way to get to Hamilton and St. George from dockyard. Ferry ride is also quite scenic and enjoyable. 
    Ferry boat at Royal Naval Dockyard Ferry Dock 
    Ferry at Bermuda Dockyard 
    Photo: James Willamor, flickr, cc by-sa 2.0 
    Check out Bermuda Ferry Service for the routes and schedules. 

    Taxi Service at Dockyard

    There are taxi stands in the dockyard and taxis are readily available. The taxi stand nearest to Kings Wharf / Heritage Wharf is located close to the piers on the North Arm (a minute walk). There is also a stand near the Clock Tower Mall. Taxis can take 4 or 7 persons depending on their size. 
    All taxis in Bermuda are metered and fare is government regulated. While you can take a taxi for point to point transfers, taxis in Bermuda also offer customized island taxi tours at hourly rate. There are some taxis which have Blue Flags or its insignia on the bonnet. The Blue Flag Taxi drivers are also government certified tour guides and charge same rates as others. 
    Check out Bermuda Taxi Service for information about taxi service, fares, stands etc. 

    Beach Shuttles

    There are regular privately run minibus shuttle services between Dockyard and Horseshoe Bay Beach. One-way fare to Horseshoe bay is $7. Usual capacity of a minibus is 15, but there are ones with capacity of 25 as well. They queue up near the cruise piers (along the North Arm to the left). 
    Beach Shuttles, Dockyard 
    The service starts at 8am from dockyard and makes several round trips during the day. The last minibus from dockyard is at 3pm, while the last one returning from Horseshoe Bay Beach is at 6pm. You do not need to pre-book a seat. Carry cash of $7 and hop into one that has available seats. A shuttle starts about every 15 minutes or sooner if it gets full. 
    The beach shuttles at the dockyard operate when the cruise ships are in port. They go right down to the Horseshoe Beach car park and do not stop along the way. For further information, you can inquire at the Visitors Service Center at the Dockyard. 

    Scooter and Cycle rentals

    The company Oleander Cycles has an outlet centrally located in the dockyard. You can rent scooters and bicycles from them. They are open all 7 days a week. There are several other companies in the island and some of them would deliver the scooter at the cruise pier. 
    Go through the following links to get complete details on Scooter and Bicycle rentals including rates. 

    Mini Car Rentals

    Battery operated electric mini cars with a capacity of two have been introduced in the island and you can rent one for a whole day or longer. They are a good alternative to scooter rentals, relatively safer and would suit those who can not drive a two-wheeler. 
    Charging station is available at the dockyard to re-charge the minicar battery (take the second left after you enter dockyard through the main gate and go to the end). The company Bermuda Rental Car has an outlet at Dockyard (9 Camber Road) which is convenient for the cruise passengers. 
    Read: Mini Car rentals in Bermuda to know about types of mini cars, how to rent one, rates etc. 
    NOTE: You can park both scooters and minicars overnight at the dockyard for free. Parking space is available close to the cruise piers. 

    Segway Self-balancing Machines

    Segway offers 2-wheeled battery operated self driven machines which you can rent and get around the dockyard. They are located within the dockyard and opposite to Oleander Cycles. You can see the yellow Segway bus parked at the corner. Read: Segway rentals for details. 



    Bermuda Visitor Service Center

    The Visitor Service Center is located near the dockyard ferry dock and is 450 meters (about 5-minute walk) from the Kings Wharf / Heritage Wharf cruise berths... look for the glass gazebo with an 'i' sign. It is run by Bermuda Tourism Authority and there are staff to help you with your queries. 
    You will get free foldable pocket map (known as Handy Reference Map), brochures, tour guides, as well as bus and ferry passes and tokens here. There are also touch screens and you can book your own tours and activities in the island, subject to availability. 
    Open Hours
    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 8:30am - 4pm; 
    Wednesday 10am - 6pm; Sunday 10am - 4pm 
    Address: 2 Dockyard Terrace, Royal Naval Dockyard. 
  • There is usually a long queue at this Visitor Service Center when a cruise ship arrives. Cruise passengers line up to get transport passes, maps, brochures etc.  
  • Booklet of bus/ferry tickets can be cheaper for limited rides. But you won't get them at the dockyard. This is likely because the Tourism Authority wants to promote transport passes to tourists which is costlier but offers unlimited rides in public buses and ferries. In order to get the booklet of tickets, you need to either take a bus, pay by cash in exact change and go down to the nearest post office (at Somerset), or take a ferry to Hamilton Ferry Terminal where it's available. 
    Check out Bermuda Visitors Service Centers to know about all the visitor centers in the island, their locations, offerings, open hours etc. 

