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St. George is a quaint historic town of Bermuda bearing the history and memories that date back to 17th century. Dining at St. George gives you that special feel as you are away from the tourist concentrated areas like Hamilton and Dockyard. 
St. George is a laid-back peaceful place which is steeped with history and heritage, and offers a relaxed friendly ambience for wining and dining. 
These days only few small ships dock at St. George mainly because of water getting shallow. And therefore St. George doesn't get much cruise ship tourists other than some who care to come all the way from dockyard and some from Hamilton. 
As a result, several restaurants and bars that were once very popular with both locals and tourists, have closed down due to lack of demand. 
Having said that some new restaurants have also come up with specific dining themes to attract visitors and locals. Some harbor-side restaurants with lovely water views offer exceptional dining experience. 
So if you visit St. George for a tour of the historic town and its many forts and lovely beaches, then this is a perfect place to plan your lunch. 
If you are staying in a hotel here or at nearby parishes, St. George's would offer nice options to wine and dine. Below are all the restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs etc by category. 

Restaurants andáBars

($$, Seafood) 
Located on St. George water front, this restaurant with casual relaxed atmosphere offers many fish specialties. 
($$, Bermudian) 
It offers a fairly wide selection of items including nice seafood, quality Angus beef items, great appetizers and such. 
($$, Chinese) 
A new Chinese restaurant serving a range of Mandarin and Szechwan dishes. 
($$, International) 
This is a waterfront restaurant with both inside and outside dining. Many local yachters come here in the evenings for drinks. 
($$, Caribbean) 
If you are visiting St Catherine's Fort, this is a nice place to take your lunch while you can enjoy the wonderful view of Achilles Bay. Stay back to experience the stunning sunset. 
($$, Steaks and Seafood) 
A stylish restaurant inside St. George's Club and overlooking the harbor serving excellent steaks and seafood. 
($$, French andáCaribbean) X CLOSED 
Came up where Polaris used to be (at Carriage House). This is a harbor-side restaurant and the water view is excellent. They are the same owners as Mad Hatters in Hamilton.  
They have retained the old charm and theme of the place which used to be once a carriage house. Caribbean fish fritters are great and so are the fish cakes, rockfish, steaks etc. 
They use fresh local food. Every week they have some specials. Great service. Nice selections of wine. Serves lunch andádinner. The restaurant is located on Water Street. 
This is a budget category beach bar at Clearwater Beach in St. David's and is very popular with both locals and returning tourists. Great casual and friendly atmosphere. 
Try the fish sandwich or the jerk chicken. Take bus #6 from St. George to reach (check with bus driver as all services of bus #6 do not cater to Clearwater beach). 
193 Cooper's Island Road, St David'S, St George's. Phone: (441) 7340858. 
Eliana's Fine Dining 
($$$, Western andáBermudian) 
A nice upscale restaurant at St. David's. Rockfish, fillet mignon are great, and so are the ambience, service and cleanliness. It's quite expensive though. Next door is a Pizza House. 
106 Southside Road, St. David's (take bus #6 from St. George's). 
Phone: (441) 777-0555. Closed on Monday. 
Soccer &áFriends Restaurant &áTerrace 
($$$, Bermudian) 
Opened in March 2014 where the restaurant 'George &áDragon' used to be, this restaurant and also a sports bar has a great location at Kings Square. From the lovely balcony upstairs you can watch all activities at the square as you dine. 
The inside dining room is also nice. Fresh fish dishes are great. A bit over priced though, but okay. Serves lunch and dinner. 
Closed on Tuesdays. Location: Kings Square, St. George. 
Phone: (441) 297 0786 
($$, Continental andáBermudian) X Closed since Christmas 2014 
Offers hearty food in a casual atmosphere serving continental and Bermudian cuisine. Islanders fill most of the tables at night. Their favorites include shark hash and curried conch. 
($$, Bermudian)áX Closed (now Wahoo's Bistro) 
A nice waterside restaurant serving Bermudian cuisine (lots of fish, chicken, steak and pasta dishes) and overlooking the beautiful St. George Harbor. 
($, Bermudian) áX Closed 
This was located in the Old carriage House. A new restaurant The Tempest has replaced it. 
($$, British) X Closed 
Overlooking the St George Harbor, this restaurant used to be an old warehouse, but has gone through major restoration. 
($, International) X Closed 
Located in King's square, the restaurant serves international cuisine and also has a sports bar that offer pub fares. 
($$, Japanese andáChinese) X Closed 
A new restaurant that has a Japanese chef preparing exotic Sushi dishes that includes tempura, Nigiri and Sashimi. The restaurant also has a nice selection of appetizers, and a limited menu of Chinese dishes and desserts. 

