Smith's Parish Bermuda

Smith's Parish is mainly a residential area with vast farm lands and stretches of panoramic sights. The parish has its edges on north shore, south shore as well as on the southern part of Harrington Sound. For a tourist, the parish offers delightful country rides and charm. Smith's parish has been named after Sir Thomas Smith, an aristocrat of British times who made major investment in early days to colonize Bermuda and the Parish. 
There are stretches of farmlands where onion, strawberries, carrots, and other seasonal crops are harvested and sold in the supermarkets. There is also a large dairy farm in Smith's parish next to the Spittal pond. This is one of the only two such dairies the island has. You will also see a large community of Portuguese in Smith's parish. Many have immigrated to Bermuda and others have been settled here for generations. 

Hotels in Smith's Bermuda

Category "$" indicates cheapest while "$$$$" is the highest. 
A wonderful beach-front luxury hotel which is a new addition in Bermuda (earlier Pink Club & Cottages has been converted into this luxury 5-star property). The hotel has spacious rooms with modern amenities and all offering excellent view of the ocean. The beach is easily reachable and there is a beach club there where you can enjoy food alfresco. There are two heated pools, a spa, fitness center as well. 

Restaurants in Smith's Bermuda

Check out Smiths Restaurants for all the popular restaurants in the parish along with our experience and recommended dishes. 
There are many other great restaurants in Hamilton City which are 15-20 minutes away from Smith's Parish. Check out Hamilton Restaurants to get a complete list of all the restaurants in Hamilton City along with detailed reviews and pictures. 

Attractions in Smith's Bermuda

One of Bermuda's pink sandy beaches, it's a long and wide stretch of pink sand. The beach is excellent for snorkeling. 
This is the largest and the most premium nature reserve of Bermuda and spread across 64-acres of land. This is a great bird watching location in the island. 
Verdmont is a 1710 Georgian style house in Bermuda that has retained its original architecture over the years. 
Located on a scenic stretch of South Road, Watch Hill Park is ideal for relaxing and getting stunning views of the south coast. 
This is a scenic inland lake connected to the Atlantic ocean by the narrow Flatts inlet. The view from Harrington Sound Road is marvelous. 
St. Mark's Church located in Smiths Parish Bermuda is a great example of Gothic designs. The cornerstone of the church was laid in 1847. 
Penhurst Agricultural Park stretches across 15 acres of land, has wonderful trails and offers great ocean views over the north coastal line. 
Located at the Flatts Inlet, this beautiful island with its own beach now belongs to a private trust. It is part of the African Diaspora Heritage Trail and stands as the grim historical memory of how slaves were executed here in full public visibility. 
Winter Haven Nature Reserve 
This is a small lovely nature reserve that spans from an entrance on the South Road to that of the Harrington Sound Road. You can see nice wildlife in the forests here. The southern side of the reserve is great for getting excellent view of the ocean. The historic Winter Haven Farm House of 18th century is located within the reserve in the south side. Bermuda National Trust which owned the farm house has sold it off to Bermuda's former Premier Ewart Brown. He has now opened a medical research center here. 
Bus #1 comes close to the South Road entrance which is in between John Smith's Bay and Watch Hill Park. Bus #3 stops near the Harrington Sound Road entrance. 
Sears Cave and Nature Reserve 
Opened in 1992, Sears Cave is one of the large caves in Bermuda whose roof has collapsed. As a result there is now a huge depression where many ferns grow. The cave also used to be the nesting place of Bermuda's only bird that lives on prey - the Barn Owl. You will also see a large beehive here at the cave. 
Knapton Hill 
This is one of the few residential areas for the millionaires in Bermuda. It's located at a picturesque settings with wonderful views of the South Shore on one side and Harrington Sound water area on the other. The road gently rises along the hill passing beautiful homes and residential lanes, and then dips down to the planes at the other end. Named after John Knapton, a successful businessman of 1600s, the area begins near St. Mark's Church and goes all the way up to the point where Harrington Sound Road meets Devil's Hole. Bus #1 stops close to St. Mark's church where Knapton Hill begins. 
Summer Haven Nature Reserve 
A small nature reserve and wildlife sanctuary opposite to John Smith's Bay. There is no marked entrance to the reserve. Bus #1 stops here. 
Town Hill 
This is the highest point in Bermuda with the hill top at an altitude of 76 meters (or 249 feet). While trekking is possible, it may be quite cumbersome. Best is to take a scooter. But once on top, the view is spectacular. You can see the Gibbs Hill Lighthouse and even the dockyard at the west and St. David's Lighthouse at the eastern end. Town Hill was so named because one gets a clear view of St. George's Town from here. In the earlier days ships getting in and out of St. George's Harbor were signaled and guided from here. 
There is a huge hole formed out of a collapsed cave with a natural sweet-water aquarium. 

