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Below I have listed all the well known restaurants and bars of Bermuda. You will find detailed reviews with pictures as you visit the links. With each listing, I have indicated the price category (where $ indicated least expensive and $$$$ indicates most expensive), the cuisine served, and the location of the restaurant. However, our favorite restaurants that we have discovered from our numerous visits to Bermuda and rated them high from our family dining experience are here: Top Bermuda Restaurants 
check out Bermuda Local Food andáDrinks if you are interested to know about Bermuda's own specialty cuisine and classic Bermuda dishes that you will find in many of the restaurants listed below. Check out Top Cheap Restaurants in Bermuda to know about all the cheap restaurants that are also our favorites. 
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Below is the complete list of restaurants arranged alphabetically. You will also see the price category, cuisine and location of the restaurants on the entries below. 
64 Degrees ($$, Steaks andáSeafood) At Port Royal Golf Course, Southampton áX Closed 
Angelo's Bistro ($$, Italian) Hamilton City (off Front Street) 
Aqua ($$, Bermudian) Warwick Parish áX Closed 
Aqua Terra ($$$, International) At The Reefs Resort, Southampton Parish 
Art Mel's ($, Bermudian) Pembroke (near Hamilton) 
Ascots ($$$, French/Italian/Continental) Hamilton City 
Astwood Arms ($$, Seafood) Front Street, Hamilton City 
Bacci ($$$, Italian) At Fairmont Southampton Hotel, Southampton Parish áX Closed 
Bailey's Ice Cream ($, Light bites) Hamilton Parish 
Barracuda Grill Bermuda ($$$, Seafood) Hamilton City 
Beau Rivage ($$$, French) At Newstead Hotel, Paget Parish 
Beethoven's Restaurant andáBar ($$, Mediterranean/Swiss) Sandy's Parish 
Beluga Sushi Bar ($$, Sushi/Japanese) Washington Mall, Hamilton 
Bermudiana andáBreakers Ocean Terrace ($$$, International) at Pink Beach Club, Smithĺs Parish 
Bermuda Bistro At The Beach ($, Bermudian) Hamilton City 
Bistro J ($$, Seafood/Bermudian) Hamilton City 
Blackbeard's Hideout ($$, Caribbean/Seafood) St. George 
Black Horse Tavern Bermuda ($$, Continental andáBermudian) St. George X Closed 
Bolero Brasserie ($$, Continental) Hamilton City 
Blu Bar andáGrill Bermuda ($$$, American andá South-Western Cuisine) Warwick 
Bonefish Bar andáGrill ($$, Seafood/Mediterranean) Dockyard, Sandy's Parish 
Bouchee ($$, French) Western Hamilton (Pembroke Parish) 
Boundary Sports Bar andáGrille ($$$, Pub Fares) Fairmont Southampton Hotel 
Broadway Bistro at La Coquille ($$$, French) Hamilton City áX Closed 
Breezes Restaurant ($$$, Beach bar andáRestaurant/Caribbean) Sandys, part of Cambridge Beaches Resort  
Cafe Amici ($$, Italian) Dockyard, Sandys Parish 
Cafe Cairo ($$, African Cuisine) Hamilton City 
Cafe Coco ($$$, Bermudian/International) Paget Parish 
Cafe Gio ($$, Bermudian) St. George'sáX Closed (now Wahoo's Bistro) 
Carriage House ($$, British) St. GeorgeáX Closed 
Cedar Room ($$$, International) At Pompano Beach Club, Southampton Parish 
Chatterbox Cafe ($, Deli/Light Bites) At Washington Mall, Hamilton City 
Chopsticks ($, Chinese andáThai) Hamilton City 
Coconut Rock and Yashi ($$, International/Sushi) Hamilton City 
Coconuts ($$$, Caribbean) Southampton Parish 
Coral Reef Cafe ($$$, International) At Pompano Beach Club, Southampton 
CV Cafe ($, Sandwiches, Wraps andáCoffee) Off Water Street, St. George's X Closed 
Devil's Isle ($$, Fusion, Contemporary, Coffee) Burnaby Street, Hamilton City 
Docksiders Pub andáRestaurant ($, British) Hamilton City 
