Tulo Valley Plant Nursery Bermuda

Located next to the Admiralty House property at Spanish Point in Pembroke Bermuda, Tulo Valley Plant Nursery used to be a kitchen garden between 1815 - 1950. This was when the Admirals of the Royal Naval Dockyard used the house as their residence. 
Subsequently in 1957, Bermuda Government had taken over this property and Tulo Valley is now part of Bermuda Parks Department. It was converted into a plant nursery mainly for the purpose of experimenting with new plantations and growing some of Bermuda's native and endemic plants. Much of the flowers and plants that you will see at the road circles and other public areas, would have been cultivated at the Tulo Valley. 
There is a conducted tour available to go around Tulo Valley Nursery. You will need to call them over phone to get the details of the tour schedules. There is a tunnel that runs from here to the adjacent Admiralty House park. During the tour, they take you through this tunnel. 
During Hurricane Fabian in 2003, the nursery was grossly damaged. It was re-opened in 2006 after major re-development and improvement of the facilities. Other than greenhouses, you will see shaded area with retractable roof. 
Today this plant nursery supplies majority of the plant stocks to the various parks and nature reserves across Bermuda including the Botanical Gardens and the Arboretum

Open Hours

7:30am to 4pm 

Location and Contacts

21 Controversy Lane, Spanish Point, Pembroke, Bermuda 
Bus #4 goes close to the nursery. Phone: (441)292-2503 
Road Map 
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