    Wi-Fi Internet and Phone Cards

    Although the entire dockyard was wi-fi enabled since February 2012 offering pre-paid high-speed internet service, unfortunately the service has been withdrawn since August 2017. 
    So what are the options now? There are several free (for one hour) access points that are available across the dockyard compound ('BERMUDA' being the network name)... you can connect, enter some details on an online form, get an access code and start using the wi-fi internet. However it can be quite slow when there are volumes of users connected (which is often the case). 
    Another option is to buy a pre-paid SIM online in advance with enough data plan that you need (you should of course have an unlocked phone). You can switch on the 'Portable Hotspot' option in the phone and your entire family can use the wi-fi. 
    Check out Internet Access to know about wifi services, rates and internet cafes in Bermuda along with more information on wifi usage in Dockyard. 

    Currency and ATMs

    One Bermuda dollar is same as one US$. If you are carrying US dollars, you won't need to change to Bermuda Currency. US currency is freely accepted in all shops, restaurants and outlets. A shop owner may return Bermuda currency as a change when you pay in US currency. Ensure that you use up all your Bermuda currency in the island itself, else you may not be able to convert them into your home currency when you get back. 
    There are ATMs in the dockyard complex (one at the Clocktower Mall and another near Frog and Onion Pub). They dispense Bermuda Currency

    Phone Booths

    The old red traditional phone booths are still in place. I saw these phone booths busy even in 2005 when the use of mobile phones were not so prevalent. Although not of much use today, these booths are still operational and it's worth taking a look at these and get reminded of the old times. The booths are located near the Frog and Onion Pub (near the Cooperage Building). 
    Dockyard Old British Style Red Phone Booths 
    Dockyard Phone Booths 
    Photo: mldestefano / Pixabay 

    Live Webcam at Dockyard

    A webcam has been installed in April 2013 on top of the Commissioner's House at Dockyard. As a result you can now see a live streaming video of the dockyard on your computer/laptop. You can see the cruise ships arriving and leaving, and also many activities in the dockyard as well as the surrounding area of the island. 
    Visit Dockyard Webcam to watch live streaming video of the dockyard. 

    Cruise Calls (2021)

    NCL Breakaway berthed at Dockyard 
    Following are the contracted cruises to Kings and Heritage Wharf making recurring calls (several other cruises are also scheduled to visit Bermuda, however they are not contracted). The links below will take you to the detailed reviews of the cruises. 
    Norwegian Gem (NCL) 
  • 27 visits 
  • Arrives at Dockyard (Sunday) at 10am 
  • Departs on Tuesday at 5:30pm 
  • 23 visits 
  • Arrives at Dockyard at 1pm 
  • Departs at 1pm. Schedule varies. 
    Celebrity Summit (Celebrity) 
  • 9 Visits 
  • Schedule varies 
    Norwegian Joy (NCL) 
  • 27 visits 
  • Arrives at Heritage Wharf (Dockyard) on Wednesday 7:30am 
  • Departs of Friday 3pm 
    Freedom of the Seas (RCI) 
  • 21 visits 
  • Arrives at Dockyard at 9am 
  • Departs at 6pm. Schedule varies. 
    For more information on cruises to Bermuda, visit Bermuda Cruises and Reviews
    For current schedules of the cruises to Bermuda, visit Current Cruise Schedules
    NOTE: The situation in 2021 is fluid and the cruise schedules are subject to change. 

    Recommended Resources

    If you are visiting Kings Wharf, take a look at the Bermuda eBooks. These are by far the best guides to make a great vacation plan in Bermuda and to know about the attractions, guided and self-guided tours, water sport and other activities, dining and shopping options, vacation tips and more. 

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    2) Sandys Parish: Other great attractions, restaurants, hotels etc in the parish. 
    3) Bermuda Ports: About all the ports in Bermuda including Hamilton City and St. George. 