East Meets West ($$, Indian, Chinese, American) Hamilton Southampton X Closed 
Fourways Inn Restaurant ($$$, French) Paget Parish 
Freeport Seafood Restaurant ($$, Seafood) Sandy's Parish, Dockyard 
Fresco's Wine Bar and Restaurant: ($$, Mediterranean) Hamilton City 
Frog andáOnion Pub and Restaurant ($$, British) Sandys Parish 
George andáDragon ($, International) St. George, King's Square áX Closed 
Golden Dragon ($$, Chinese) St. George 
Green Lantern ($, Bermudian andáInternational) Hamilton City áX Closed 
Gregs Steakhouse Bermuda ($$$$, Steak andá Seafood) Hamilton City X Closed 
Griffin's Restaurant ($$, Steaks and Seafood) St. George's 
Gulfstream ($$, Italian andáSeafood) Southampton, opposite Horseshoe Bay Beach 
Harbourfront Bermuda ($$$, Italian, Seafood andá Sushi) Hamilton City 
Harley's Restaurant andáTerrace ($$$, Mediterranean) Fairmont Princess Hotel, Hamilton City X Closed 
Harry's at the waterfront ($$$, Steakhouse) Hamilton, Pembroke Parish 
Henry VIII Restaurant and Bar ($$$, British) Southampton 
Heritage Court ($$$, Bermudian andáAmerican) Fairmont Princess Hotel, Hamilton City X Closed 
Hickory Stick ($, Deli) Hamilton City 
Hog Penny Bermuda ($$, Pub with British andá Bermudian cuisine) Hamilton City 
Homer's Cafe ($, Snack/Bermudian) At Masterworks Art Gallery, Botanical Garden, Paget 
House of India, Bermuda ($, Indian Cuisine) Hamilton City 
Hubie's Jazz Bar: ($$, Bar with Live Jazz) North Hamilton, Pembroke 
Indigo ($$, Multi-Cuisine) Flatts Village, Hamilton Parish 
Island Cuisine ($, Bermudian) Southampton 
Jamaican Grill ($, Jamaican/Caribbean) Hamilton City and other places in the island 
Latin ($$, Mediterranean) Hamilton City áX Closed 
L'Oriental ($$, Asian) Hamilton City 
La Trattoria ($, Italian) Hamilton City 
Landfall Restaurant ($$, Bermudian) Hamilton Parish (close to St George) X Closed 
Lemon Tree Cafe ($, Continental) Hamilton City áX Closed 
Little Venice Restaurant ($$$, Italian) Hamilton City 
Lobster Pot Bermuda ($$, Seafood) Hamilton City 
Lido ($$$$, Mediterranean) At Elbow Beach Hotel, Paget Parish 
Lighthouse Tea Room Bermuda ($, International Cuisine) Southampton Parish 
Lost in the Triangle ($$, Seafood/Bermudian) Hamilton City, Reid Street ááX Closed 
Lost in the Triangle (LITT) ($$, Seafood/Bermudian) Warwick Parish 
Mad Hatters ($$, European) Hamilton City, Richmond Road 
Marcus ($$$, Bermudian) at Hamilton Princess andáBeach Club, Hamilton City X Closed 
Maria's Ristorante ($$, Italian) Hamilton, Chancery Lane X Closed 
Mediterra ($$$, Mediterranean) Fairmont Southampton Hotel, Southampton X Temporarily Closed 
Mickey's Beach Bistro andáBar ($$$, Mediterranean) At Elbow Beach Hotel, Paget Parish X Temporarily Closed 
Newport Gastropub ($$$, British Style Pub andáRestaurant) Fairmont Southampton Hotel X Closed 
North Rock Brewing Company ($$, Bermudian) Smith's Parish 
Obar Lounge (Earlier Opus) ($, Bermudian/Indian/Bar) Hamilton City  
Ocean Club ($$$, Asian/Seafood) At Fairmont Southampton Hotel, Southampton Parish X Temporarily Closed 
Ocean Grill ($$$, International) At Pompano Beach Club, Southampton Parish 
Palm Court ($$, Continental) At Grotto Bay Beach Resort, Hamilton Parish 
Palms Restaurant ($$$, International) At Surf Side Beach Club, Warwick Parish 
Paraquet Restaurant ($$, Bermudian andáWestern) Paget, near Elbow Beach 
Pasta Basta ($, Italian) Hamilton City 
Pearl ($$, Japanese Sushi) Front Street, Hamilton City 
Pickled Onion Bermuda ($$, Bermudian and International Cuisine) Hamilton City 
Polaris at Carriage House ($$, Bermudian andáSushi) St. George áX Closed 