Cafes andáFast-food

Located at 48, York Street, St. George. Short walk from Kings Square. Try out the fish sandwich made with fresh fish and add pepper vinaigrette... it'll be a perfect meal. 
Fish cakes are also great and so are the fries. It's a small budget eatery only with few tables. Favorites to the locals. Don't miss it. 
Great sandwiches with cold cuts, pies and pastries. Mostly ladies manage the cafe and make the items. They serve breakfast and lunch, and also offer catering service. Open Monday to Saturday, 8.30am to 3.30pm (Sunday closed). 
31 York Street, St. George. 
Phone: (441) 297 1368, Email :[email protected] 
Sweet P at Bermuda Perfumery 
(Afternoon Tea) 
It's a tearoom. They offer Traditional British Afternoon Tea, nice snacks including many types of finger sandwiches, scones, cakes, sweets etc. Located at Bermuda Perfumery, Stewart Hall, 5 Queen Street, St. George. 
($$, Ice Cream Parlor) 
Located conveniently on York street, this little shop serves excellent ice creams and frozen yogurts along with cookies, cheese cakes, cup cakes etc. 
They have a wide range of ice cream flavors (some of them are unique and of their own) and toppings and you can mix and match, and then pay by weight. 
Serves fast food like burgers, fish cakes, sandwiches, fries etc. 
Located at 123 Mullet Bay Road, St. George. 
Victoire CafÚ and Cycle Club 
This is a relatively new coffee bar plus cyclists hub opened by Tyler Simmons who spent 16 years in Canada. Other than fresh organic coffee and tea, you get vegan baked snacks including nice pastries. 
This is a nice place for cyclists to take a break, have a coffee andásnacks, watch some live sporting events on the TV and the move on to the next destination. 
Open Monday - Friday (8am - 5pm), Saturday - Sunday (7am - 4pm). 
Address: 1 Water Street, St. George. Bermuda 
Phone: 441.704.8200; Email: [email protected] 
Sweet Saak Bakery X CLOSED 
Home style bakery and specializing in traditional bakery items, cakes etc. 
16 York Street, St. Georges. Phone: 441 297 0663; Email: [email protected] 
Closed on Sunday and Monday. 
Gojo's Coffee Shop áX Closed 
This is a small family run place located at Kings Square and ideal for trying out local food andábeverages at a budget price. Great fish sandwiches, paninis, codfish cakes, fries, soups, coffee etc. Try out the mouthwatering lobster salad (available in season only). 
They also serve bakery items like giant cookies, brownies and excellent carrot cakes. On Sundays they serve full traditional codfish breakfast with potatoes. A great place for breakfast and lunch at real cheap prices (by Bermuda standards though). 
($, Fish andáChips) X Closed 
This is a branch of the original one at Pembroke, Hamilton. You can expect to have some of the best fried fish sandwiches of Bermuda here. Crusted fried fish mixed with coleslaw and tartar sauce, and placed between soft wheat or raising breads. 
It's delicious and huge. You can easily plan to split it between two of you. Accompany it with some fries and cold drink. The fried sandwiches and the fries are not greasy at all and taste excellent. The eatery is small. 
You can also get them to pack it in a paper bag and carry it to a nearby park or waterside seat, and enjoy your lunch. They are located on Water Street. 
Closed on Monday andáSunday. They open from 11:30am onwards. 
($, Coffee House) X Closed 
A laid back relaxed cafe located off Water Street and offering breakfast (eggs, sandwiches, waffles, juice, fruits, coffee etc), lunch (mostly paninis, wraps and sandwiches) and great coffee. 
Fair Trade sourcing and practices ensures that you get excellent quality food and drinks and at very reasonable prices. 

Sunday Breakfast

Located at 36 Water Street, the restaurant has an open terrace and a patio overlooking the St. George's Harbor. They serve nice lunch. 
Gojo's Coffee Shop X Closed 
At Kings Square. Sandwiches, wraps, fries, coffee etc. 
East End Mini Yacht Club 
4 Convict Bay Lane. St. George. 


Light Nightclub 
It's part of White Horse Tavern located at Kings Square. Open until late night with DJs playing music. 
8 King's Square, St. George, Bermuda. 
Phone: (441) 297-1838. Email: [email protected] 
East End Mini Yacht Club 
4 Convict Bay Lane. St. George. 
St. George's Cricket Club 
56 Wellington Slip Road, St. George. Phone: (441) 297-0516 
St. George's Dinghy and Sports Club 
Happy Hour every Friday 5pm to 8pm. 24 Cut Road, St. George. Phone: (441) 297-1612 
Limelight Lounge X Closed 
This nightclub came up in March 2013 on Water Street. The club offers live entertainment and DJs, plus music from local radio stations. It is aimed towards adults who would like to have a cool time at night with a drink and enjoy live music and other entertainment. 
It plays 70's and 80's hits till late hours and opens up the dance floor for all. Open all days 2pm to 3am (Sunday 3pm to 1am). 50 Water Street, St George. No reservation. Credit Cards accepted. 
* For bars, see the section under 'Restaurants andáBars' 
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