Sabor Dance School Bermuda

Sabor Dance School is the main unit of the Bermuda Salsa group. Specializing in high quality Latin dance, the school has brought together some of Bermuda's best instructors, Performers and choreographers. 
Located in the dance studios at the Berkeley Cultural Center, Sabor offers classes in several Latin dances, including salsa, cha cha, merengue, bachata, rueda, Argentine tango and featured workshops. Classes are offered to students of all levels and designed to provide a fun and exciting way to spend an afternoon or evening. 

Here are all the services provided by Sabor

Sabor Group Classes 
The Sabor dance school offers group classes in Salsa, Cha Cha, Argentine Tango, Bachata, Merengue, Styling, and Casino de Rueda. The course is open to all dancers of all levels, no experience is required.  
Sabor Private Classes 
There are private classes available with an instructor of choice. You can use the private classes to make up for the missed classes, or to review and practice skills, move further ahead quickly, and receive personalized feedback about dancing. 
Private Group Classes 
You can also get a group of your own friends or co-workers together for a series of dance classes of your choice. 
The experienced and creative instructors at Sabor can also craft a choreography to suit your style and ability. 
Apart from the above classes, Sabor has also introduced the following lessons recently: 
High-energy yet smooth - something new. Duration - 7 weeks. 
Originated from the Indian film industry in Bombay, Bollywood music is taking the island by storm with its catchy tunes and upbeat percussion. Bollywood dance combines traditional Indian dance styles with some western moves and is characterized by lot of hip movement, facial and body expressions. 
Dads and Daughters Rock & Roll 
Dads and daughters take lessons to dance together. Daughters aged 8-15 only. 
Yoga Asanas - The Authentic Indian Way 
This class focuses on traditional yoga asanas or steady poses which build strength and flexibility of the body, massage and tone internal organs, develop focus, will power, discipline, consistency and cultivate the ability to relax at will. 
Logo items and souvenirs 
The Sabor Dance School also sells dance apparel, which includes t-shirts and foot wear, and various performance and instructional DVDs. 

Sabor Contacts

Sabor Dance school is located at the Old Berkeley School at the corner of Berkeley Road and St.John's Road in Pembroke parish. 
For booking or inquiries,  
Email: [email protected] or call (441) 33-SABOR (337-2267). 

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