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Restaurants in Paget Bermuda

Check out the entries bellow to see my detailed reviews of the Paget restaurants along with pictures and favorite dishes served by the restaurants. You will also know the ambience, directions to reach the restaurant, open hours, contact details and lot more. The restaurant entries below are listed alphabetically and show the names along with price category and the main cuisine they serve. 
($$$, French) At Newstead Hotel 
($$$, Bermudian/International) 
($$$, French) At Fourways Inn Hotel 
($$$$, Mediterranean) At Elbow Beach Hotel 
($$$, Mediterranean) At Elbow Beach and run by Elbow Beach Resort 
($$, Bermudian &Western), Paget, 10-minute walk from Elbow Beach 
This is a nice family restaurant with a quiet ambience and a favorite to locals. Has a kids menu. 
($, Snack/Bermudian) Botanical Gardens 
($$$, Internationa/Sushi/Bermudian) At Grape Bay Beach Hotel X Closed 
($$$, Cuisine: Tapas, Sushi) Elbow Beach Hotel, Paget 
($$$, Bermudian/International) At Elbow Beach Hotel X Closed 
($$$, Bermudian) At Horizons Cottages X Closed 
Twisted Sistah's Coffee Shop 
($, healthy choices) Ord Road, Paget 
This eatery opened on November 14, 2014 and run by Sonia &Ricardo Williams. If you are looking for healthy &natural choices at a reasonable price, then this is a place to try. Although a small eatery, the interior is brightly decorated with red paints on the walls. There are sleek wooden chairs &tables as well as sofas on one side. Overall a casual and friendly ambience. Food served include kabob twists which are vegetables on sticks with special sauce, Salmon cakes, veggie and lamb burgers, fish twists etc. All items are homemade from scratch. They also serve herbal tea &coffee, cookies etc. The eatery is open from 7am to 7pm Tuesday through Saturday and on Sunday from 7am until breakfast is sold out. They are closed on Mondays. Phone: (441) 517-6798. 
($$$$, International) At Elbow Beach Hotel 
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