Performing Art for Bermuda Kids

A first of its kind pre-school is being set up in Bermuda for children of age between 18 months to 5 years. This non-conventional pre-school will focus on performing arts including art, music, dance and drama apart from some of the usual coaching.  
So what is the objective? The idea of founder McCartney Darrell is to identify the hidden talents in the tots in their early stages by exposing them to such activities and create the basic foundation to help develop their talents. This pre-school of performing arts for kids, named as Building Blocks Academy, is built over some 3,000 square feet area in Hamilton City. The school accommodates about 60 children with class size of about 8 kids for a daily session of 45 minutes. 
Classes will be held from 8:30am to 5:30pm Monday to Friday. The kids would be rotated through different classes so that they meet up with more children and develop on their communication and interpersonal skills. There would be 10 full-time staff initially, all trained in CPR and first-aid. 
Other than performing arts which is the main focus area of the pre-school, the children will also get lessons on alphabets, numbers, colors and shapes. There is also a large fun area for the kids. Walls are all brightly colored with murals on them. 
The main art room is called the Picasso’s Place, where the children will have practical lessons on paintings and other artwork. There will also be classes on history of art. 
The music room is fully equipped. The children while learning from various compositions, will also be able to create their own and even make CDs out of them. The dance studio has mirrors, bars and wooden floors. The kids will be able to learn different types of dances including jazz, tap, and hip-hop. The drama theatre is planned to have a stage, seating, and a dress up box. 
Kids will also be exposed to computers and Spanish lessons. Other areas of learning include math, science and problem-solving with Lego, sand, water, and play dough. There are separate areas for all these. 
The indoor play area has tubular slide, a ball pool, workbenches and tools. The outdoor play area has a Go Green and a Botany center for teaching children the importance of green practices like recycling and elimination of wastage. 
Security planned for the center is quite tight. The parents would need to enter child's name and password in computers to meet up with their kids. 

Location and Contacts

Building Blocks Academy (BBA) 
On the top floor of The Salvation Army Citadel in North Street, Hamilton. 
Phone: 441/505-8070. 

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