    Viewers' Stories and Comments

    Sharon (January 2020) 
    Are all ship services open and available for use by passengers while in port such as meals, activities, shows at night, food, bars, and casino? I'm assuming you sleep on the ship. 
    Raj ( January 2020 
    Cruise lines making regular calls to Bermuda (including NCL, RCI etc) keep their casinos open between 9pm to 5am while on port. Shops in the cruise ships are usually closed but all other onboard services including food, bar, shows remain open. 
    Charlie (December 2019) 
    Is it possible to safely ride a bike from the cruise dock at Kings Wharf to the start of the Railway Trail at Somerset and Beacon Hill Rd? Or do you suggest taking transit? Thanks 
    Raj ( December 2019 
    The road is quite narrow with 2-way traffic between dockyard entry gate all the way to Somerset. While some do it, it may not be quite safe for tourists biking first time in Bermuda. A private transit with a bike is also not quite doable as buses or taxis won't allow a bike on board. There is a guided bike tour available at Dockyard that offers boat/bus a transit + exploring the western section of the railway trail. Go through the Bike tour on railway trail page for details. 
    Jo Wright (May 2019) 
    We are wanting to rent either scooters or minicars for 24hrs while our ship is docked.  Is there available public parking near the cruise ship terminal?  Is the area safe enough to leave a rental? Thank You. 
    Raj ( May 2019 
    Yes there is a parking near the cruise berths and that's safe. All cruise passengers park their rentals there. 
    Lori B (April 2019) 
    Hello! I am trying to determine the best way to travel from Kings Wharf to St George with stops along the way back to the ship. Im thinking we should take a ferry one way to St George.  After exploring there, we want to take the bus back to the ship so that we can stop at different locations, such as The Swizzle Inn, Warwick Bay, Horseshoe Bay, Somerset Bridge, and maybe other places but thats the basic path Im thinking of so far.  Is it best to continue on by bus to the dockyard or take the ferry from Somerset Village at that point?  Also wondering if there is some type of combination bus/ferry pass. Thank you for your assistance. 
    Raj ( April 2019 
    Hi, there is a transport pass (works for both public buses and ferries) which you can purchase at the Royal Naval Dockyard (referred as Kings Wharf by the cruise lines but it happens to be the name of the pier). You can get it right next to the pier ...expect long queues though. 
    Somerset village is almost next to the dockyard... both are in the same parish (Sandys)... so why take a ferry from Somerset which might take you elsewhere? Take a bus from St. George... bus #10, 11, 1 or 3... all good for gulping rum swizzles at Swizzle Inn.  Continue on one of these buses to get to Hamilton city (preferably #10 or 11 because the route is shorter). At Hamilton City you have two options... if the rum swizzle is too much on you by now, take the ferry (blue route) straight back to the dockyard (20 minutes), otherwise take bus #7 to Warwick Long Bay, Horseshoe Bay, Somerset Bridge etc... the same bus would take you to the dockyard... however at Somerset Bridge, you will also get bus #8 to get to the dockyard. 
    Not sure how will you time this 'Basic Path', but if time still permits, try to visit Gibbs Hill Lighthouse near Horseshoe Bay Beach. St George to Dockyard by bus (with a transfer at Hamilton) would easily take more than two hours non-stop. Good luck! 
    Karen Gaither (October 2018) 
    A year or two ago  we visited Bermuda on the celebrity cruise ship the Summit. A small train came right to the door of the ship to take passengers to the clock tower to shop.. It seems now we have to walk to the end of the dock. Being seniors who really can't walk that distance (the cruise ship managed to get my 86 year old husband to the end of the dock we took the train.. But found ourselves stranded when we were done.. Spoke to cruise ship they suggested we contact you.. We are trying to plan our annual cruise Sept 1 of 2019 and would like to know if the service has been improved.. 
    Raj ( October 2018 
    Hello, the authorities at Royal Naval Dockyard (WEDCO) can give you the official response. The trolley train (a free shuttle) moves through the dockyard during summer and between 8:30am to 6pm. It stops at various points within the dockyard including several attractions, shops, restaurants etc and one can hop on and off. Cruise ship passengers can board the train at the stop located at the end of North Arm (a 120-meter walkway from the cruise berths). It won't come right up to the cruise piers. 
