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This is a quaint and cozy little place in the Town of St. George. It is one of those snug places where you can picture yourself sitting with a cup of hot coffee and a book on a rainy afternoon. 
Located on York Street, right at the base of the steps of St. Peter's Church, the cafe is a great place to drop in for a hearty breakfast and even lunch. It is also quite convenient to go to as it is very close to a few other interesting tourist sites like the Town Hall, reconstructed Deliverance, National Museum of Bermuda, St. George's Historical Society Museum, Pilot Darrell square and the Post office. 
The owner of the cafe Mrs. Julie Dill and her mother Juliette Hoermann have taken great care in creating a bright, comfortable and homely setting. After their takeover of the place more than a decade ago, the cafe underwent a recent refurbishment giving a more roomy and airy feel to it. There are plenty of seating arrangements by the windows through which ample sunlight streams in… a great place for customers to relax and enjoy a nice meal with a pleasant view of the York Street traffic. 
Temptations Cafe on York Street 
Temptations Cafe 
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One of the walls of the cafe is adorned by giant frames of locally taken photographs. In fact, the children featuring in these pictures are Mrs. Dill's own children. This gives a very personal touch to this very closely knit family run place. The ambience is further enhanced with a recorded music that softly plays on speakers in the background. If you plan to spend a day wallowing in the historical town of St. George, you can kick-start it by stopping here for a filling breakfast. If you take the ferry to St. George, the cafe is a short walk from the St. George's Ferry Terminal. 
Most of the items on their menu change daily with special soups / salads/ sandwiches of the day mentioned on the rustic style menu list on one of the walls. You can try their bagels in poppy seed or cinnamon flavor that is served with egg, cheese and bacon for breakfast. Accompany it with a freshly brewed tea, regular or flavored coffee, cappuccino, espresso, latte  or fresh juices that are on offer. There is also a wide range of muffins, Danish, fresh bread with cheese, bacon, scones and hot dog. 
For lunch you can try the variety of sandwiches that they have to offer. The turkey sandwich or  crab salad sandwich on a toasted baguette is quite nice. You can also try the tuna and crab sandwich on a bread of your choice. They also have a variety of salads on the menu. The weekly special Lobster salad on greens, tomatoes and avocado needs a special mention here. If you are looking for a hot meal, you can also try the beef or chicken pie, Jamaican Patty or quiche. You can just have a bowl of hot home-made soup and sandwich if you are looking for a light lunch. 
This is a clean place with air-conditioning, which offers a blessing break when you are out touring the historical town. However they also have a takeaway service if you wish to pack a lunch or simply a sandwich which you can have made to order and eat outdoors. You can also stop by for a break and have brunch, a light snack and coffee or simply to quench your sweet craving. If you are looking for refreshments don't miss the Bermudian Ginger soda or the locally made Ginger beer. 
The assortment of ice creams and baked products on offer can entice anybody to offset the heat on a hot day of touring around town. The strawberry or mint chocolate chip ice-cream are quite delicious. The Bailey's Rum raisin sourced from Bailey's Ice Cream Parlor is another locally made ice cream which is creamy and dense with plump raisins and just the right amount of rum. There are also quite a few sundaes, smoothies and shakes that can cool you off. Their baked treats include biscuits, pastries and cakes like the raisin biscuits and cheesecake which are very nice. 
The staff here are quite pleasant and give a very friendly and efficient service to its guests. They are a happy and helpful lot who make their food fresh on the premises. They also have WiFi which you can use here for free. Ask the staff for the WiFi code. Food is quite reasonably priced especially for a Saturday meal compared to the island standards. There is also a small restroom here. The cafe offers a vegetarian option too on its menu. 

Open Hours

The cafe opens early for breakfast at 8.30am and closes after lunch hours at 3pm. However, the timings are seasonal and may vary accordingly. It is closed on Sundays.  

Location and Contact

Address: 31 York Street, St George 
Phone: +1 441-297-1368 
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