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Bermuda's history dates back to 1609 when Sir George Somers and his men arrived in the island after their ship wrecked near St. George's and started the first settlement in Bermuda. However, the subsequent British colonization, presence of Royal Navy, the dark period of slavery, Caribbean, African, and other ethnic influences, maritime trade, American influence on tourism etc made a large impact in the way the lifestyle, culture and heritage evolved in Bermuda. 
Various aspects of Bermuda's history, culture and heritage are captured in numerous museums, historical sites, government buildings and churches in form of various exhibits and artifacts. 
Here are some of the great Museums, monuments and historic sites in Bermuda: 
This vast museum is located at Royal Naval Dockyard and mostly within the Keep fortress. It has over 30,000 exhibits and artifacts in its collections and spreads across more than 10 acres area showcasing the rich history, culture and development of Bermuda since the settlement began in early 1600s. 
The museum was earlier known as Bermuda Maritime Museum when it showcased mainly Bermuda's maritime history. After major enhancements and additions of new buildings and many new collections, it has become the National Museum of Bermuda since December 2009. 
Located in St. David's (of St. George Parish), this is one of the oldest farm houses in Bermuda. Carter House was built in 1640 and named after the first resident of Bermuda. It depicts the vernacular architecture of a Bermudian house and has retained its original form since it was built. 
It is now a museum that showcases history and culture of the St. David's Islanders. The museum is located only 8 minutes by taxi from St. George's town and on bus route #6. 
Located in St. George, this is the largest and most attractive fort in Bermuda. Inside it is a museum showcasing the British military exhibits including artillery and weapons of old British era in the island. There are night tours conducted as well with lanterns creating an awesome ambience. 
While the aquarium is the main attraction at BAMZ (Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo), the museum here has been enriched and has exhibits depicting nature of Bermuda as it existed during pre-settlement time, it's history and development. 
Located on the eastern stretch of Hamilton City, this institute explores the mysteries of the ocean and depicts the underwater terrain, creatures and environment. There are large collections of underwater treasures collected from shipwrecks. Exhibits, films and other displays help you get insight into deep sea creatures and their sounds. You can take a virtual dive in a modern submersible and discover many mysterious creatures of the deep sea.  
Tucker House in St. Georges is an 18th century home and now a museum. Henry Tucker, a famous Bermudian and a President of Governors Council, lived here with his family between 1775 to 1809. The museum showcases artifacts and collections from their day to day life. 
Verdmont is a 1710 Georgian style house located in Smith's parish that has retained its original architecture over the years. 
This 17th century building was constructed by Governor Samuel Day, who arrived from England, and through his political influence, used it as his residence. On the ground floor, there is a model of Sir George Somer's ship Sea Venture. The museum is located in St. George's. 
Located inside the Botanical Gardens in Paget Parish, Camden House is the official residence of Bermuda's Premiere and reflects an old Georgian architecture of the early 1700s with many historic artifacts and treasures. 
City Hall and Arts Center Bermuda is located in Hamilton. It houses City Hall Theatre, Corporation of Bermuda, National Gallery and more. 
Located in St. George's, this is one of the oldest buildings in Bermuda built in 1730s. It stores artifacts and exhibits reflecting old private life in the island. 
Located at Water Street in St George, the museum has many artifacts, exhibits and photographs reflecting the legacy of black slavery. It also preserves the social and historical heritage of the blacks including sports, social history, politics, professional and personal accomplishment and also a bit of scandal. This is the Bermuda's only black history museum. 
One of Bermuda's oldest buildings and located in St. George, this is where the parliament sessions of Bermuda were held before the capital was moved to Hamilton city in 1816. 
It was opened in 1992 to promote awareness and appreciation of Bermudian and World visual art. 
Perot Post Office was named after the first post master general in Bermuda who used to himself hand deliver the mails in Hamilton area. 
Located on Queen street of Hamilton City, this old two storied house has excellent collections of rare books, magazines and newspapers. 
The Historical Society Museum of Bermuda is located in Hamilton City and has rare collections like coins, portraits and lot more. It is housed in the same building where the National Library is. 
(or Session House) 
This is where Bermuda's Parliament sessions are held. It also has the Supreme Court in the ground floor. 
Cabinet Building is where Bermuda's cabinet sessions are held with all the ministers and key officials. 
Cenotaph in Bermuda is a replica of the one in Whitehall, London. This is a memorial for the war heroes who died during the world wars. 
Located in Devonshire, Palmetto House is a true reflection of the original Bermuda architecture. 
Located in St. George Bermuda, Old Rectory is an old private home built around 1699 reflecting traditional Bermudian architecture. 
It was earlier known as the Bermuda Biological Station, and does research on deep sea and coral reef behaviors. Located in St. George. 
Located in Hamilton Parish, Bermuda Railway Museum holds memorabilia of Bermuda's trains that operated between 1931 to 1948. X CLOSED DOWN 
Bermuda Transport Museum 
(formerly Vintage Transportation Museum) 
The museum opened in December 2014. It is privately owned by a Bermudian Paul Martins. The museum displays impressive collection of vintage and historical transports and vehicles used in Bermuda over the past many years. The collection includes bicycles, motorbikes, mobylettes, doctor's horse carriage (buggy) made out of cedar, vintage cars, engines and parts of boats, trains and more. 
Photo: Bermuda Transport Museum 
There are more than 100 motorbikes and more than 15 classic cars. There is also an America's Cup foiling wing raced by Oracle Team USA in 2017. You can also see a picture of the oldest motorcycle Excelsior which was first to be licensed in Bermuda in 1946. Paul has been making his collection for over 30 years and mostly in Bermuda. 
The museum was earlier housed in Bermudiana Arcade (on Bermudiana Street, Hamilton). However it moved its location and re-opened in the dockyard on October 21, 2017 with a space of 6,500sq. ft. Now the museum is located just inside the main gate of Royal Naval Dockyard in Sandys and housed in Chicane Building, 2 Smithery Row, Sandys, Bermuda. Phone: (441) 799-2886. 
This is a private home built in 1725 which is now the head office of Bermuda National Trust. It has beautiful rose gardens and lush parkland around it. It's located at Paget Parish and at the edges of Hamilton Harbor. 
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