    Michelle P (September 2018) 
    Hi - Does the Fun Bus still run from St George (2018)? Is there any easier way to get to Gombeys from the Dockyard? Also - what would be the best beach for easy access for an 86 year old - short walk, soft sand and facilities? Thanks so much  for your help! 
    Raj ( September 2018 
    Hi, the direct fun bus from dockyard to St. George/St. Davids was introduced only as an experimental case and there is no such regular service.To get to Gombeys bar on Clearwater beach at St. Davids, you can take a ferry to St. George and then bus #6 (not all services reach Clearwater, so ask the driver). 
    Snorkel Park Beach is within dockyard itself, short walk from the piers and has all facilities. There are regular services of beach shuttles (minibuses) from the dockyard to Horseshoe bay beach. The beach shuttle goes right up to the parking lot and then it's a short walk to the beach. Horseshoe has all facilities. One way fare is $7 per person. 
    Stephen Todaro (September 2018) 
    Just found out that the Norwegian Escape will not be visiting Bermuda as scheduled next Wednesday. Was this decision made because the port was closed by Bermuda authorities or did Norwegian make the decision. Best Regards, 
    Raj ( September 2018 
    It seems Norwegian is cancelling cruise calls to Bermuda because of hurricane Florence. 
    Karen (August 2018)  
    Hi first I want to thank you for all the details on your side. It's very helpful. I am traveling with a group of 20 to Bermuda via cruise. Since we have elderly and young kids, I am trying to plan the best way to get to horseshoe bay without chaos. I am sure everyone on the boat will be rushing to get tickets at the dockyard. I want my family to be set and not having to line up for a long time. Do you have any contacts that I can reserve the minibus ahead of time or even hire the driver for a day? 
    Raj ( August 2018 
    Hi, minibuses in Bermuda can usually seat up to 15 persons. There are several companies that offer minibuses to private groups for transfers and tours. Here are few minibus operators...  
    Ricky's Minibus (Email: Email: [email protected]), 
    Brown's Minivan (Email: [email protected]), 
    Bermuda Triangle Tours (Email: [email protected], 
    Titan Express has buses with a capacity of 24 (Email: [email protected]). 
    Scott (August 2018) 
    When renting a scooter for 24 hours, is there a place to park them if your staying on the ship? Thanks for your time. 
    Raj ( August 2018 
    Yes, there is ample scooter parking near the cruise piers at Royal Naval Dockyard (the main cruise port). 
    Cristina Gentile (April 2018) 
    Hello! Coming into the dockyard on a cruise in July. Just wondering what the closest and best beach option would be. I don't want to be taking a few buses or other modes or transportation to get there so looking for the easiest option. I know snorkel park is right there but just wondering your suggestion. Daniel's Head? I'm into photography so definitely want a cool atmosphere aside from beautiful water. I know Jobson's Cove has cool rock/cove areas but that is a hike from dockyard, no? Thanks! 
    Raj ( April 2018 
    Hi, there are hardly any sidewalks once you go out of the dockyard (cruise port) main gate. While Snorkel Park is located within the cruise port area itself, it's a man-made commercial beach and is not ideal for photography. Black Bay and Sea Glass beaches are about 20-minute walk from dockyard. They are small beaches. Sunset view from Black Bay is excellent. You need a transport for most other beaches. Bus stop for Jobsons Cove is about 40-minute away from dockyard by bus. Suggest you go through the page Beaches in and around dockyard
    Erica Gonzalez (July 2017) 
    Catching a mini bus or cab was very easy. We docked at the Royal dockyard and as soon as you walk down the pier the taxi stand is there. We were a group of 19 and the transportation officers were very helpful in trying to get us in 1 minibus but they ended up having to split us into 2. The driver was friendly and informative. It was only $7pp each way to Horseshoe Beach. Definitely look forward to returning and have no concerns about catching cab or minibus instead of paying the cruise line for transportation to the beach and only get to be there 2 hours.  We caught the minibus at 11am and didn't head back until 4pm. 
    Susan Fahl (June 2017) 
