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Pembroke is a centrally located parish in Bermuda. This is the busiest and most populated parish, and fully urban. Hamilton City, the capital and the business center of Bermuda is located in Pembroke parish. However its borders within Pembroke has blurred. Initially the parish was named as Spanish Point by the early settlers. Later it was named after William Herbert, the third Earl of Pembroke (1580-1630). 
Today Spanish Point is a separate area in the parish having nice parks and beaches. Check out Bermuda Parish Map to view the location of Pembroke Parish in Bermuda. 

Hotels in Pembroke

There are many great hotels in Pembroke. This is where most visitors on business would like to stay as Hamilton is the business hub of the island. Many tourists also prefer the place because of dining and†shopping options. You won't find hotels right within Hamilton City except for a yacht club accommodation. But there are many that are quite close and conveniently located. Check out Hamilton Hotels to find out our top hotel picks for both budget and high-end categories. 

Restaurants and†Pubs in Pembroke

Many of the top Bermuda restaurants are located right on Front street and many out of them have balconies on the first floor with great views of Hamilton harbor. Visit Pembroke Restaurants to get a complete list of all the well known restaurants in Pembroke including in Hamilton City, along with their detailed reviews.  

Pembroke Sights and Attractions

Below I have mentioned the main attractions in Pembroke that are outside the city of Hamilton or in its outskirts. Check out Explore Hamilton City for the ones that are located right within the city limits and know how to visit them. 
Built in 1870s, Fort Hamilton in Bermuda is located at a picturesque spot in the outskirts of Hamilton city overlooking the shoreline and landscaped gardens. 
This is a small land area with scenic harbor view, a beautiful park, and a bay with its tiny beach. 
It's a scenic property in Spanish point. It has trails, parks and lovely beaches. 
A nice little beach in Spanish Point and ideal for snorkeling. This is part of the Admiralty House Park property. 
Located east of Clarence Cove on North Shore Road, a steep flight of stairs through a cliff takes you down to this lovely little beach. 
Located at Point Shares peninsula in Pembroke, Butterfield Nature Reserve is a wonderful showcase of natural palmetto forest. 
Located in Spanish Point and next to the Admiralty House Park, Tulo Valley is a Bermuda Government owned nursery that supplies most of the plant stocks to the nature reserves and public gardens in Bermuda. 
This is a scenic road that goes along the waterside of Hamilton Harbor in Pembroke and passes by many small and†luxury hotels, business houses and affluent residential areas with waterfront homes. 
The well was named after the Black Watch Scottish Regiment that dug a well in 1849 when there was a prolonged drought in Pembroke. The dramatic pass named after the well, was made by cutting through solid limestone rocks to connect Hamilton to the North Shore road. 
A nice scenic park opposite to the Black Watch Well and off the North Shore. It has a great view of the north shore and is a popular picnic area. There are a swimming holes one can dive into from the cliffs. 
Built in 1620s, this Anglican church is one of the oldest churches in Bermuda and is located just outside of Hamilton City in a picturesque setting having its own graveyard. 
This marvelous state house with Victorian architecture is the official residence of the Governor of Bermuda. Sitting on a hilltop and overlooking the north shore, this government property is built over 210 acres of land area with sprawling gardens and plantations. 
Bermuda Plant Nursery 
This private nursery has both local and imported plants, and specializes in interior plantscapes and maintenance. Open Hours: Mon - Sat (by appointment only), Sunday closed. Location: Happy Valley, Pembroke, Phone: (44)295-2157; 
Located north of Hamilton City, this marshy land used to be a trash dumping ground earlier. It has been now cleared up to a large extent and converted into a parkland. You can see many different kinds of endemic trees and a number of unusual birds in the park. 
Bernard Park, Bermuda 
This nice park and recreational area sits between the Cedar Avenue and Marsh Folly Road, about a mile from Hamilton City. The park is on bus routes #10 and†11. It was named after the Governor of Bermuda who was recalled in England during the World War II due to his active voice against the Americans. That was the time when the Americans were creating their military base in Bermuda, and the governor was becoming an impediment to the process. 
Bernard Park Bermuda 
There are many sporting facilities within the park including the government owned William Joell Tennis Stadium, soccer etc. East end of the park leads to the entrance of Pembroke Marsh. 
Located on Pitts Bay Road in Pembroke Bermuda, the Bacardi building is the world headquarter of this giant spirit company that originated in Cuba as a small family business. Find out the story of how Bacardi became a world leader in rum blends. 
Fairylands and Pointshares 
Fairylands is one of the most exclusive residential areas in Bermuda located at the western Pembroke. You will see homes of many millionaires here. There are many tranquil scenic lanes through the fairylands property. Pointshares is the peninsula at the western most part of Fairylands. Many of the houses here have grand view of the ocean and the tiny islands on the Great Sound
Black Wood Pond 
Located at the Pointshares peninsula, the name of the pond has been derived from the black mangroves. There is an old bridge at the north of the pond. 
Located at the north eastern end of Hamilton City, this is a nice 2 acre park with lots of green and is ideal for relaxing. This is more popular with the residents than tourists. 
With a makeover completed in 2009, this is an excellent park for both toddlers as well as children of all ages. 

