Bermuda School of Music

Bermuda School of Music is playing an important role of continued music education in the island and for all ages. A non-profit organization, the school has been providing music education in Bermuda since 1978. Offering the finest musical courses by highly qualified local and international staff, the school provides instructions for both children and adults. 
Lessons are given in piano, voice, organ, recorder, flute, saxophone, clarinet, guitar (classical and electric), percussion, steel pan and all string instruments. There are also classes in music theory, composition, and jazz studies. 
Both Traditional and Suzuki instruction methods are taught at the Bermuda School of Music. In the Suzuki Method, which is available for violin, viola, cello and piano instruction, young children (three years and older) learn to play the instrument the same way that they learn a language, by imitation and repetition. 
Free Suzuki violin lessons are offered to students at the Islandís three Community Centers - Sandys, St. Georges and the Center in Hamilton, and also in some select schools. From 2006, the Bermuda School of Music has also added a free childrenís choir which is open to the public and meets twice in a week. 
Children between 3 months and 7 years along with their parents take part in a program known as Kindermusik. During the classes, children sing, dance, listen to music and use simple instruments to make musical sounds. The school also serves four other nursery schools by providing a music program for children from 12 months to 5 years of age. 


F.S. Furbert Building, Old Berkeley Institute Campus, Berkeley Road, Pembroke Parish. 
Phone:[441] 296-5100, Email: [email protected] 

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