Bermuda Time Zone and Current Date & Time

Bermuda which is a 21 square mile island on the north Atlantic, follows a time zone known as AST (Atlantic Standard Time). Being so small, the time zone is the same all across the island. 
Bermuda is always one hour ahead of U.S Eastern Standard Time (EST). Which means if it is 8am in the morning in New York, it is 9am in Bermuda. It is four hours behind the UK time. Which means when it's 9am in Bermuda, it is 13.00 hours or 1pm in London UK. Bermuda follows day light savings. 

Here is the Current Date and Time in Bermuda

The above time automatically adjusts for daylight savings when required. 
The time zone of Bermuda makes it an excellent location for operating offshore businesses for countries like the UK and the US. Due to this timing advantage, Bermuda is routinely able to process work when these countries are awake and online. 
Bermuda's weather is sub-tropical in nature. It is never too hot or too cold there. However, humidity can rise substantially during the summer time. There is no specific rainy season or monsoon time in Bermuda. Visit Bermuda Weather to know about the climactic and weather conditions in Bermuda. 
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