Bermuda Music and Dance

While Bermuda's traditional music and dance have its own original island flavor, there has also been strong influences from Caribbean islands like Trinidad and Jamaica, as well as from UK and America. This is because Bermuda has been a British overseas territory since long, and trade with Caribbean islands have always been healthy leading to continuous cultural exchange.  
America too had a base in Bermuda once and continues to contribute heavily towards Bermuda's tourism. Much of Bermuda's modern music is a blend of its traditional music with Caribbean, British and American counterparts. Improvised rocks from America and Britain probably had the most lasting impact in the island. As has always been the tradition in Bermuda, the tourists will often find the best musical talents of the island performing in hotel lounges, bars and nightclubs. 
It was Eddie Demello who took the main initiative of bringing Bermuda's music to a new high. Eddie, born in 1937 in Azores (Portugal), came to Bermuda when he was just 11 years old. 
Demello introduced singers from many countries and of different styles like classical, fado, jazz and calypso, and helped enrich Bermuda music over the years. He was instrumental in bringing to Bermuda some of the famous musical talents like Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder and Amalia Rodrigues. His Edmar records became an all time hit in Bermuda. In 2004, he received the Bermuda Arts Council’s Lifetime Achievement Award for his tremendous contribution to Bermuda’s music and art. 

Traditional Bermuda music and dance

There are essentially four types of traditional Bermuda music. Go through the links below to know more about a specific Bermuda music and dance tradition. 
1. Bermuda folk music that includes: 
Bermuda Gombey dance and music is the mixture of British, West African and indigenous new-world cultures. 
Bagpipe music was brought to Bermuda by the Scottish and Irish soldiers between the 18th and 20th centuries. 
2. Choirs 
Choir is a popular traditional music in Bermuda. In many local churches, this is a long established tradition. 
The Talbot Brothers were the first to bring Calypso music to Bermuda. They were the first major calypsonians of the island. 
After 2nd World War, Steelpan music originated from Trinidad and was introduced to Bermuda in 1950s mainly by the Esso Steel Band. 
Here is a synopsis of work and life stories of the great musicians of Bermuda who have made legendary contributions in their respective fields of music including gospel singing, calypso, drums, guitars, Jazz and bands like modern reggae. 
Find out information about some of the best songs written and composed on Bermuda by both local as well as foreign musicians, books and film documentaries on Bermuda's music. 
If you happen to be in Bermuda in July end, do not miss out on the Soca and Reggae Event takes place as the after party of Cup Match. 
One of the music albums Da Squad Starting Eleven features some of the best music talents of Bermuda in recent times. The album with a mix of reggae, hip hop, rap, dancehall, R&B and gospel, can be a great collection and would stay as a fond musical memory of the island to the music lovers. 
Bermuda Music Festival, formerly known as the Bermuda Jazz Festival, is held in October. This is a great opportunity to spend nights full of incredible music from some of the best musical talents from all over the world. Know how this grand music festival is celebrated over four unforgettable nights in the island. 

Bermuda Music Schools and Clubs

Music of Bermuda became popular to the whole world with presence of many notable classical musicians like the opera singer Marcelle Clamens, pianists Peter Carpenter and Lance Haywards, Calypso bands like Talbot Brothers, and many more talented musicians. And, there are many well known Bermuda music schools that are nurturing such musical talents in the island. Check out Schools for music and performing arts for all the popular music schools in Bermuda, their major offerings and contact details. 

Bermuda Dance Schools

National Dance Foundation of Bermuda (NDFB) offers great dancing courses, scholarships and financial aids to the entire dance community of Bermuda including trainees, teachers and choreographers.  
Bermuda Ballet Association 
Established in 1962, this was the oldest dance school in Bermuda. It was later merged with the National Dance Foundation of Bermuda. 
The main unit of Bermuda Salsa Group - Sabor Dance School specializes in high quality Latin dance courses. 
A list of all the popular dance schools and institutions in Bermuda along with their offerings and contact details. I have also reviewed some of them in details. 
Bollywood dancing, a style originated from Indian film choreography, has been taking the island by storm. There are schools that have now formally introduced this dance in Bermuda. 
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