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Our very first trip to Bermuda was by air. We flew in from London by British Airways. It was a long 7 hours flight. I won't ever forget those moments as I sat awestruck on my window seat and watching the unbelievable sight of the aircraft landing on a narrow runway strip on the Atlantic. Wow, what a sight! 
As you look below, it's a blanket of turquoise blue water all across. The narrow runway is barely visible. And until you touch the ground, you get an eerie feeling that you are landing right on the ocean. I wish I could take a photo. I was in love with Bermuda on that very moment. 

Flying time to Bermuda from different cities

  • From New York City and Boston (USA): 2 hours 
  • From Washington, Atlanta and Orlando (USA): 2.5 hours 
  • From Toronto (Canada): Little less than 3 hours. 
  • From London (UK): Under 7 hours 
  • From Munich (Germany): 8.5 hours 
  • From Milan: 10.5 hours 
    Bermuda Location with flight durations 
    Bermuda Location Map 
    So why fly to Bermuda? As you can see, if you happen to live in the U.S. east coast, you reach Bermuda in just about two hours. In contrary a typical 7-day Bermuda cruise from New York barely gives you 2 and half days in the island. So you can imagine how much time you can save travelling to Bermuda by air, and therefore enjoy the time on the island instead. Also, there is one more reason for which I would prefer a flight over a cruise at times. And that is the difficulty in staying fit and healthy on a long cruise. 

    Flights to Bermuda - Airlines and Schedules

    Well Let's now take a look at all the airlines flying to and out of Bermuda. Unfortunately, Bermuda itself doesn't have an airline of its own. I initially wondered why. The airport handles over a million passengers every year. So the Government of Bermuda must be satisfied charging the airlines and passengers with pretty heavy taxes and duties, and thereby making hefty earnings. Then why do they need to run their own airlines? 
    Actually There are many international airlines operating to Bermuda from U.S, Europe and Canada. And several of them are low cost airlines offering attractive fares. Some of these airlines also join hands with the Bermuda Government in offering very attractive promotional packages during the low season. 
    Check out Flights to Bermuda for all the airlines currently operating to Bermuda along with the cities they connect, frequency of flights etc. This can serve as your first-cut planning to decide on the airline. 

    On Arrival

    You need to know what's waiting for you at the airport, what are the formalities (immigration, customs etc) that you must pass through, hotel transfer options available, etc etc. Check out Arriving at Bermuda Airport to know about all these. 
    Also check out Bermuda Airport to know about Bermuda's International Airport (known as L.F Wade International Airport) located at St. George's Parish, the facilities it offers and more. 
    Bermuda Customs can be a very painful experience unless you are well prepared and aware of what to bring and what not to. Check out Bermuda Customs Duties to know about the duty free allowances and duty rates applicable on the goods which you may bring in that are over and above duty free allowances. 

    Departing Bermuda

    Well, finally it will be time to say good bye to Bermuda. Using your time effectively during departure and be ready with the documentation and processes should also be a key part of your trip planning. If you like to know how best to plan your departure as you fly out of Bermuda, visit this link: Departing Bermuda by air 

    Bermuda Duty Free shopping and allowances

    For flight passengers, airport is the only place where duty free shopping can be done while departing (although there is a duty free liquor and tobacco store at arrival as well). However on departure, there are several stores in the main departure lounge selling all kinds of items duty free including liquor, tobacco, clothes, perfumes, gifts and souvenirs, accessories and more. The duty free allowance however depends on your home country, and beyond the stipulated limits, you need to pay full duty.  
    Check out Bermuda Duty Free to know where can you get duty free items in Bermuda and how much of duty free shopping allowance is permitted. 

    Bermuda Visa and Passport requirements

    Depending on your nationality, the travel documents required to enter Bermuda may vary. For some countries like U.S, UK and Canada just a valid passport will do (for tourists), while for others Multi Re-Entry Visa (MRV) is required for the country one is transiting through to reach Bermuda. For business visitors or foreign nationals travelling to take up a job in the island, a Work Permit is required. 
    Read: Bermuda Visa Requirements to find out all visa and travel documents required to visit Bermuda. 
    While your stay in Bermuda may be a short one, in my view it's extremely important for you to get covered under health and medical insurance while traveling to Bermuda. Medical expenses in Bermuda can be very high. And there are virtually no free medical service available in the island. Find out the details here: Bermuda Travel and Health Insurance 
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