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Located in Smith's parish off the Collectors Hill, Verdmont is one of the best properties owned and maintained by Bermuda National Trust. This elegant Georgian style house was built in the early 1700s and had remained as a private house until it was sold out to the Trust in 1951. 
The main architectural designs and constructs have remained the same over the last 300 years although there has been major restoration work done. The earlier owners never had electricity or other modern amenities. In 2001, the Society of American Travel Writers awarded the Phoenix Award to the Trust recognizing the great restoration work done by them. 
Here are the main attractions in the Verdmont Museum: 
  • The house has three floors and four chimneys. 
  • An excellent garden setting with rose beds, palmettos and view of the hill side ocean. The garden was grown in 18th century. You can see bluebirds here that are native birds with blue black breast. 
  • One of the finest cedar staircase which you may not see anywhere else in Bermuda 
  • A drawing room and parlor on the ground floor  
  • Many cedar and mahogany furniture that were designed and created in 1700s. 
  • English and Chinese porcelain items  
  • Georgian silver including items made by Bermuda silversmiths in 1700s 
  • Oil paintings and portraits of earlier residents 
  • Children's playroom full of kids furniture and toys. 
    Verdmont Museum Bermuda 
    Verdmont Museum Bermuda 
    Photo: JERRYE AND ROY KLOTZ MD / CC by SA 3.0 
    Verdmont House and the associated Verdmont Cottage have a deep linkage with the legacy of slavery in Bermuda and are an important part of the African Diaspora Heritage Trail
    This elegant house with its sprawling property was built and maintained by slaves for over 125 years until emancipation took place in Bermuda freeing the slaves. The first owner of the house John Dickinson had six slaves in early 1700s. The Verdomont Cottage located on the western side of the property used to be the kitchen as can be identified by its oversized chimney. 
    By the turn of the century, number of slaves in the property rose to 14. The men slaves were mostly laborers and the women mainly tended the house and the kitchen. There are a few outhouses in the property which used to be the slave quarters. 
    There is a story that Verdmont is now a haunted house. People say that you get strange feelings when you move around across the rooms. Sometimes the curator has found furniture being moved in strange locations. 
    A Bedroom, Verdmont 
    Photo: JERRYE AND ROY KLOTZ MD / CC by SA 3.0 
    Another story says, in 1976, a couple from New Jersey took a photograph in a room. They sent it back saying that when they took the picture, there was no one else in the room. But the photo showed a figure of a man sitting on a desk. The curator, who received the photo, recognized the man - Spencer Joell, a resident of 1930s who died long back. 
    Verdmont, Interior 
    Photo: JERRYE AND ROY KLOTZ MD / CC by SA 3.0 

    Open Hours and Admission Fee

    Friday 11am - 2pm; Saturday 10am - 2pm. Giuded tours are available on these days. 
    Closed on other days of the week and public holidays. 
    The adult admission fee is $5. $2 Children (age 11 and under). 
    NOTE: The open hours change frequently, so check Bermuda National Trust website for the current month's open timings. 

    Location and Contacts

    Visit the Tourist Map to view the location and other attractions nearby. 
    6 Verdmont Lane, off Collectors Hill, Smith's Parish, at the junction of Sayle Road.  
    Phone: 441/236-7369, 236-6483; Email: [email protected]
    You can take Bus #1 (that operates between Hamilton and St. George) to reach Verdmont. 
    Road Map 
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