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Paget is a centrally located parish in Bermuda. On its west is Warwick and on it's east is Devonshire. The north shore of Paget overlooks the beautiful Hamilton harbor while the south shore has wonderful beaches like the Elbow beach. Check out Bermuda Parish Map to know the location of Paget. The Parish has been named after the fourth Lord of Paget whose name was William Paget (lived 1572 - 1629). 

Paget Hotels and Restaurants

Here is a review of hotels in paget. There are some budget hotels like BnB and guesthouses, and also luxury resorts and accommodations, Visit Paget Hotels. Check out Paget Restaurants to know all the dining options in the parish. 

Attractions in Paget Bermuda

This beautiful beach has a gentle curve resembling an elbow. It has both private and public sections. You can see reefs close to the shore and the beach is great for snorkeling. Like all other south shore beaches, this beach too has pink sands. There is a beach bar here run by Elbow Beach Hotel, and also a water sports operator. 
Here you will find large glass houses with cacti and orchids along with gardens full of flowers and plants. Botanical Gardens is also the venue for Bermuda's popular AG Show festival or the Annual Exhibition
Paget Marsh is a nature reserve that provides a step back in time to view pre-colonial vegetation over 25 acres of land area. 
This is a natural harbor formed between the Paget and Pembroke Parishes. Hamilton Harbor is part of the Great Sound and forms a tapering wedge shape of water between these two parishes. The harbor now serves as a port area for smaller cruise ships and offers excellent views. 
Located in Paget Bermuda, Alfred Blackburn Smith Nature reserve is an unspoiled forest area along the southern coastline of Bermuda. 
Crow lane in Paget faces the Hamilton harbor. It's so named due to hundreds of crows that once used to populate the lane. Although a busy area, crow lane goes by a national park and you can sit here under a tree and watch the beautiful Hamilton harbor. A top attraction at Crow lane is Johnny Barnes, a legendary Bermudian and a retired bus driver who cheers and waves at the commuters and office goers every morning. Born in 1924, Johnny with his straw hat, white beard and smiling face will be there everyday at 3:45 am and has rarely missed a day to cheer the commuters. 
Although this is a private beach shared by the neighborhood, visitors can access this wonderful south shore beach by walking down White Sands Road that winds down from South Road and through neighborhood. The beach is sandwiched between Hungry bay (another private beach) and Elbow Beach. 
Coral Beach 
This is one of the gorgeous beaches of south shore and privately owned by the Coral Beach Club. Great for strolling and swimming, Coral Beach has a number of small and secluded caves. 
Salt Kettle 
This is a small peninsula with a bay at the southern approach of Hamilton Harbor. There is a ferry route to Salt Kettle. The bay along with the land area including Salt Kettle lane and Salt Kettle Road look marvelous from the ferry. There is no direct bus route to Salt Kettle as the Harbor road is quite narrow. American artist Winslow Homer created many of his great artwork based on this lovely Salt Kettle peninsula. 
Hungry Bay 
Another wonderful bay on the south shore, it is also part of National Parks and a Nature Reserve. There is a small public wharf (dock) through which you can enter the bay. 
Grape Bay 
This is another great pink sandy beach of Bermuda. Grape Bay is privately owned and is used by the Grape Bay Hotel along with the residents of Grape Bay Drive. 
Take a stroll along this meandering road that goes by the Hamilton Harbor and through a residential area. It's a lovely quiet walk along the waterside. 
Located inside the Botanical Gardens, Camden House is the official residence of Bermuda's Premiere and reflects an old Georgian architecture of the early 1700s. 
Owned by Masterworks Foundation, the gallery is located within Botanical Gardens and has over 1200 collections of artwork including paintings, photographs, drawings, maps, and memorabilia. 
Set up in the back garden of a family home, this studio was opened by the famous Bermudian artist Alfred Birdsey who became internationally popular for his impressionistic paintings. The studio is now run by his daughter Jo Birdsey Linberg, who too is a well established painter in the island. 
A 1725 private home with beautiful rose gardens and lush parkland at the end of the Hamilton Harbor. 
One of the largest garden centers and nurseries in Bermuda that started as a family business in the backyard. 
The Bermuda Railway Trail passes through Paget Parish. This part of the trail goes through scenic neighborhoods and is great for hiking and cycling. The trail starts from Trimingham Hill on South Road. There are signs here to enter the trail. As you get into the trail through a small tunnel, you will pass by Grape Bay, Paget Marsh and can see the skyline of Hamilton City at a distance. Although the trail crosses main roads a few times, it quickly reenters quiet areas and passes through farming lands and spice forests. 
Located close to the Paget Marsh, this Anglican church was built in 1796 replacing another old church. It has a ghost story associated with it. Check out the link to know about this. 

Islands in Paget

There are number of islands in Paget parish. 
  • Hinson's island: This is one of the largest islands in Great Sound and inhabited by some 50 people. There is a ferry service to this island.  
  • Burnt Island: A small island near Salt Kettle 
  • Crow Island: Located at Hungry Bay 
  • Long Island: A small island located at the south east of Great Sound 
  • Doctor's Island: In Hamilton harbor, just north of Salt Kettle 
  • White's Island: Located in Hamilton harbor and owned by the Hamilton Corporation. 

    Sports and Activities in Paget Bermuda

    There are many sports and recreational activities in Paget Bermuda including tennis, golf, scuba and snorkeling, hiking, scooter ride, cycling and lot of activities for kids as well. Check out the link Paget Sports and Activities

    Buses and Ferries for Paget Bermuda

    There are three main roads that run across paget - Harbor Road along the north shore, South Road along the south shore, and Middle Road across the parish itself. 
    All bus routes start from Hamilton city and come back. Bus #8 goes all the way up to the Dockyard at the west end. This is the most frequent service. It goes by the Middle Road. Bus #7, the next most frequent service takes the South Road. Bus #2, the least frequent service also goes along South Road. Note that there are no bus services along Harbor Road as the road is quite narrow in some places. There are ferry services along the north shore: 
    Ferry Stops in Paget: 
  • Salt Kettle: At the end of Salt Kettle Road off Hamilton Harbor. The ferry serves Hamilton Paget round trip. Mainly used by the guests of Salt Kettle House and Greenbank Cottages 
  • Lower Ferry: This is also on the Hamilton Paget round trip ferry route. From here, you get a wonderful view of the Great Sound at the west and Hamilton harbor on the east. This is a convenient ferry stop to access Paget Marsh. 
  • Hodson's ferry: Off the Harbor road, this is on the Hamilton Paget round trip ferry route. It mainly serves the visitors at Hotel Newstead Belmont Hills and residents in the nearby locations. 

    Map of Paget

    Here is an interactive Map of Paget parish that you can use to see lots of landmarks and attractions within the parish, and the roads leading to them. 
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