Bermuda Bagpipe Music

Bagpipe music is a well known folk music of Bermuda. This music is enriched with Scottish and Irish cultural traditions. Bagpipe music was brought to Bermuda by the Scottish and Irish soldiers between the 18th and 20th centuries. Many bagpipe bands particularly the Bermuda Islands Pipe Band has come up based on this long standing music tradition. 
Some of the important bagpipe bands in history of Bermuda included the Bermuda Cadets Pipe Band and the Bermuda Police Pipe Band.  
It was in 1955, when Bermuda Cadet Corps paraded with Pipes and Drums for the first time at Warwick Camp during the annual camp of cadets. However, they were disbanded in 1992 when the Bermuda Islands Pipe Band was formed. Salvation Army Young People’s Band is one of the most historically important 1930s bagpipe bands of Bermuda. 

Skirking Ceremony

This is an event which is held at the Fort Hamilton during the winter time (November through March). On every Monday between 12noon to 12:30pm the Bermuda Islands Pipe Band plays bagpipe music here. So it's a great opportunity for the tourists visiting around this time to experience Bermuda's folk music. 

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