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Bermuda is a 21 square mile island located on the North Atlantic and off the east coast of North America. It is actually a string of 138 islands and tiny islets, out of which some 20 are inhabited and seven are joined by bridges and causeways to the main island. 
The island forms the north eastern corner of the infamous Bermuda Triangle and appears like a dot on a map. The land area which is closest to Bermuda is Cape Hatteras in North Carolina which is 665 miles (i.e. 1,070kms) due west of Bermuda and on the east coast of the U.S. 
San Juan (capital of the island Puerto Rico) is located 981 miles (1,578kms) south of Bermuda, while Miami (Florida, US) is located 1,034 miles (1,664kms) south west of Bermuda - these two form the other two corners of Bermuda Triangle. You can see Bermuda Triangle location here... 
Hamilton City is the Capital of Bermuda. 
Latitude and Longitude of Hamilton is 32.2948 N, 64.7814 W. 
Here are the flight duration and distances to Bermuda from different cities in the world: 
  • From New York City (USA) and Boston (USA): 2 hours (775 mile approx.) 
  • From Washington, Atlanta and Orlando (USA): 2.5 hours 
  • From Toronto (Canada): Little less than 3 hours (1100 mile approx.) 
  • From London (UK): About 7 hours (3475 miles approx.) 
  • From Munich (Germany): 8.5 hours 
  • From Milan: 10.5 hours 
    Bermuda Location Map (with flight duration) 
    Bermuda Location Map 
    Many think that Bermuda is part of the Caribbean islands. It is not. It is an island in the North Atlantic, a British Overseas Territory but administered independently as a country. The highest point in the island known as 'Town Hill' is at an altitude of about 260 feet and is located in Southampton parish. 
    Bermuda strategically sits at the crossroads of Britain, Europe, Africa and the Americas. Easy and regular Access by Air as well as by Cruise from various international cities in the US, UK and Europe makes Bermuda one of the most convenient places in the world to set up businesses. 
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