Flights to Bermuda

Bermuda is connected by direct flights to various cities worldwide including Atlanta, Boston, Baltimore, Charlotte, Reagan Nat'l, Detroit, Newark, Dulles, J F Kennedy, LaGuardia, London, Orlando, Miami, Chicago, Philadelphia, Halifax, Toronto. From the US East Coast (like New York or Boston), it takes about 2 hours to reach by flight. 
Below are the airlines operating between Bermuda and the main cities worldwide (Updated: February 2016). Note: Flight schedules are indicative and subject to change. 
American Airlines 
Daily flights from New York City (JFK), Miami (MIA) and New York (JFK) 
Update February 8, 2016 
American Airlines is introducing a daily second flight between New York (JFK) and Bermuda. 
Air Canada 
Daily flights from Toronto (YYZ) except Tuesday/Wednesday 
British Airways 
Daily flights from Gatwick, UK (LGW) except Monday/Saturday 
Delta Air Lines 
Daily flights from Atlanta (ATL)  
Daily flights from Boston (BOS) 
Daily flights from New York City (JFK) except Tuesday /Wednesday /Saturday 
Jet Blue 
A low cost airline operating to Bermuda from The US East Coast (including New York and Boston). 
Update December 2016: 
JetBlue has announced that effective May 18, 2017 it will introduce daily year round flights between New York (JFK Airport) and Bermuda, as well as between Boston (Logan airport) and Bermuda. 
It will be evening departure from New York to Bermuda and morning departure from Bermuda to New York. Additional daily flights will be introduced from New York during peak summer season with morning departure from New York and afternoon departure from Bermuda. From Boston the flights will depart in the morning to Bermuda and from Bermuda in the afternoon for Boston. 
United Airlines 
Flights from Newark on Monday /Wednesday /Friday. 
Update August 2016: Being suspended from September 2016. 
Low-Cost carrier from Toronto (YYZ). Flights on Tuesday /Thursday /Sunday. 

Airlines once operated to Bermuda

AirTran Airways 
This is a low cost airline. Two flights daily to Bermuda from Baltimore (Washington) and Atlanta. The operation started from April 2011 (from Baltimore) and May 2011 (from Atlanta). 45 cities of AirTran network in U.S were connected to Bermuda via Baltimore and Atlanta including New York, Boston and Orlando. The service was seasonal, with flights from Baltimore between April to October, and flights from Atlanta between May to September. 
Update October 2013: AirTran management has decided to discontinue flights to Bermuda from 2014. However they are open to reconsider resuming flights later in future. 
Update April 7, 2011: The first flight of AirTran from Baltimore has touched down and landed at the Bermuda International Airport receiving water salute from the engine sprays. There were 87 passengers on board the flight. AirTran has been named best US carrier for the fourth year in a row by Airline Quality Rating. 
Continental Airlines 
Two flights daily from New York City (EWR), March through October, 
other months- one flight daily. Tel: +1 800 231 0856  
USA 3000 
Five flights weekly from Baltimore (BWI), June through September 
Tel: +1 877 872 3000  
Two flights weekly from London (LGW), beginning late June  
Two flights weekly from New York City (JFK), beginning late June  
Tel: +1 866 359 9666 (US) +0870 240 0055 (UK) 
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Visitors' Reviews and Comments

Diane Mancino (February 2017) 
We have been going to Bermuda for 15 years.  last year we were informed that United Airlines would no longer fly to Bermuda from Newark, NJ after September 5th till sometime in December. Having to go to another airport is time consuming and adds time and expense to our travel.  We might not be able to go back to Bermuda as our timeshare is in October. Is there anything the government could do to remedy this?  Many of other people have also been effected. Thank you.