Spanish Point Bermuda

North west of Bermuda's Hamilton city in Pembroke Parish, there is a small area of land reaching out into the mouth of Great Sound water area, called the Spanish Point. The area has been named by early settlers after the Spanish sailor Ramirez. It's about 2 miles from Hamilton City and requires 3-zone bus ride. Vehicles reach this area through Black Watch Pass, a cut through the high coral cliff that was opened in 1934.  
Over 2.5 million tons of rock were removed to create the first route over the north shore cliffs. As you go down the winding Spanish Point Road, you will see the Stovel Bay and its small beach next to the car park. It's like a mini harbor where fishing boats and dinghies are moored. 
Close to it is a picturesque park called the Spanish Point Park with views of the distant dockyard towards the west. With Great Sound and North Shore bordering the park, pines, baygrapes and grassy lawns, it's a wonderful place for picnics or just to relax. 
There are picnic tables, benches and lots of shaded areas in the park, and toilets near the car park. You will find some small coves with shallow calm water near the north shore side of the park which are great for snorkeling. Walk over to the end of the park and you can sometimes see the cruise ships entering the port. 
There is a wreck that lies at Spanish point water area. It's the remains of the Floating Dock (the 2nd largest in the world) that was once commissioned at the Royal Naval Dockyard. This 47,000 square feet dry dock was built in England in 1869 and was brought to Bermuda by sea over 35 days.  
However, it later became obsolete and was being towed out of the harbor to be sold as scrap to a German company. But it broke loose from its ties and got stuck on rocks here, and could never be moved again. 
Just before you reach Spanish Point Park and to its east is Admiralty House Park which is also part of Spanish Point area. 

How to reach Spanish Point Bermuda?

Bus #4 goes to Spanish point. The bus takes about 15 minutes from Hamilton bus terminal. But the bus service is not quite frequent (about once in every 1 hour or so during the day time). You can also take a scooter and reach.  
Spanish Point starts at the roundabout where St. John's Road becomes Spanish Point Road. The entire area to west of this junction, starting from Admiralty House Park and all the way to the sea, Spanish Point Park and Spanish Point Boat Club are all part of Spanish Point.  
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