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Music Schools

There are many music schools in Bermuda that are trying to push the standards to a higher levels. They now provide greater opportunities to the students of both vocals and instrumental music in the island. 
Bermuda School of Music is one of the most popular music schools in Bermuda established in 1978 as a non profit institution. Check out the link to know all their offerings. 
Simon's Music School 
It is in operation for over 10 years. the school offers the following:  
1) Basic musical lessons for kids of age 6 months - 5 years. 
2) Little Mozart's Piano (4-7 years old) where students are introduced to new musical concepts and performance of pieces at the piano as they follow the story of Beethoven Bear and Mozart Mouse. 
3) Multiple Instruments (8 and above): This group course is designed to give lessons in a sample of three different instruments; drums, piano and guitar. 
4) Other courses includes guitar, other string instruments, piano, cello, woodwinds, percussion and vocal training and singing. 
Contacts: 1 Berkeley Road, Pembroke. Phone: (441) 296 3211, Emai: [email protected] 
Bermuda Drum Institute 
Cedarparkade Mall, Ground Floor, Hamilton; Phone: 441-295-1759 
Fundamental Music Instruction 
6 Park View Lane, Devonshire; Phone: 441-292-4733 
Menuhin Foundation 
PO Box HM 2814, Hamilton; Phone: 441-295-4093 
Ming, Eddie Percussion and Drum Instructor 
The Arcade, Burnaby Street, Hamilton; Phone: 441-297-8422 
Portuguese Cultural Association 
There is a large Portuguese population in Bermuda. The traditional folk dances of Azores is promoted by Portuguese Cultural Association in Bermuda. 
Bermuda Philharmonic Orchestra and Bermuda National Youth Jazz Ensemble are two of the other well known musical institutions in Bermuda. 

Performing Arts

An active organization that grooms amateur performers and stages regular plays. In operation since 1945, the official charitable trust was formed in 2001. Their main objective is to develop and promote theatrical arts with a focus on local talents of Bermuda. They conduct workshops on music and dance and also offer scholarships. They have a large volunteer base. The trust also has a bar for entertainment. BMDS accepts memberships. 
Gilbert & Sullivan Society of Bermuda (G&S) 
G&S is a charitable trust and was setup in 1972 to promote dramatic arts in Bermuda. They have grown over the years to become a premier producer and presenter of musical theatres. They have a large volunteer base in the island and offer a great platform to creative talents in all aspects of producing quality theatrical productions. They also offer scholarships to talented individuals who are dedicated to pursue theatrical arts. Email: [email protected]; Phone: (441) 735 1547. Website: 
School for Performing Arts (SPA) 
It is in operation since 2007 and  offers private, group as well as community lessons for young and adults. The offerings include:  
  • Voice and Chorals, Brass and Woodwinds for the private classes,  
  • Theatre for the groups,  
  • Music Theatres and Afro Cuban Percussion for the community. 
  • Group and community classes are held in various schools in Bermuda including Warwick Academy, Bermuda High School, Mount Saint Agnes and Somersfield Academy. Instructors are international trainers and are specialists in their field. 
    PO Box HM 810, Hamilton, Phone: 441-734-1460, Email: [email protected] 
    A pre-school for performing arts for kids of age between 18 months and 5 years. 
    This non-profit organization organizes regular musical nights with local and overseas performers. 
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