Port O' Call Bermuda ($$$, Seafood) Front Street, Hamilton City 
Portofino Bermuda ($$, Italian Cuisine) Hamilton City 
Primavera Restaurant andáOmakase Sushi ($$, Italian/Japanese) Hamilton City X Closed 
Red Carpet Bar andáRestaurant ($$$, Italian/French/Mediterranean) Hamilton City 
Red Steakhouse andáBar ($$$, Steaks andáSeafood), Hamilton City X Closed 
Robin Hood Pub and Restaurant ($, International) Hamilton City 
Rock Island Coffee ($, Coffee/Tea) Hamilton City 
Rosaĺs Cantina ($$, Mexican/American) Front Street, Hamilton City 
Rotisserie Grill ($$, American / Boston Market Concept) Collectors Hill, Smith's Parish 
Royston's Restaurant ($$$, Continental) At The Reefs Resort, Southampton Parish X Closed 
Ruby Murrys ($$, Indian) Chancery Lane, Hamilton City 
Rustico ($$, Italian/Pizzeria) Hamilton Parish 
Salt Rock Grill ($$$, Bermudian) Somerset, Sandy's Parish 
Sapori ($$$, Internationa/Sushi/Bermudian) Grape Bay Beach Hotel, Paget X Closed 
Scoops ($$, Ice Creams andáCakes) Southampton 
237 Middle Road, Southampton (bus route #8). Phone: (441) 238-5382 
Sea Breeze ($$$, Cuisine: Tapas, Sushi) Elbow Beach Hotel, Paget 
Seahorse Grill ($$$, Bermudian/International) Elbow Beach Hotel, Paget X Closed 
Silk Restaurant Bermuda ($$, Thai cuisine) Hamilton City áX Closed 
Smokin' Barrel ($, Barbecue/Caribbean/Bermudian) Front Street, Near Ferry Terminal 
Somerset Country Squire Pub andáRestaurant ($$, British) Sandys Parish 
Specialty Inn ($, Bermudian and Italian) Smith's Parish 
Spinning Wheel Night Club ($$, Night Club, Bermudian) Hamilton City 
Splendido Bar andáRestaurant ($$$, Bermudian) At Horizons Cottages, Paget áX Closed 
Spot Restaurant ($, Bermudian) Hamilton City 
Spring Garden Restaurant andáBar ($$, Caribbean) Hamilton City áX Closed 
Swizzle Inn Bermuda ($$, British andá Bermudian cuisine) Hamilton Parish 
Swizzle Inn South Shore ($$, British andá Bermudian cuisine) Warwick Parish X Closed 
Tamarind Indian Restaurant ($$, Indian) Southampton, at the base of Gibbs Hill Lighthouse 
Tamarisk Dining Room ($$$, International) Cambridge Beaches Resort, Sandyĺs Parish 
Tamasun's Japanese House ($$, Japanese Sushi andáChinese) St George, York Street áX Closed 
Tempest Bistro ($$, French) St. George 
Temptations Cafe ($$, International, breakfast, lunch, brunch) St. George 
The Dining Room ($$, Continental) Southampton Parish, at the base of Gibbs Hill Lighthouse 
The Dockyard Pastry Shop ($, Cafe, Desserts) Royal Naval Dockyard, Sandys 
The Island Brasserie ($$$, Mediterranean) At Tucker's Point Hotel andáSpa, Hamilton Parish 
The Wharf ($$, International) St. George 
Tio Pepe ($$, Italian and Spanish) Southampton X Closed (Now Gulfstream) 
Tom Moores Tavern Bermuda ($$$, Bermudian) Hamilton Parish 
Victoria Grill ($$, Coastal Southern) Hamilton City X Closed 
Waterlot Inn Bermuda ($$$$, Steak, Seafood andá Continental) Southampton Parish 
Waterloo House Bermuda ($$$, Bermudian andá Continental cuisine) Hamilton City X Closed 
Whaler Inn Bermuda ($$$$, Seafood) Southampton Parish X Closed (Now Ocean Club) 
Veranda Bar and Lounge ($$$$, International) Elbow Beach Hotel, Paget áX Closed  
Wahoo's Bistro andáPatio ($$, Seafood) St. George 
White Horse Pub and Restaurant ($$, Bermudian) St. George 
Wickets ($$, American) At Fairmont Southampton X Temporarily Closed 
Wild Wing Wednesdays ($$, Bermudian) Pembroke, Hamilton 
16, Parsons Road, Pembroke. 
Wok Express ($, Chinese andáSushi) Southampton and Hamilton City 
Yo Cherry ($, Ice Creams, Yogurts) Hamilton City and St. George 
Yours Truly ($$, Cocktail Bar) Chancery Lane, Hamilton City 
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