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Bermuda Folk Club is a non profit organization. It organizes musical events and provides performance venues where the local musicians and music lovers get together over absorbing musical nights. While it is known as a folk club, it also organizes music of varied types and also invites renowned overseas performers time to time. 
The regular musical nights are held on the first Saturday of the month. There are exceptions to this though. For example in August and December, club nights or musical events are usually not held. 
In some of the other months like January, it is usually held on second Saturday instead of the first. And when they bring in overseas performers, the schedule varies. So other than for the regular first Saturday events, it is always a good idea to inquire when the next big event is coming up. 
The musical nights are held at the Spanish Point Boat Club in Pembroke and close to Hamilton City. The events usually start at 8pm and there is a cover charge. They normally follow the process of first come first serve, although the members would always get an entry. As a non-member or a visitor to the island, you can also attend the musical nights by paying the cover charge. The usual cover charge is $5 for members and $10 for non-members although it may change for special events. 
During the musical nights or the club nights as they call it, there are often cash bars opened and drinks served at happy hour prices.The club raises its funds mainly through the membership fees and the cover charges for the events. 
Some of the performances in the club include: 
Irish Night 
Being held at the Bermuda Folk Club for the last 20 consecutive years. Irish music varies from melodic ballads, to jigs and reels. Contemporary composers includes Van Morrison, Bill Whelan, The Sawdoctors and Black 47. 
Alice Stuart 
She is an American blues and folk singer-songwriter and guitarist. Among her many musical accomplishments, she has toured the UK with Van Morrison, and the USA with Mississippi John Hurt. 
Local Artists 
Some of the local artists and bands who also perform during the club nights include Southwood, Crossroads, Chalkface, Jeanne Flath and Mike Cacy. 
Pizza, beer and cash bar are available. A nice place to go and enjoy the laidback ambience and watch performances while enjoying a chilled beer. 

Location and Contacts

Performance Venue 
Tribe Road Kitchen, Hamilton City, at the corner of King Street and Reid Street. 
NOTE: Earlier their performance venue used to be at Spanish Point Boat Club and the earlier office address used to be 38 Astwood Road, Paget. That has now changed. 
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