Earlier Opus Cafe & Lounge
Is Now OBar

UPDATE: Obar has closed down.
Obar is another case of re-branding done by the Fresco's Group that runs several restaurants in Bermuda. The earlier Opus Cafe and Lounge located at the Bermudiana Road in Hamilton City has been re-branded by its Italian owner Claudio Vigilante to cater to wider customer base. 
So it now has a new menu with wider choices of food and drinks, and most importantly at more reasonable prices. Earlier the Opus Cafe andáLounge used to focus mainly on Tapas menu and small plates that included items like prawn tempura, Caesar salad, mini pizza bites, prawn dumplings, seared yellow fin tuna, pork ribs and such. 
But now with the new Obar Lounge, the menu has been increased to include items like Indian specialties such as Chicken Tikka and Curries. The new menu also includes Bermudian dishes like the fish chowder, fish cakes and will also soon include macaroni that are lunch favorites. 
In fact the owner Claudio says that the new restaurant has got excellent response for lunch. For less than $10, you can have a great lunch here. There are sandwiches for less than $5. Like before as the day progresses, Obar becomes a relaxing cocktail lounge. There are daily happy hours in the early evenings which is accompanied by live music. 
One of the main changes is the introduction of many Martini specials. There are Martinis and Mojitos that are all priced at $8.50. OBar offers three types of Vodka Martinis. It offers prosecco specials by glass or bottle. You also get nice selection of wine and other cocktails. 
On Fridays, there is a DJ that starts at 7pm and continues up to 12 midnight. The restaurant is open since morning serving coffee and breakfast, until late evening.  
Dress Code is smart casual. They accept credit cards. 

Open Hours

Monday through Friday: 8:00am ľ 12:00am or later 
Saturday: 7:00pm ľ 12:00am or later 


4 Bermudian Road (Off Front Street) 
Hamilton City 
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