    Sorry to bother you but you have a webcam at kings wharf that is brilliant, I watch it all the time BUT could someone do something about the audio or speaker that is attached to it. It is getting worse by the day, you cant make out the hooters, the bell nothing any more it is getting so bad. It cant be that hard to repair the speaker or something so that the sound is better thanks. 
    Erica (March 2017) 
    Hi, I just found your site and the information is very helpful.  I am traveling with a group of 21 and not interested in booking transportation through cruise line to Horseshoe Bay.  You were the only site I found with rates on the shuttle. I wanted to know if they can accommodate our group and where would I go to board or pay for it? thanks 
    Raj (, March 2017) 
    Hi, most shuttles are 15-seaters, few have larger capacity. Shuttles line up near the cruise pier. You can pay directly to the driver or buy tickets in front of the shuttles. 
    Laura Cohen (July 2016) 
    You mentioned in one of your transportation questions that the quickest way to obtain the 15 ticket (for bus and ferry) travel option from the Dockyard (arriving Wednesday am on the Celebrity Summit) would be for one member of my group to go to the Mangrove Post Office in Somerset and then bring the tickets back to the pier. I found the appropriate bus schedule and determined that the earliest buses to Somerset were at 8:50, 9:20, 9:50 and 10:20. 
    I'd just like to ask (because I couldn't find a specific list of times at EACH stop in both directions) about what time a bus might depart Somerset, going back to the Dockyard. I assume it will take a good 1/2 hour for my husband to locate the Post Office - Mangrove/Somerset, purchase the tickets and find his way back to the bust stop, but want to make sure that we don't waste the whole first morning just trying to get organized. 
    Additionally, I was wondering if you have any idea how long the lines (at the Dockyard) are to purchase the 1 day passes, as my husband was thinking of either bringing exact change for that first bus ride to Somerset vs. buying a 1 day pass, just for himself, so that the first round-trip to Somerset isn't a total waste of money. 
    Thanks for being so patient with all of our complex tourist questions. Your patience clearly knows no bound and you are to be congratulated on helping so many strangers to enjoy Bermuda to the fullest! 
    Raj (, July 2016) 
    Hi, it takes 53 minutes (on an average) for a bus to reach Somerset from Hamilton and another 9 minutes to reach dockyard. So refer to the bus schedule (of route #7 or 8), add 53 minutes to the start time at Hamilton, and you will get the timings when the buses would be at Somerset while heading towards dockyard. Unfortunately, there is no other easier way to know. 
    Here is another option, instead of taking a bus, your husband can take a ferry to Hamilton (paying by cash). Takes 20 minutes one way. Tickets, passes and tokens are available at Hamilton ferry terminal itself. He can then return by the next ferry. This may be easier. If he can take the first ferry at 7:30am, he can be back at the dockyard by 9am. Check the ferry schedule for all timings. 
    Sometimes there are long queues at the Visitors Information Centers (VICs) at the dockyard, particularly when more than one cruise ships are on port. In such a case, it's better to avoid the VICs located next to the berths, and instead walk down to the one few minutes away. Chances are that this VIC would have a shorter queue. 
    Jeannie (July 2016) 
    Hello!  I will be visiting Bermuda at the end of August.  Very excited as I have been wanting to visit for over 15 years.  Just finally making this happy!  :) Anyway, my question is that we will be docking at the Royal Naval Dockyard.  Can we get either passes or tickets there still using a credit / debit card and / or cash? Thank you!  :) 
    Raj (, July 2016) 
    Only one-day pass is available at the dockyard. You can however pay by cash in both bus and ferry in exact change in either US or Bermuda currency (only coins). You will get all passes, tickets and tokens at Hamilton ferry or bus terminal. 
    Robyn Fransen (July 2016) 
    We are sailing in on NCL Dawn on the 10/7/16 sailing and would like to go to the aquarium and crystal caves for a day.  I don't believe we will be doing any other traveling around the island so after reading all the information it would appear that purchasing tokens would be the least expensive but appears that they are not available at the dockyard.  Is there anywhere close to the pier that they are available or at that point are we just better off paying cash fare?  Thank you so much for your help! 
    Raj (, July 2016) 
