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In July end/August, Soca vs Reggae concert takes place as the Cup Match after party in Bermuda. The event starts usually at around 8:30pm and continues into late night/early morning. Just like the way Somerset Cricket Club and St. George's Cricket club compete during the cup match days, Soca and Reggae DJs also compete neck to neck during this event that follows the cup match. 
DJs on each side will be playing 15-20 minutes per round. There will be judges to decide which team (Soca or Reggae) played the best music. 
Recently, the event has gone global which means that there will be many visitors coming in and joining the concert from other countries. All the audience are encouraged to come wearing the cup match supporters outfit which is light and dark blue for St. George’s team, red and dark blue for Somerset. This way the sense of competition and the excitement during the event increases manifold. 
Other than general tickets, VIP tickets are also available which usually have raised viewing area, access to front stage, complimentary food and drinks, sponsor's giveaways etc. 
2019 Schedule 
August 2 Friday, 2019 
2017 Schedule 
Aug 4 | Tiger Bay, St. George’s 
International Soca and Reggae DJs jam all the top hits during this lively nightlife event. 
Gates open at 8:00pm, Entry: $55-$65 
2016 Schedule 
Venue: The North Lawn, Royal Naval Dockyard 
Date: July 29, 2016; Time: 9pm – 2am 
Ticket: You can buy online at Price range: $45 - $60. 
2015 Schedule and Updates: Soca vs Reggae 
Will be held at Tiger Bay, St. George's on Friday 31st July, 2015 from 9pm to 3am. Gates will be open at 8pm. You can buy tickets online through BDAtix ($50 for general tickets, $150 for VIP tickets). This year the team Soca will feature #1 radio personality from Trinidad 5 Star Akil, and also Shal Marshall. Team Reggae will feature Grammy award winner and Jamaica's King of Dancehall - Beenie Man. 
2014 Schedule and Updates: Soca vs Reggae 
The cup match after party is scheduled to be held on August 1 (Friday) this year at Snorkel Park located at Royal Naval Dockyard in Sandys. The previous year's winner of all female group of Soca will compete against the all men's group og reggae to defend the title. Lots of music and dance planned starting at 8:30pm. There is an entry free of $65 per person which includes drinks and food. 
2013 updates of Soca vs Reggae 
This is the seventh annual Soca vs Reggae event in the iland which is held on August 2 at Tiger Bay. It features Fay-Ann Lyons and Bunji Garlin being part of the team Soca and Demarco in Reggae. This edition of the event is called the VIP edition because there are VIP tickets that offer all inclusive beverages, food, separate car park and vantage points to watch the event. 
2011 updates on Bermuda Soca vs Reggae 
The event will be held at Tiger Bay, St. George's, on July 29 after Cup Match. The gates will be open from 8:30pm onwards. There will be great giveaways for which you will need to enter the event early. These giveaways are sponsored by companies like Digicel, WKD, Heineken, Smirnoff and Bacardi. 
Performers include Problem Child and Skinny Fabulous for the Soca side, Ding Dong and Bermuda's C'Daynger from the Reggae side. There will be special performances by Tiny T, Live Wire and Lamont Robinson. DJ’s for the night will be Tony Tempo, Oxmighty Andrew, Poison Dart and YGS.  
In 2011, this is the fifth Soca and Reggae event being held in the island and the event has now become an official after party to the cup match. The event will run until 2pm. The Reggae team has been the current champion. Tickets are available at Secrets for $50 per person. People are expected to come in from places like Boston, Atlanta, Los Angeles, the UK and elsewhere to participate and join the concert. 
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