Paget Hotels, Bermuda

Some of the best hotels of Bermuda are located in Paget parish. Click the links below for details about these hotels. Category "$" indicates cheapest while "$$$$" is the highest. 
Greenbank Cottages: Category: $ 
It's locate on the salt Kettle Peninsula of Paget parish. The property has beautiful water view of Great Sound. 
Erith Guesthouse Bermuda: Category: $ 
This is one of the new guest houses in the island. It is 15 minutes walk from Hamilton. 
Dawkins Manor Bermuda: Category: $ 
This is located in a quiet place and has eight very nice apartments to offer. The property has won many awards from the tourism department of Bermuda. 
This is one of the oldest buildings in Bermuda constructed some 400 years ago in a typical Bermudian style. It's located along the water edge of Hamilton harbor. 
Salt Kettle House Bermuda: Category: $$ 
This is a top Bermuda Inn and one of our favorites. It's known of being a wonderful retreat away from the crowd and having a beautiful adjoining bay in Hamilton Harbor. 
This Cottage Colony with its typical Bermudian architecture was opened in 1986. There are 11 units ranging from suites to deluxe cottages. 
Horizons and Cottages Bermuda: Category: $$ X Closed 
This is a cottage colony having an array of 13 cottages with wonderful view of the ocean and the surrounding landscape. 
The hotel is located in Paget Bermuda is a modern boutique hotel designed for business travelers and extended stay. The hotel offers 15 suites &árooms all having private balconies with great views of the Hamilton harbor. 
Grape Bay Cottages Bermuda: Category: $$$ 
It's located on a private beach side. Cottages have nice view and access to the private Grape Bay beach. These are self catering units with modern amenities. Ideal for romantic and beach vacations. 
Coco Reef Resort Bermuda - Category: $$$ 
Recently refurbished, Coco Reef Resort is right on the pink sands of Elbow beach Bermuda and provides great ocean views from all its rooms. With pastel colors in exterior and inside the rooms, the resort reflects original Bermudian style and architecture. 
Coral Beach Club Bermuda: Category: $$$$ 
The cottages are perched on a 26 acre lush gardens overlooking the south shore beaches. There are 13 cottages and 32 rooms and suites, all uniquely designed with modern amenities. 
One of the top class Bermuda luxury hotels, Elbow beach hotel with its secluded cottages is spread across some 50 acres of landscaped gardens. This is located on the Elbow Beach. 
One of the new luxury hotels in Bermuda, Newstead Belmont offers 45 units of Suites and Studios, all with great modern and luxury amenities. All the rooms have private balconies and great views of the infinity pool out to the Hamilton harbor. 
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