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The Park

The Crow Lane Park is located at the easternmost end of Hamilton Harbor and below the Corkscrew Hill. It faces the harbor, and is a great place for picnics and watching the sun set. 
It's open sunrise to sunset everyday. We often sit under a tree in the park, just relax and enjoy the view of the beautiful harbor. 
Crow Lane Park 
There are often many boats moored at this end of the harbor across the park. While the settings of the park is really nice, there is a morbid story associated with it. 
In 1730, a black slave Sally Bassett was publicly executed here. She was accused of poisoning a couple who owned slaves and was burnt to death. 
Sally is remembered in the island through folk songs. The Crow Lane Park is now part of the African Diaspora Trail that goes through various parts of Bermuda. 

Crow Lane

Located in Paget, Crow Lane goes along the Hamilton Harbor at the eastern end of the parish. Named due to hundreds of crows that were found here in earlier days, this is a busy place which the commuters quite heavily use while going to Hamilton City. Crow Lane has a roundabout (rotary) and a park facing the easternmost tip of the Hamilton Harbor. 
One of the key attractions of Crow Lane was Johnny Barnes (he is no more) a retired bus driver who would be here everyday at 3:45am in the morning at the roundabout, cheering and waving at the commuters and wishing them the best for the day. 
He became a legend in Bermuda and his life size bronze statute is erected some 50 yards away from the roundabout. 
While at the beginning, the locals thought he was another plain nut, but with time he became an integral part of Crow Lane. Locals gradually started expecting this white bearded man wearing a straw hat and looked forward to seeing him everyday with his smiling face. 
Close to the roundabout, there is a well known bakery called the Crow Lane Bakery. It specializes in wedding and birthday cakes. 
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