Bermuda Annual Exhibition

Bermuda Annual Exhibition was earlier known as the Ag Show (a short form of Agricultural Show). In the past it used be mainly a show of the agricultural products. However over the years, it has evolved and now it's like a grand country fare. The name of the event has also been changed to Bermuda Annual Exhibition
The exhibition is usually held over 3 days in April and is one of the biggest crowd pullers. It has been drawing over 20,000 visitors consistently for the past several years. Many tourists plan their visit to the island to enjoy this wonderful exhibition. The exhibition is held in Bermuda Botanical Gardens
It showcases Bermuda's traditions like kite making, woodcraft, culinary art, horticulture, school exhibitions, floral shows, live stock, vegetables, fruits and even sports and cultural shows. Animal exhibits includes horses, pony, pigs, pet rabbits, cows, dogs and many others. 
And there are prizes for exhibitors who compete in the show. The First Prize Blue Rosette is awarded to the best exhibit in each category like cakes, artwork, vegetable critters, floriculture and such. There are often acrobats or clown troops brought in from overseas countries to entertain the children. 
The Exhibition also features a range of food stalls from charity organizations selling cotton candy, fish sandwiches and many other Bermudian snack items. The Premier of Bermuda officially opens the Exhibition. The Opening Ceremony is performed in the Exhibition Ring. 


Admission fee for adults is $10, and for senior citizens of Bermuda and children $5. Children below 5 are free. 


Friday, April 23rd, 2021 (to be held online). There will be no visitors at the Botanical Gardens. 

Location and Contacts

The AG Show (Bermuda Annual Exhibition) is held at the Botanical Gardens, Paget. 
Contact Address: 
Suite 255 Par-La-Ville Road, Hamilton, HM 11. Bermuda 
Phone: (441) 236-4812; Mobile: (441) 524-7469 
Hours: 9:00 am to 4:30 pm 
Update March 2015: Unfortunately the Annual Exhibition (Ag Show) that was scheduled to be held between April 16 to 18, 2015 has been cancelled. The government has come back and informed the organizers that the venue at Botanical Gardens where it is held every year, is not available during the planned dates. 
Update April 2014: This year the Bermuda Annual Exhibition (Ag Show) has been held between 24th - 26th of April. Like the previous years, it has drawn large number of visitors and showcased many agricultural and cultural events and products. This year a highlight includes breathtaking Trampoline Act by overseas performers. Apart from that the Bermuda leg of the baton relay for Commonwealth Games would take place during this time and will end at the Botanical Gardens during the Ag Show. There is also a foot ball match organized for children from various soccer clubs in the island. Apart from these the exhibition is full of the usual livestock (cow milking demonstrated), fruits, vegetables, woodcraft, flower shows and local homemade food. 
Update April 2013: The event was held over 3 days from April 18 - 20. The last day being Saturday, thousands of people came to the AG Show. There were many horses, pigs, chickens and goats on display that were great hit with the children. There were several equestrian events and goat competition over the three days. A room was full of roses and flowers. Other exhibits included the traditional Bermuda Kites, art and craft display from schools etc. The Cedar Bridge Academy demonstrated a Green Energy Project. Another great attraction this year was face painting. 
Update 2011: Paul Bunyan Lumberjack show was the main overseas entertainment in 2011 Bermuda Annual Exhibition with log rolling dogs being the highlight of the show. Other attractions from the company included axe throwing, chain sawing, crosscut sawing and wood chopping. The event has attracted hundreds of people including both locals and visitors. 
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