Food Stores at Smiths

Smith's parish is not much known for shopping although there are couple of grocery and departmental stores that are widely used by the locals. 
A1 Smith's Market 
This is a branch of the Market Place chain of grocery stores. They have nice dairy and cheese counters, full meet section, bakery, poultry, fresh fruits and vegetables. They have nice selections of wine as well. Located at 10 South Shore Road at the foot of Collectors Hill. Phone: 441/236-6673, Open hours: 8am –10pm Monday – Saturday, 1pm – 5pm on Sundays. On bus route #1. 
Harrington Hundreds Grocery and Liquor Store 
Known to be serving the rich families in the parish, this full service grocery store has great collections of health food. They also keep fresh and organic fares. There is a well stocked wine section. You get Ben & Jerry's ice creams here as well. The store is locate near the eastern entrance of Spittal Pond Nature Reserve on South Road. 99 South Shore Road, Phone: 441/293-1635, Open Hours: 8am – 8pm Monday – Saturday, 1pm – 5pm on Sundays. On bus route #1. 

Buses for Smith's Bermuda

There is no ferry service in Smith's Parish.  
Bus #1 runs between Hamilton City and St George via Smith's parish taking the South Shore Road. It passes Verdmont, Spittal Pond, John Smith’s Bay, Castle Harbor, Harrington Sound, Crystal Caves, Grotto Bay Beach Resort and Pink Beach Club Bermuda. 
Bus #3 runs between Hamilton City and St. George, and goes through Smith's. This is a scenic route along Middle Road and covers Knapton Hill, Devil’s Hole, Crystal caves and Grotto Bay. 
Bus #10 and #11 take the North Road between Hamilton City and St. George, and pass by the Aquarium and Bermuda Perfumery. 

Map of Smith's Bermuda

Check out this interactive Map of Smiths Parish. You can zoom and move the map around to great level of details including many attractions and places of interest, and also the streets leading to them. 
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Visitors' Reviews and Comments

Cynthia Nicholls (October, 2013) 
As my husband works in the dairy/milk industry we thought we might want to visit the dairy while we are there. Is there a bus that would take us close by? and are there tours? Should I contact the dairy directly? Thanks, 
Raj ( October 2013 
Hi, Dunkley's has their dairy farm spread out in several places in the island (Near Spittal Pond at Smitts Parish, Somerset which is close to the dockyard, St George at the eastern end etc). There is no organized tour of the farm as such. If you want to visit, please contact them directly. Emails: [email protected], [email protected] 
When visiting Bermuda we would like to visit the dairy farm you mentioned. Would you have a name and contact info? Thanks 
Raj ( 
Hi, Dunkley's Dairy is the largest in Bermuda. They have their farms in Spittal Pond (Smith's Parish), St. George’s, Somerset and Devonshire. Here is their address/ contacts: 
Dunkley's Ltd, PO Box DV 295, Devonshire, Bermuda, DV BX. Phone: 441/292 1310