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So, where is Bermuda Triangle located? Well, you will only be wasting time if you are trying to find out the location of the triangle on a map. Because, Bermuda Triangle simply does not exist on any official map. Not convinced? Then read on to understand why you can not locate it on any credible geographical map. 

Early definitions of the triangle and its location

Bermuda Triangle is actually an imaginary triangular area on the North Atlantic Ocean which was conceived and defined only by novelists in the past. It was Vincent Gaddis who first tried to define the boundaries of the triangle in his 1964 article 'The Deadly Bermuda Triangle'. He wrote this article for the American pulp magazine 'Argosy' where he theorized without any evidence that most of the mysterious disappearances took place within this triangular area. 
As per Gaddis, the triangle is located off the South-Eastern coast of the United States in the North Atlantic Ocean. As per this definition, the three corners of the triangle are: Miami (in Florida, USA), San Juan (in Puerto Rico) and the island Bermuda. This remains as the most popular definition of the triangle's boundaries until now. And if you calculate the distances on a map, each side of the triangle would be roughly about 1,000 miles. 
Bermuda Triangle 
However, many authors took the liberty to stretch the boundaries of the triangle to include various other parts of the ocean. And why not? After all, no authorities can stop anybody from stretching imaginary boundaries. 
Some writers mentioned that the boundaries of the triangle also covers the straits of Florida, the Bahamas and the entire Caribbean islands. And some added The Azores and Gulf of Mexico to it because they supposedly noticed mysterious and unnatural incidents out there as well. 
The triangle became a rectangle in some definitions, and in some others, it looked like a rhombus (i.e. like a kite). Even the sensational writer Charles Berlitz in his 1974 book 'The Bermuda Triangle' mentioned that the area really does not have a shape. If you take into account all these definitions, Bermuda Triangle can be anywhere between half a million to 1.5 million square miles in area.  

What do reputable & official sources say?

If you search for 'Bermuda Triangle Map' in Google, all what you will get is a blank blue map of the North Atlantic Ocean. Even if you keep zooming out, you won't get any triangular boundary shown, or for that matter, any kind of boundary shown. Why? Because, Google maps are about real places and not imaginary areas. You might be able to eventually find a place holder on the map, but that is only a pointer to indicate where the popularly known triangle could be located, but it does not show any boundary on the ocean area. 
You won't find Bermuda Triangle on any official map. Even The U. S. Board on Geographic Names (a federal body within US Geological Survey responsible for authenticating geographic names within United States territory) does not recognize Bermuda Triangle. 
The US Navy too does not recognize the triangle. So if you are cruising through or flying over Bermuda triangle, you won't know when you actually cross the line and enter or leave the triangle area, because it does not officially exist. 
But one thing is certain, when you fly or cruise from the USA to Western Europe or even to the island Bermuda, Bermuda Triangle is almost unavoidable (if you consider the imaginary boundaries). And quite ironically, the Island of Bermuda is a very popular tourist destination and so are the two other corners of the triangle. 

The conclusion

While Bermuda Triangle may be an imaginary area, its three corners, the island Bermuda, San Juan and the beach resort Miami are real places and all are very popular tourist destinations. Out of the three and in connection to Bermuda Triangle, one corner stands out... it's Bermuda, because the triangle bears its name. 
One of the reasons why the island Bermuda features in the name of the triangle is, the island Bermuda was once called 'Isle of the Devil' which fitted into the triangle's disappearance stories quite well. But, Bermuda itself is a highly popular vacation destination. Visit Bermuda Island's location to know about its exact geographical location and how long does it take to reach the island by air or cruise. 
The Bermudians (i.e. the islanders) also once played a role in popularizing the location of the triangle. For example, outside a gift & souvenir store in Clock Tower Mall (located at the cruise port in the western end of the island), there was a decorative pillar where a plaque was hung up with an inscription saying "Official Tip of the Bermuda Triangle". Subsequently, having realized the unnecessary curiosity it generates among the cruise passengers, it was removed and I haven't seen that plaque since 2010. 
So, it will be a futile exercise to look for the location of Bermuda triangle on a map. 
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