    Pay in cash for the Hamilton ferry. At Hamilton ferry terminal you can buy tokens or even tickets for rest of your travel (up and down). 
    Carol Szymendera (July 2016) 
    Raj, My family and I will be cruising to Bermuda (Kings Wharf) next week. Some is us would like to visit Horseshoe Bay and are somewhat confused about getting there. From what we are reading, there was a shuttle from the pier but it was discontinued. Now we are reading that there is a shuttle/cab service at $7. per person each way. Can you please help us figure this out. Thank you so much. Your articles have been very helpful answering many of our questions and we are looking forward to visiting Bermuda as a family! 
    Raj (, July 2016) 
    Last year the shuttles were run by the dockyard management. This year these are private shuttles. To the cruise passengers, there is no difference. There are shuttles to the beach with one-way fare of $7 per person. 
    Cliff (June 2016) 
    You have to take a short walk away from the royal naval dockyard to reach the public bus area. There is a canopy and chairs set up for your wait, but when the driver arrived, he only took a few people saying he had to "leave room for the locals". Mini buses by the dock are the best way to get to Horseshoe Bay - $7 one-way and do like we did--explore!!! Traveled by NCL cruise ship, 1st week June 2016. 
    Louis Iocco (April 2016) 
    The VICs in Dockyard do not sell ticket or token for the bus for 4 adults going to horseshoe bay. We were obliged to pay in cash BUT, bill is not accepted (quite crazy !!). So obliged to find 20 coins of 1 dollar. Welcome to French tourists in Bermuda. 
    Alex Witte (March 2016) 
    Can someone tell me from the Royal Naval Dockyard where is the closest place for me to buy the 15 ticket booklet and what bus or route to take to get to there and approximately how long. Thanks. 
    Raj (, March 2016) 
    You get bus/ferry tickets at Somerset Post Office - about 10 minutes by bus (#7 or 8). Also at Hamilton Bus/Ferry Terminal (take Blue Route Ferry - 20 minutes to Hamilton ferry). 
    Kim Baker (February 2016) 
    Our family will be visiting Bermuda this summer on the Norwegian Breakaway. Horseshoe Bay is on our list of places to visit. Our 10 year old daughter has special needs and uses a wheelchair. Will the mini bus from the Dockyard to Horseshoe Bay be able to accommodate her and her wheelchair- it folds up like an umbrella stroller. Also, do you know if Horseshoe Bay has a sand wheelchair available for rent once we get to the beach? 
    Raj (, February 2016) 
    Hi, usually the beach shuttles do not take wheelchairs of any kind. However you can make a request to the driver. Sometimes depending on how full the bus is and extra space availability, they may allow. Beach wheelchairs are available on rent at Horseshoe bay beach but in limited number. You should not depend on that particularly on high season. Your best option would be to take a taxi (most take folding wheelchairs in the boot). 
    Carrie (January 2016) 
    Can you please tell me exactly which buses to take and how to get from Royal Naval Dockyard to Gibbs lighthouse then to horseshoe bay beach and back to the royal naval dockyard? Thanks. 
    Raj (, January 2016) 
    Take bus #7 from Dockyard. For Gibbs Hill Lighthouse, get off at Lighthouse Road stop on South Road (about 30 minutes by bus). From there a walk for bout 220 yards along Lighthouse Road and then left into St. Anne's Road for 100 yards to reach the lighthouse. After the visit, get back to South Road. You can then walk for about a mile along South Road (towards east) or take bus #7 again. You will reach Horseshoe Road which goes downhill to Horseshoe Bay Beach (about 450 yards). From the beach you walk back up (there is also a shuttle) to the South Road bus stop. Take bus #7 for dockyard (going towards west). You will be back at the dockyard in about 35 minutes. 
    Chris (August 2015) 
    Dear Sir, Is the paid WiFi at Royal Naval Dockyard (Kings Wharf and Heritage Wharf) able to be used in the cruise ship? Range wise? Thank you! 
    Raj (, August 2015) 
    Yes if you are closer to the cruise pier (i.e. landside). Wi-fi signal may be weak towards the water side. 
    Cathy (August 2015) 
    We are arriving on the Celebrity Summit next week . Can you please tell me the closest place to the dockyard where I can purchase books of 15 transit tickets. Thanks 
    Raj (, August 2015) 
    Take a bus and go down to Mangrove Bay Post Office (closed on weekends) or take a ferry to Hamilton ferry terminal - you can get book of tickets at both places. Buy token or pay by cash for the first time. 
