Waterville & Parkland Bermuda

Located in Paget Parish on the water edge and at the end of Hamilton Harbor, this wonderful Georgian style building with surrounding parkland was a private home. It was built in the year 1725 by the Trimingham family who had their legendary departmental store in Front Street of Hamilton (which is no longer in operation though). 
Waterville is now the Head Office of Bermuda National Trust. This is where the Triminghams started their first store in Bermuda in 1842. The moment you enter the building, it takes you back to an experience of the 18th century Bermudian life. There are beautiful oil portraits on the wall. You will see many other collections including antiques, china, and a grandfather clock. 
But the real beauty is in its charming grounds outside. There used to be a tamarind tree that served as a landmark in the gardens. It was blown off in 2003 by the Hurricane Fabian. But the Heritage Rose Garden created by the Bermuda Rose Society in 1988 with wide varieties of old Bermuda roses makes the front lawn of the property look fabulous. The ground area of Waterville also includes Mary-Jean Mitchell Green Memorial Garden and Gazebo. 
Waterville, Bermuda 
Waterville Bermuda 
Photo: Bermuda National Trust 
The property also includes a tiny islet known as the Duck Island covered with mangroves. You will see many herons and waterfowls here. The name Duck Island came about as the place is a favorite to the ducks as well. As you stroll towards this area, you will see boats of the local neighbors moored in the waters. In fact they use the garden path to access their boats. 

Open Hours

Monday - Friday: 9am-5pm. 
Closed on other days of the week and public holidays. 
There is no admission fee at the Waterville. 

Location and Contacts

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Waterville, 2 Pomander Road, Paget, Bermuda 
Phone: (441) 236-6483; Bus Routes: #2 (operates between Hamilton and Paget), #7 and #8 (operate between Hamilton and Dockyard). 
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