Jubilee Park Bermuda

Located in Pembroke Parish in Bermuda, Jubilee Park does not fall on a typical tourism route and therefore not much known to the tourists. It's quite popular to the local neighborhood residents though and is great for taking strolls or just relaxing with a lot of greens all around. 
Jubilee Park was officially opened in 2002 to honor the golden jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. Subsequently it has been taken over by the Corporation of Hamilton City. 
Originally this was a 1 acre park land. However, over time the park started to become a waste dumping ground. In 2007, a major renovation and expansion work was carried out by the corporation and the park has now been fully restored to its original state. 
It has stretches of grassy land and plantation. It has now been expanded to a 2-acre land area. There is also a pond which is fenced from all sides for safety of the children. The pond has water lilies on it. 
Jubilee Park Bermuda 
Jubilee Park Bermuda 

Open Hours

The park is open from sunrise to sunset daily. There is no admission fee. 


Jubilee Park is located on Parsons Road and in the north eastern end of Hamilton. 
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