Flights to Bermuda

Bermuda is connected by direct flights to various cities of the US, UK and Canada including New York, Atlanta, Boston, Baltimore, Charlotte, Detroit, Newark, London, Miami, Orlando, Chicago, Philadelphia, Halifax, Toronto etc. From New York or Boston, it takes under two hours to reach Bermuda by flight. 
Visit Where is Bermuda to know Bermuda's location with respect to various cities in the world including the US, UK and Canada and the respective flight hours. 

Airlines Currently Serving Bermuda

American Airlines (AA)
New York, Miami, Philadelphia
Air Canada (AC)
Azores Airlines (S4)
Ponta Delgada
British Airways (BA)
London (Gatwick)
Delta Airlines (DL)
New York, Boston, Atlanta
JetBlue (B6)
New York, Boston
United (UA)
New York
WestJet (WS)
NOTE: All flights may not be available in all the months. Some airlines are operating to Bermuda seasonally. 
Visit Flight Schedules published by L.F Wade International Airport (Bermuda) to get the current flight timings to and from Bermuda. 
Bermuda Location with flight durations 
Bermuda Location Map 

Present Travel Status and Guidelines

Bermuda re-opened international commercial flights on July 1, 2020 and had taken stringent measures following the Covid-19 pandemic for responsible and safe travel to and out of Bermuda. It is recognized as one of the best performing countries in the world for Covid-19 tests and controlling the virus spread. The global stamp from WTTC (World Travel & Tourism Council) is a recognition to this. 
You can get a quick snapshot of Bermuda's current Covid-19 status including do's & don'ts through this Government of Bermuda Webpage
Effective November 14, 2022, the visitors to Bermuda no longer require a prior Travel Authorization. The air travelers only need to fill up a free online arrival form in advance, download and produce it to Bermuda immigration on arrival. Refer to the Bermuda's Travel Guidelines for details. 
Also refer to the applicable customs duties including duty free allowances to know about what to carry and what not to, plus what might be the duties imposed on the goods that you bring in to Bermuda. 
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Visitors' Reviews and Comments

Diane Mancino (February 2017) 
We have been going to Bermuda for 15 years. Last year we were informed that United Airlines would no longer fly to Bermuda from Newark, NJ after September 5th till sometime in December. Having to go to another airport is time consuming and adds time and expense to our travel. We might not be able to go back to Bermuda as our timeshare is in October. Is there anything the government could do to remedy this? Many of other people have also been affected. Thank you.