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Gladys Morrell Nature Reserve Bermuda

Located on a hill at the Mangrove Bay village in Bermuda's Sandy's Parish, Gladys Morrell is a charming 2 acre nature reserve. As you walk along, you will travel back in time into the tranquility of original Bermuda, the way the island used to be several centuries ago. The property is owned and managed by Bermuda National Trust
The name was given in fond memory of Gladys Carlyon deCourcy Morrell, who was a leader in Bermuda's struggle for getting women the rights to vote. 
As the leader of the Bermuda Woman Suffrage Society and the suffrage movement, Gladys succeeded in her mission to ensure women's voting rights in Bermuda in the year 1944. 
The Gladys Morrell nature reserve has many varieties of native plantations of Bermuda including Olivewood bark and Cedars. The reserve is also a nesting area for Bermuda's Bluebirds which is an endangered species. 
The reserve is a great place for picnic. 
There is no admission fee. The nature is accessible to all from sun rise to sunset. 

Location &Contacts

East Shore Road, Somerset, Sandy's, Bermuda. It is off Somerset Road. 
The reserve is located at the top of a hill rising from Mangrove Bay village in Somerset. 
Call up Bermuda National Trust for more information: (441) 236-6483 
Bus Routes: #7, 8 (operating between Dockyard and Hamilton) 
Road Map 
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