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Bermuda Triangle Location

So where is Bermuda Triangle located? It's located off the South-Eastern coast of United States in the Atlantic Ocean. The area is bounded by Miami (in Florida, USA), San Juan (in Puerto Rico), and the north-Atlantic island Bermuda. This is the simplest and most popular definition of the triangle location as per most writers and researchers. Each side of the triangle is roughly about 1,000 miles long. 
But the area of the Bermuda triangle has varied from one writer to the other. By the various definitions, it can be anywhere between half million to 1.5 million square miles. Why such variations? Because some writers say that the boundaries of the Bermuda triangle also covers the straits of Florida, the Bahamas and the entire Caribbean islands. And some have added Azores and Gulf of Mexico to it. 
There are some authors including the sensational writer Berlitz, who had mentioned that the area really does not have an exact triangular shape. And they have taken the liberty to stretch and extend the area in their own way because they presumably noted mysterious incidents in such places. 
Below is an interactive map of Bermuda Triangle. You can zoom and move the triangle area and see all the places and landmarks close to it. When you zoom, you can see the tiny island Bermuda in the Atlantic to the east of US East coast on which the triangle has been named. One of the reasons for choosing Bermuda in the name is because the island was that time known as 'Isle of the Devil' which fitted into the triangle concept quite well. 
Visit Bermuda Island's location to know the exact geographical location of Bermuda island which forms one corner of the triangle. If you ever visit the island Bermuda, you can actually reach a physical tip of the triangle there. The tip is located at the western end of the island in Royal Naval Dockyard. And here at the Clocktower Mall a plaque on a sculpture clearly says "Official Tip of the Bermuda Triangle". I have visited the island and seen it. See the picture below. 
So there is at least an Official Tip of the Bermuda Triangle, but is there an official map of Bermuda Triangle? Unfortunately you won't find Bermuda Triangle on any official map. Why? Because the U. S. Board on Geographic Names (a federal body within US Geological Survey responsible for authenticating geographic names within United States territory) does not recognize Bermuda Triangle. 
US Navy too does not recognize the triangle. So if you are cruising through or flying over Bermuda triangle, you won't know when you actually cross the line and enter or leave the triangle area. But one thing is almost certain, when you are flying or cruising from the USA to Western Europe, Bermuda Triangle is almost unavoidable. And quite ironically, the Island of Bermuda is a very popular tourist destination. 
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