    Pat Fleming (July 2015) 
    I have a map of Bermuda that was sent to me and it says the dockyard is a WiFi hot spot. How does that work? If I have my IPad can I use it free or do I need to get a card or something to use it? 
    Raj (, July 2015) 
    Not free. You can pay online from your iPad or Laptop with your credit card and use the wifi. 
    Lisa Shire (April 2015) 
    Hi, Once docked at King's Wharf, where can I purchase the Booklet of 15 Tickets for the ferry? In your info, it looks as if that is not available at the Visitor's Center. What would be the closest place, in proximity to the cruise ship, to make this purchase. Thank you so much! 
    Raj (, April 2015) 
    Hi, Nearest place from Kings Wharf to get bus/ferry tickets is Mangrove Bay Post Office located at Somerset, Mangrove Bay Road (8am to 5pm, Mon-Fri). Take bus #7 or 8 from the dockyard and go down to the post office (8 minutes ride), pay one way fare in exact change (Bermuda or US currency). 
    Stephen Rescsanski (February 2015) 
    A very comprehensive, easy to find information about Bermuda and what it offers. Well done. Web site almost a secret that should not be. Been to the pub at the Dockyard and never knew it had a brew tour, dine and taste. Ditto minivans and the easy to find cost for 'Regular' service from the dockyard. One question 16.99 total trip or free to the beach and 16.00 to get back or take alternate way?(Just the way the cost is stated). Have recommended your site to several others. 
    Raj (, February 2015) 
    Thanks for your comments. $16 is the total round trip fare from the dockyard to the beach and back. 
    Deborah Perry (June 2013) 
    We are interest in purchasing a 3day pass. Are the passes available at the Kings Wharf Docksite? Does the bus + Ferry run from Kings Wharf 
    Raj (, June 2013) 
    Hi, yes, you will get the passes from the visitors information center located at the dockyard itself (close to the cruise ship pier). There is a ferry dock at the dockyard. You can take the Blue Line ferry for Hamilton City (20 minutes) and Orange Line ferry for St George (35 minutes). Bus #7 and 8 run between dockyard and Hamilton (takes about 1 hour). Bus #7 goes by the beautiful south shore beaches including Horseshoe Bay Beach. 
    David McLaughlin (June 2013) 
    I am going to be cruising to Bermuda in July and will be there for three days. We were wondering what time the stores/activities close during the week at the Dockyard as we would rather explore elsewhere and then come back to the Dockyard but not sure of the hours. Thanks, 
    Raj (, June 2013) 
    Hi, The stores at the Clocktower Mall in dockyard (about 25 of them ) are open from 9am to 6pm during summer. On Mondays they usually stay open until 10pm because of the ongoing weekly festival 'Destination Dockyard' held at the dockyard complex. Regards, 
    Sladjana (June 2013) 
    Can I rent a scooter near Kings Wharf? 
    Raj (, June 2013) 
    Yes you can. Oleander Cycles has a branch at the dockyard and rents scooters (phone: 441/234 2764) 
    Paul (June 2013) 
    Where can I buy Coors light, or any other American domestic beer in King's Warf, Bermuda? 
    Raj (, June 2013) 
    Hi Paul, I'm not sure if you can get Coors Light in the dockyard. But you will get Budweiser, Bud Lite etc at Bonefish Bar and Grill located at the Dockyard (Kings Wharf area). A bottle costs $6.95. The Bonefish bar is located next to the dockyard ferry point. 
    Susanne (May 2013) 
    I will be visiting Bermuda, via Royal Caribbean cruise, on Aug5+6. The cruise ship offers many excursions, but I'm wondering if I can access the beach and town on my own. What is in walking distance from the dock? Can we walk to the craft market and snorkel park easily? Can snorkel equipment and lounges be rented there? How would we get into the town to see the colorful buildings? What do you recommend. We will only be in Bermuda all day on Monday Aug 5 and till 4pm on Tuesday 
    Raj (, May 2013) 
    Hi, Yes the Craft Market and Snorkel Park Beach are inside the dockyard complex and within easy walking distance from the cruise pier. You can rent snorkel gears, lounge chairs and umbrellas at Snorkel Park, but they are quite expensive. There are several other great attractions in the dockyard which you can explore on foot. Check out the following link for details: Dockyard Attractions 
    You can easily access Hamilton City (the capital and the main commercial center) by ferry. Take the blue route direct ferry after lunch. It takes only 20 minutes to reach Hamilton from dockyard. You can then walk around and explore the place. Go through the self guided Hamilton Tour 
