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Bermuda is not only about beaches. If you are visiting Bermuda, you don't want to miss out on the beautiful parks, gardens and nature reserves that have their own unique charm. These parks and gardens in Bermuda are great habitat for many varieties of endemic and native plants that you can rarely find elsewhere. If you walk along the trails of some of the secluded nature reserves, you will forget that you are in an overdeveloped island that hardly has any unspoiled open space left. 
There are over 8,000 species of flora and fauna in this tiny island. Some parks and reserves are excellent for bird watching. There are well over 300 species of birds that are seen in Bermuda. While many of them are migratory birds, there are over 20 species of resident birds as well. 
And some parks and gardens are set up in such a scenic setting, you will love to spend hours just to feel and enjoy the atmosphere. If you like to know about the different kinds of endemic, native and introduced plants that you can see in Bermuda, then check out the section on Bermuda Plants
Here are the best and the most popular parks, reserves and gardens in Bermuda: 
Here you will find large glass houses with cacti and orchids along with formal gardens and lawns. There is an excellent walking tour to explore the varieties of flowers, shrubs and trees. It's located in Paget parish. 
Located at Smith's Parish, this is the largest and one of the richest nature reserves of Bermuda covering 64-acres of land and is the best bird watching location in the island. 
Part of Bermuda's national parks, the reserve is located in St. David's Island and spreads across 12 acres of woodland area surrounded by rocky coastline, sand dunes and beaches. The well-known Clearwater Beach is located next to the reserve. 
Hardly known to tourists, this parkland is located in St. George at the end of Ferry Road. This is the second largest park area in Bermuda having forested area, a lake, a bay with a beach and lovely walking trails. There are also three historic forts in the park area. 
Located in Sandy's Parish, Hog Bay Park is a 32 acres of unspoiled forest land and one of the newer national parks of Bermuda. This is also one of the great bird locations in the island. 
Paget Marsh is a nature reserve that provides a step back in time to view pre-colonial vegetation. It's spread across an area of over 25 acres. 
Located in Southampton parish of Bermuda, this nature reserve spreading across 2.5 acres of area is a haven for birds. It has a pond, forested land on a hillside and farmlands. 
This is an 8-acre nature reserved in Southampton having a wide range of ecological habitats including woodland valley, park, stunning view of Little Sound water along the rocky coastline, tidal salt pond fringed by mangroves, quarries etc. It's a wonderful place for families to enjoy and picnic. It has a nice walking trail as well. 
A 37 acre estate and a parkland in Warwick parish having lovely garden pools, lush plantations and trails, quarry garden, a secluded beach and a main estate house. 
Gilbert Nature Reserve in Bermuda is an excellent 5-acres of woodland in Sandy's parish with an old mansion called Springfield located right next to it. This is a property of Bermuda National Trust. 
Located in Sandy's parish, this park has lovely beaches, a park area full of trees and mangroves, and a pond. There are a number of migratory birds that can be seen here. 
Located in Bermuda's Sandy's parish, this reserve is a habitat of many native plants and Bermuda Blue Birds. 
Daniels Head is the peninsula located at Sandy's Parish at the western end of Bermuda. Spread over 17 acres of land area, it is a secluded place having nice beaches and a park area. 
An 18 acres parkland located in Hamilton Parish where an unmarked trail goes all the way up to the cliff top. The views of the surrounding Harrington Sound water area is simply magnificent as you walk along the trail and also from the top. 
Victoria Park is an attractive city park in Hamilton Bermuda. Other than many types of trees and shrubs, there is also a beautiful band stand here imported from Scotland. 
A nice waterfront area overlooking the Hamilton harbor. This park is of historic importance as this is where the slaves had disembarked from the ship 'Enterprise' way back in 1835 and their fate changed for ever. Check out the link to know the full story. 
It's a scenic property at Spanish point, Pembroke. It has trails, parks and lovely beaches. 
It has been now renamed to Queen Elizabeth Park. This is a beautiful city park on Queen Street, Hamilton City and a short walk from the Ferry Dock. It has many shaded trees, great walkways and wooden benches. 
It's a nice park in Hamilton City from where you get a great view of Hamilton harbor. You can enjoy local food from a food truck here. 
Spread across 22 acres of land in Devonshire, Bermuda Arboretum is a National Park with vast meadows and wide varieties of trees and plantations. 
Palm Grove is an 18 acre landscaped garden in Devonshire Bermuda with many types of Palm trees. It also has a bird aviary and a beautiful lily pond. 
A Nature Reserve in Hamilton Parish Bermuda spreading across 12 acres of land area. 
Located on a scenic stretch of South Road, Watch Hill Park is ideal for relaxing and getting stunning views of the south coast. 
Penhurst Agricultural Park stretches across 15 acres of land in Bermuda's Smiths Parish. It has wonderful walking trails and offers great ocean views over the north coastal line. 
Located in Paget Bermuda, Alfred Blackburn Smith Nature reserve is an unspoiled forest area along the southern coastline of Bermuda covering 8.7 acres of land area. 
Located in Points Shares of Pembroke parish, Butterfield Nature Reserve is a forest full of Bermuda Palmettos and rare Sedge. 
Cockroach Island also known as Cockroach Rock is a small but romantic nature reserve in Bermuda, located in Hamilton Parish at the northern end of Harrington Sound. 
There are many small nice gardens in St George's. While some properties may be private and may not be always open to public, you can still see the beautiful gardens from the streets or through the gates. Check out the link to see the ones that are our favorites. 
With a production site at Somerset and garden center in Paget, once a family business has now grown into the largest nursery in Bermuda. 
Located in Spanish Point in Pembroke parish, Tulo Valley is a Bermuda Government owned nursery that supplies most of the plant stocks to the nature reserves and public gardens in Bermuda. 
Located in Paget and facing the easternmost tip of the Hamilton Harbor, Crow Lane Park is a beautiful garden area and is great for sunsets and picnics. 
Located north of Hamilton City, this marshy land has a large pond, many types of endemic trees and migratory and nesting birds. 
Located at the north eastern edge of Pembroke, this is a nice park area with lots of greenery and great for relaxing. 
A nice green park area in St. George and named after Sir George Somers who arrived in Bermuda in 1609 after his flagship got wrecked near the island. 
A beautiful tiny island on Ely's Harbor full of Palms and other plantation, and open to visitors during the day time. Located in Sandy's parish, Palm Island is a nature reserve for birds and other wild animals. 
Located in Pembroke, this park has gone through recent makeovers and has new walking track, playground equipment, basket ball court, and other facilities. 
Rocky Hill Park 
It's located on Mullet Bay Road in St. George's Parish. You get wonderful views of Mullet bay on north shore from here as well as lovely landscapes from the hill. There is a small beach at Mullet Bay. It's on bus routes #1, 3, 10 and 11 operating between Hamilton City and St. George's town. From Hamilton, it takes about 40 minutes by bus while from St. George it's about 15 minutes. 
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