Pomander Road Bermuda

If you are in Paget, and like to take a quiet walk or enjoy a scooter ride, then try out the Pomander Road in Bermuda. Ideal would be early in the morning or late in the afternoon. This beautiful meandering road goes by the Hamilton Harbor. As you walk along, you will see mangroves and boats moored on the shore. It soon gets into a quiet residential area that would give you a good feel of how lucky the people are living on this island. 
You will see sheltered grassy areas along the way that are often used by the locals for roadside picnics. The road winds past the Aberfeldy  Plant Nursery, one of the oldest nurseries of the island retailing many different types of endemic and ornamental plants. Take a look and move on. 
As you go further west, you will see two nice guesthouses facing the water. The first is the pink colored Little Pomander. This is one of the oldest guesthouses of Bermuda built some 400 years back. The other one is a renovated old Bermuda home, the Erith Guest House
Little Pomander Guest House on Pomander Road, Paget 
Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club is located at the end of Pomander road where you will see many yachts and motorboats moored. There is a bay here called the Red Hole having a tiny little beach. This is a working boatyard. You can see many dinghies kept on the sand that are used to ferry the boat owners to their yachts. 


Pomander Road is a quiet residential road in Paget Parish Bermuda located near Trimingham Hill, and runs along the edge of Hamilton Harbor. 

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