    I suggest that you buy a 2-day transport pass from the visitors information center at the dockyard (right next to the pier). That will give you unlimited hop on/off access to both buses and ferries for two days. On the second day, explore some of the beautiful south shore beaches like Horseshoe bay beach, Warwick Long Bay beach, Church Bay Beach, Elbow Beach etc. The bus #7 from dockyard goes by all these beaches, and you can hop on and off. On your return, you can again take bus #7 to get back. 
    Crystal Johnson (May 2013) 
    I know the cruise ships usually sell stamps but if they dont't do you know if I can purchase stamps at the Visitor's Center? Also, are their mailboxes at port (King's Wharf) or do I need to go to a post office to mail post cards? 
    Raj (, May 2013) 
    You will get postage stamps only in Post Offices. I haven't seen any mailbox in the dockyard. Here is a link to all the post offices in Bermuda: Bermuda Post Offices 
    Richard Dempski (February 2013) 
    Hi, Do all three Visitor Information Centres at Kings Wharf sell buss/ferry passes. I would think that they get very crowded when the ship lets 3000 people off at one time. Are there any other places at the Dockyard that we can pick up a pass? Can a pass be bought and sent to the U.S.? This is a great website! Thank you for your help.  
    Raj (, February 2013) 
    Hi, Passes are available at all the Visitor Information Centers (VICs). Only if you know somebody in the island, can the passes be bought in advance and sent across. There is no other way, since the passes are available and issued only in the island. Other than the VICs, there is no other place issuing passes in the dockyard. Another option is to take a bus, pay exact change and go to the nearest Post Office in Sandys to buy the passes. This is however possible during the regular office hours on week days only. Regards. 
    Carole Holding, Bermuda (January 2013) 
    Raj, its me Carole holding, Happy new year. Just read yesterday your comments about Bermuda Duty Free Shopping. I own and operated for 3 years now a large duty free shop in Dockyard at Heritage Wharf, the only shop there which services the Norwegian Cruise line and other ships who berth at Heritage Wharf pier during the cruise season!!!  
    Though you should know... The approximate 900 sq. ft. shop also sells a large variety of my products at below normal Bermuda retail prices that are offered in all my other shops because of this duty free location. I also offer daily RUM tasting and rum cake tasting to passengers at this pier. Norwegian Dawn and Norwegian Breakaway as well as selling Duty Free liquor to passengers. 
    Kathryn Correia Grossman 
    The reason that the huge ships can get into the Kings Wharf and Heritage Wharf but not the Hamilton Docks is a quietly kept historical secret... under Brezhnev's rule and the days of the cold war and extreme spying (1980), a Russian submarine was spotted just off Bermuda spying on the US submarines that docked in Dockyard and St. Georges. Ronald Reagan enacted the Star Wars Project in response to Russia doing all they could to spy and access American War technology. 
    The U.S. Government wanted their nuclear submarines to sail into Bermuda right to the dock without surfacing so satellites could not detect them. They contacted with the Bermuda and British Government and put out to tender a $1 million dollar job to dynamite and dredge the Bermuda channel and the dockyards area which my father won the contract for. It was either 1978 or 1984 I believe. The entire channel was dredged and blasted to a very deep level. It was a quietly done project. The bid my father submitted went to Virginia. That's the reason the big ships can birth there and not in other parts of Bermuda. Town Cut in St. George's was also dredged. During the dredging canons were dug up, old Bermuda bottles and British navy memorabilia were donated to the Dockyards by my father. 
    Margie Riley 
    I am coming to Bermuda (dockyard) on a cruise ship with about 80 passengers, most of them students. I would like to take them to Horseshoe Bay. Is there a bus that I can hire for this? Also, is there anyplace near the cruise ship port that this group can perform? They are a high school band. 
    Raj ( 
    Hi, Contact Beeline Transport to see if they can help for Horseshoe transfer. You will get their contact info here: Bermuda Tours by Bus. Contact WEDCO (West Development Corporation running administration of the dockyard) for performance venue. Email: [email protected]; Phone: (441)234-1709 
    Sarah Stokes