Pembroke Entertainment

Located in north Hamilton, Hubie's has been the Mecca of Jazz in Bermuda and has showcased many talented musicians over the years. Smooth drinks and mellowed live jazz have entertained hundreds of locals and tourists over decades. UPDATE: Hubies, which closed down in 2010, has reopened under a new name The Loft At Hubie's
Spanish Point Boat Club is a popular yachters club that runs on private membership but it also welcomes visitors and guests. Other than offering boating and†mooring facilities, the club has a lively bar and is home to many social events.  
Note: There are lots of pubs and†restaurants available in Pembroke and†Hamilton City for nighttime entertainment. I have described them all under Pembroke Pubs and†Restaurants 
Bermuda Folk Club organizes monthly musical events at the Spanish Point Boat Club. They bring in local talents as well as overseas performers to hold the club nights usually on the first Saturday of the month. The nights are open to both members and non-members. Check out the above link for details about the event. 
Halloween Week in Pembroke 
An adult party Fright Night is held during the Halloween week with music, dance and a full bar going up to late night. While the venue varies, at times it is held at the at the lawn of the Fort Hamilton. If you happen to be there in the island during the Halloween week, check out the website for bookings. Update Oct 2011: Seven years since it first started in Bermuda, the Fright Night Halloween Week event has been discontinued from this year. The authorities of Fort Hamilton have stated the reason as gross damage to the shrubs and foliage in the fort area due to this event. 
During the same week, a very popular event for kids known as the Haunted Playground is organized by an event management company, Volcanic Productions. It takes place in the dungeons and moat gardens of Fort Hamilton where the actors dress up like monsters, move around in circles and thrill the kids. 

Sports and†Recreational Activities in Pembroke

There are plenty of sporting and recreational activities in Pembroke including Tennis, Health and†Fitness centers, Fishing, Horse Carriage rides and lot more. Check out Pembroke Activities to know about the details. 

Shopping at Pembroke

Hamilton city in Pembroke is the main shopping hub of Bermuda. Most of Bermuda's shopping stores have their main branches in Hamilton City. So on week days and during the shopping hours, you will find lots of tourists flocking towards Hamilton. 
Visit Shopping in Hamilton to know about all the well known stores and their offerings. 
For more options in shopping across the island, check out Shopping in Bermuda
Here are some more stores in Pembroke: 
Jeremy Johnsonís Village Carpentry 
Located on North Shore Road, the local craftsmen make cedar trinkets and many other small souvenirs with sweet smell. They have been operating since 1960s from a roadside building. 127 North Shore Rd., Phone: 441/292-2088. 
Located on Pitt's Bay Road, this specialty food store was established in 1862. Since generations, the store has been specializing in quality food items including meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, fruits, cheese and lot more. The wine section has wide selections. They also have a deli shop offering great picnic food and lunch boxes. 
Departmental and grocery stores 
- Arnold's Family Market, St. John's Road, Phone: 441/292- 3310.  
- C-Mart, 96 North Shore Road, Phone: 441/292- 5332.  
- Manuel Soares &†Son, Old House Lane, Spanish Point, Phone: 441/292-1426.  
- Point Mart, Cox's Hill Road, Phone: 441/292-0342.  
- Garden Market, Serpentine Road, Phone: 441/292-7000.  
- Happy Valley Mini Mart, Happy Valley Road, Phone: 441/292-1197.  
Grocery stores in Hamilton City 
- Market Place, Church Street, Hamilton, Phone 441-295-6006. 
- Supermart, 125 Front Street, Phone 441/-292-2064. 
Price Rite 
This is a wholesale store selling food items, meat, alcohol, and many household stuffs for bulk purchase. The store was opened in 2007 by The MarketPlace Group. 
It's located at 10 Mill Reach Road, Pembroke. 
Phone: 441-295-7111. 
Open Hours: Monday - Saturday: 8am - 8pm; Sunday: 9am - 7pm. 

Buses and Ferries in Pembroke

There are many bus routes that go out from the central bus terminal at Hamilton City, reach out to different parts of the island and come back. The central bus terminal is located at Washington Street near City Hall, Phone: 441/295-4311. You can get a free bus schedule from the terminal. 
Bus routes #1, 3, 10 and 11 operate between Hamilton and St. George's, but take different routes. Bus route #4 goes to Spanish Point. Bus route #5 to Pond Hill. Bus route #9 to Prospect. 
The ferry terminal is near the HSBC Bank at the western end of Front Street. There are several routes and all start from the Hamilton Terminal and return. 
There are taxi stands outside Hamilton Princess Hotel. To order a taxi from a Hamilton based agency, dial 441/295-4141 (for Bermuda Taxi Radio Cabs) or 441/292-4476 (for Bermuda Industrial Union Taxi Co-operative). 

Pembroke Map

Check this interactive Map of Pembroke parish. You can move the map around and zoom in to see great level of details. You ca see many attractions and places of interest in Pembroke along with streets leading to them. 
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