Bermuda National Trust

The Bermuda National Trust (BNT) is a registered charity organization in the island established in 1970. The main objective of the trust is to preserve natural, architectural and historic treasures of Bermuda including parks, reserves, museums and heritage buildings.  
Earlier, there used to be another organization called Bermuda Historical Monuments Trust, that was involved in conservation of such properties in Bermuda between 1937 to 1970. Presently, Bermuda National Trust manages 70 properties covering 250 acres that represent some of Bermuda's finest heritage. They include traditional historic houses, islands, gardens, cemeteries, nature reserves and coastline.  
There are also three excellent museums, Bermuda National Trust Museum, Verdmont Museum, and the Tucker House Museum that are owned and administered by the Trust. These museums showcase great collections of artifacts that tell the intriguing story of the islandís history and development. 
The trust also has a strong education section to encourage public appreciation of Bermuda's history and what it implies to the citizens. There are several committees in the Trust with over 100 volunteers who are actively engaged in various types of activities from archaeology and research to preservation management and fund raising. 
There is a 13-member Council which is responsible for the ongoing governance of the Trust. Five members of the Council are elected every year by the Trust members. Another five are appointed by the founding organizations of the Trust (Bermuda Audubon Society, Bermuda Historical Society, Garden Club of Bermuda, Keep Bermuda Beautiful and the St. Georgeís Historical Society), and the remaining three are nominated by the Government. 
President, Deputy President and Treasurer are the three main officers of the Council. 

Location and Contacts

Bermuda National Trust's Head Office is in Waterville, Paget 
Address: Waterville, 2 Pomander Lane, Paget, Bermuda  
Phone: (441) 236-6483, Fax: (441) 236-0617 

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