Dance Schools in Bermuda

Dance popularity in Bermuda has been in the rise since many years. Imagine that out of a total resident population of about 60,000 in the island, over 3,000 young people study and take active interest in dance in Bermuda’s public and private schools. There are also committed private teachers in the island who train the students in small groups. And there are internationally famous dancers who are invited in Bermuda to provide lessons.  
Here is a list of the top dance schools in Bermuda. 
National Dance Foundation of Bermuda (NDFB) offers great dancing courses, scholarships and financial aids to the entire dance community of Bermuda including trainees, teachers and choreographers. 
Bermuda Ballet Association 
Bermuda is well known for its ballet performances and traditions. In 1962, Patricia Gray and Ana Roje, the renowned ballerinas founded this dance school. This was the oldest dance organization of Bermuda. In 2005, it was merged with the National Dance Foundation of Bermuda. 
The primary unit of Bermuda Salsa Group, Sabor Dance School specializes in high quality Latin dance instructions. 
A pre-school for performing arts for kids of age between 18 months and 5 years. 
Here are the other dance schools in Bermuda, listed in alphabetical order 
  • Bermuda African Dance Co. -  Email: [email protected], Phone: 441/238-2645 
  • Bermuda School of Russian Ballet - Email: [email protected], Phone: 441/293-4147 
  • DanceSations - Phone: 441/335-3271 
  • East Side Dance - Email: [email protected], Phone: 441/541-3053 
  • In Motion School of Dance - Email: [email protected], Phone: 441/292-7615 
  • Jackson School of Performing Arts – Email: [email protected], Phone: 441/292-5815 
  • Sabor Latin Dance School 
  • Email: [email protected], Phone: 441/799-6616 
  • Salsa on the Rocks - Email: [email protected] 
  • Somerset School of Dancing - Email: [email protected], Phone: 441/292-044 
  • The Bermuda Islands Pipe Band Dancers 
  • Email: [email protected], Phone: 441/516-6645 
  • United Dance Productions 
  • Email: [email protected], Phone: 441/295-9933 
    Boolywood dancing, a style originated from Indian film choreography, has been taking the island by storm. There are schools that have now formally introduced this dance in Bermuda. 

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