Weather at Kings Wharf Bermuda


What to expect

You can not expect much difference in weather conditions across a tiny 21 square mile island. Weather remains mostly same all across Bermuda and is sub-tropical in nature. However there could be occasions when it rains in St. George's (at the eastern end) while it is dry at Royal Naval Dockyard (which is the Kings Wharf port area located in Sandys Parish at the west end of Bermuda). Also there could be slight difference in temperatures between Kings Wharf and Hamilton City or St. George. 
There is also a 10-minute difference between the tide times at eastern and western end of Bermuda. You need to add 10 minutes to the high/low tide times at St. George to get tide times at Kings Wharf. 
From May until November (summer to fall) the average temperature varies between 75║F (22║C) to about 85║F (29║C). Humidity during May to October can go well over 80 percent and it can be quite hot and sultry during the day time. August is usually the hottest month. 
Temperature during the winter (December through March) varies between 62║F (17║C) to about 70║F (21║C). February and March re usually the coolest months. You will need to wear a light jacket during early mornings and evenings during winter. Otherwise the day time is quite pleasantly cool. The humidity drops to low 70s (║F), however rainfall during winter is the highest... it rains 15-16 days in the month on an average although in short spurts. There is no rainy season in Bermuda as such. 

Sandys Weather and Forecast

Check out Bermuda Weather for more information on Bermuda's weather and climate including month-wise expected air andásea temperatures, humidity, rainfall etc. 
We are thinking of taking a cruise April 18th leaving from NYC on Norwegian Cruise line, on average what would the temperature be on Kings Wharf in April? Does it rain a lot there in April? Here in Syracuse NY it rains a lot in April and I want decent weather. 
Lisa Upham (March 2010) 
Hi, April is a nice time in Bermuda. Although there is some chill in the air, the temperature ástarts rising from April and in May the summer season starts. There is a no rainy season or monsoon in Bermuda. It can rain any time but usually in short spurts. 
By the way, Kings Wharf weather is no different from rest of the island as Bermuda is really small. Having said that it's quite possible that while it rains at Kings Wharf (Royal Naval Dockyard), the other parts of the island like Hamilton or St. George's is completely dry. Check out Bermuda weather in April to know all about April weather in Bermuda: 
Raj ( ) March 2010 
Hi, how's the weather at Kings Wharf during the other months of the year. Thanks for your help. 
Janice (May 2013) 
Check out Bermuda Weather for complete weather information in Bermuda for all the months. I have given month by month weather information in that link. Hope this helps! 
Raj ( May 2013