Spanish Point Boat Club Bermuda

While this is a members only club, they also welcome visitors and guests. As obvious from the name, it is an yachters club. You will see many boats moored on the water area next to the club. The club has a bar and is frequented by the members. 
It's a great place to have a drink with the locals and have a chat with them. There is Happy hour every night and the club claims to be offering the cheapest drinks in the island. 
There are couple of large screen TVs that run news channels. You can play pool or snooker as well. There is a large hall and a patio available for rent. The members can also use the kitchen. The club overlooks the ocean at the Spanish Point. It has two private docks, one of them is great for fishing. It has a mooring area for small boats. Other than the regular membership fees, there are also mooring charges for dock and bay moorings. There is also ample parking space. 
Spanish Point Boat Club holds many social events including Halloween parties. This is also the performance venue for the popular Bermuda Folk Club
Spanish Point Boat Club Bermuda 
Spanish Point Boat Club 
Photo: Spanish Point Boat Club Bermuda 

Location and Contacts

Spanish point Boat Club, 1 Spanish Point Road, Pembroke. 
Phone: 441/295-1030. Email: [email protected] 
How to reach: From Hamilton City, go west along Front Street and then along Pitts Bay Road. Keep going past Fairylands and St. John's Road onto Spanish Point Road. At the end of the road you will see parking for Spanish Point Boat Club. 
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