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St George Parish is located at the eastern end of Bermuda. The Town of St. George is the main center of the parish and is a UNESCO world heritage site. The town is steeped with history. This is where the first settlers of Bermuda landed up and started the British settlement in early 17th century. 
Bermuda Airport is also located here at St George. There are also cruise ship berths at the St George's Town on the harbor. The smaller cruise ships dock here occasionally. 
You can see in the picture below that St. George's parish, shown in yellow, comprises of two main islands almost of equal size. The top left is St. George Island where the Town of St. George is located and so is the cruise ship terminal. The other one is St David's Island which covers the south and east of the parish. The small inset below shows the location of St. George against the whole of Bermuda. 
Check out St George Parish Map for a larger interactive map to identify all the details in the parish. The main water area located between St George Island and St David's Island at the eastern side is the St. George's Harbor. St. George's cruise port is located here. The thin 3-mile long water channel that runs in the western side between St. George's Island and St. David's, and connects the St. George Harbor with Castle Harbor, is known as the Ferry Reach Channel
St George's is joined by a Causeway to the main island. If you are coming from Hamilton, you need to cross over this narrow causeway that goes across the Castle Harbor and reach St George's. The concrete Causeway was built as a temporary passage after the main bridge was badly damaged during a hurricane in early 1900s. This temporary causeway has never been replaced. You might make a mistake thinking that the causeway is a bridge. It's actually a narrow strip of land (a raised road above the sea) connecting St George Bermuda to the main island. 
The Causeway, Bermuda 
The Causeway, Bermuda 
If you are travelling by a moped on a windy day, note that the gust here can be quite strong at times. There is a small swing-bridge at the far end that is slippery when wet. The middle lanes have been created specially for mopeds and bicycles. Once over the Causeway, you will reach the junction of Kindley Field Road and Mullet Bay Road. 
Turn left towards Ferry Point Junction and take Ferry Road. It leads to Ferry Reach Park also known as Ferry Point. There are three forts here protecting the entrance to the harbor of St George Bermuda. The first one Burnt Point Fort, was built in 1688 to help stop illegal trading by local sailors. The Ferry Island Fort, at a short distance offshore and on a small island, was originally built in 1790s and went through reconstruction over the next 80 years. 
In 1823, Major Thomas Blanchard constructed Martello Tower on high ground behind the two forts, where soldiers could survey the surrounding coastline and land. The Ferry Reach Park has been developed covering remains of all the three fortifications along with the woodland area, a lake, a bay and the lovely walking trails that go through the park. 
So you can explore the forts at your leisure, walk through woodland and enjoy the beauty of Lovers Lake. It's a wonderful place to have a picnic as it is relatively quiet even on a summer week end. 
Returning to Ferry Point junction, take Mullet Bay Road towards north that goes all the way to St George's Town. You will travel around the far side of Mullet Bay. This is a sheltered natural harbor for small boats. Then pass the Mullet Bay Park, a nice children's play area before reaching the outskirts of the St George's town. 

St George's Town and Its Tours

Town of St George Bermuda, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2000, is the island's oldest town and the historic heartland of the colony. The town is small and as you walk, you will find many historic houses and museums reflecting the lives of those who lived here during the early British settlement of 17th century. Check out St George's Town for our favorite self-guided tour of the town of St George. 
Town of St George Bermuda 
St. George Bermuda 
Photo: Charles Lewis, Shutterstock 
Here is another scenic self guided walking tour of St. George: Bermuda East Tour 
Take the Culture Passport and access several attractions in St. George and St. David's (incuding forts, museums and historic buildings) that reveal the culture, heritage and history of the island. 

St George Attractions and Activities

There are plenty of attractions and activities in St George including great beaches, forts, museums, historical buildings, park lands, water sports and lot more. Check out St George Attractions and Things to Do 

Some more places of interest in St George's parish

Another interesting place is Tucker's Town which is little away from the main land of St. George towards Hamilton Parish. Once it was a place for the poor that remained as a small fishing and farming village for over 300 years. It's now where some of the richest of Bermuda live. The view of the Castle Harbor from here is marvelous. 
There is a unique place called the Nonsuch Island (earlier known as the Nonesuch Island). This is a small island that sits on the eastern opening of Castle Harbor. Although not too far, this is a remote and isolated island that still preserves the way Bermuda used to be when the first settlers came here in early 1600s. 
Cooper's Island is located at St. Davids and has an excellent nature reserve, great public beaches with family picnic areas, and coastal areas popular for shore fishing. 
Astor Estate is located in Ferry Reach. It's a 22-acre sprawling property with woods, hilly terrain, wonderful views of the Castle Harbor, and having a gorgeous mansion, guest cottages and a boat house. This private estate was built by a rich businessman Vincent Astor. 

Hotels in and around St. George

While there are some great hotels within St George itself, there are plenty of them in the adjoining Hamilton Parish and Smith's Parish. Here are the top Hotels in and around St George

Restaurants and Nightlife in St George

Check out St George Restaurants and Nightlife to know about all the popular restaurants in this parish and the nightlife options (bars, pubs, clubs etc) along with our family dining experience, reviews and pictures.  

Buses and Ferries in St George

During summer (mid April - mid November), there is a regular ferry service (Orange Route) on week days between Town of St George and Royal Naval Dockyard. This is mainly for the cruise ships visitors to conveniently reach St. George. There is however no ferry between St. George and Hamilton City due to lack of demand. You will need to take a bus. 
Bus at St. George heading to Hamilton 
Photo: Charles Lewis, Shutterstock 
There are several bus routes operating between St. George's town and Hamilton City:  #1, 3, 10, 11. Number 10 and 11 take less time to reach St. Georges compared to the other two. They all stop at Bermuda International Airport. Bus #6 operates between St. George's Town and St. David's Town. 
For complete bus route information, go through Bermuda Bus Routes
There are also minibus services in St. George that offer shuttle services between Kings Square (i.e. the town square) to Tobacco Bay Beach. Visit Minibus Service in St. George to know more. 

Map of St George Bermuda

Here is a Map of St George Parish. You can zoom and move the map around to see great details including streets, attractions and main places of interest within the parish. 
Here is a street map for the Town of St. George along with key attractions: St George Town Map 
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