Bermuda Salsa Group

Bermuda Salsa is a group based in Bermuda which has three units that operate cohesively. The group's overall mission is to provide a holistic experience in the Latin world including Latin food, beverage, music and dance. Here are the three units of Bermuda Salsa 

bermudasalsa dot com website

This unit hosts this website to promote and market its services and products on the internet. You can browse through all the offerings and entire set of entertainment packages the group offers across all its units. 

Salsa Mania Productions

SalsaMania Productions is the marketing, events production and management division of the Group. The unit currently promotes one weekly dance venue, various hotel projects, a popular weekly salsa radio broadcast and the Mambo Nights event series under its management. 
Some of the entertainment packages the Salsa Mania division markets include: 
Sabor Dance School’s Senior and Student Companies provide couple solos or group performances in a variety of dances.  
Interactive Classes 
A fun-filled, casual and quick class to get you and your guests dancing in few minutes. No experience necessary! 
DJ Services 
SalsaMania Productions handles your music needs with a great variety of Latin music as well as contemporary tunes. 
This is the third unit and the heart of Bermuda Salsa group. The school specializes in Latin dance of varied types including salsa, cha cha, merengue, bachata, rueda and Argentine tango. Check the link for details. 
There are many products, items, souvenirs and instructional media that are created by different units of the Bermuda Salsa group and sold through the internet as well. 
They include: 
Dance Shoes 
Sabor Dance School is the exclusive distributor in Bermuda for men’s and women’s Very Fine Dancesport Shoes and Ballo shoes. They also sell unisex Capezio and Dance Class jazz shoes. Shoe brushes are also available. 
They sell Sabor-logo T-shirts, tanks, sweatshirts, and hoodies for men and women in their trademark rainbow color assortment. There is also a line of signature black and white SalsaMania Productions T-shirts, tanks and hoodies. You also get embroidered SalsaMania caps. 
Sabor Instructional DVD. 


To book private classes, scheduling or curriculum inquiries,  
Email: [email protected] or call (441) 33-SABOR (337-2267). 
Sabor Dance school is located at the Old Berkeley School on the corner of Berkeley Road and St.John's Road in Pembroke parish. Look for a large green building near the bottom of the hill, and follow the signs to reach the dance studio. 

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