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About dining in Hamilton Bermuda

Hamilton City being the main commercial center and capital of Bermuda, expectedly has the largest concentration of restaurants, bars and all kinds of eateries. This is where you can find most varieties of cuisine and price categories that suite all taste and budget. 
Several restaurants that are located on Front Street have balconies overlooking the lovely harbor. In the evenings the view of the harbor with reflections of the street lights, and the moored yachts gives an awesome experience of dining at the balconies. 
Front Street Bermuda 
Photo: Darryl Brooks, Shutterstock 
Another great time to dine on a Front Street restaurant overlooking the street and the harbor is during Harbor Night festivals held in summers on Wednesdays. Sitting on a balcony you can see all the festive activities below including vendors selling local food, art and craft, trinkets etc, music and dance performances, myriad of people etc while getting a magnificent illuminated view of the harbor itself. 

Top Restaurants and Eateries in Hamilton

Listed below are all the well known restaurants in Hamilton and Pembroke. They are arranged Alphabetically. Visit the restaurant entries to get detailed reviews with pictures, including our own family experiences and favorite dishes. 
($, Bermudian) St. Monica's Road 
9 St. Monica's Road, Pembroke. Phone: 441/295-3965 
Located on a back street of Pembroke, this place is known for serving some of the best fish meals and huge fried fish sandwiches which are known to be the best in the island. The fish cakes are crispy, tasty and served in buns or burgers as you like. The sandwiches are some of the biggest I have seen. It's difficult to finish one full portion by one person. Open: Tuesday - Friday: 11:30am - 10pm, Saturday: 12 noon - 8pm. Closed on Sundays and Mondays. 
Art Mel's 
Art Mel’s Spicy Dicy 
Photo: Peter Burka, flickr, cc by-sa 2.0 
($$$, French/Italian/Continental) Rosemont Avenue 
This is an elegant upscale restaurant in Royal Palms hotel in a colonial house and in a lovely garden setting serving one of the best Continental Mediterranean cuisine (particularly on seafood). While there is inside dining, you can also take a table on the patio with garden views. Serves lunch and dinner. 
($$, Italian) Walker Arcade, Reid Street 
A bistro or a cafe style small restaurant tucked in a mall and serving great Italian food. They have a small bar at one corner of the bright yet small dining room as well as an open patio where tables are laid out around a fountain. The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. 
Angelo’s Bistro 
Source: Angelo's Bistro 
($$$, Seafood) Burnaby Street 
This elegant upscale restaurant belongs to an elite restaurant chain in the island. With mahogany furnishing, design lamps and modern ambience, it oozes of class. This is one of the best seafood restaurants in Bermuda, particularly when it comes to preparing the island soup Bermuda Chowder. It has a great cocktail bar as well and there are two dining rooms upstairs. Serves lunch and dinner. 
($$, Sushi/Japanese) 
Tucked in the basement of Washington Mall, this place arguably serves some of the best Sushi and Japanese food in the island at a reasonable price. The restaurant first opened in 2010 and over time has gained huge popularity with both locals and tourists, and won many accolades for the great food it serves. The chef has trained in Japan for years and throws in all his skills to showcase great Sushi and Sashimi preparations to perfection. They also serve nice wine by glass and bottle. 
Beluga Sushi Bar Bermuda 
Source: Beluga Bar 
($, Bermudian) Front Street 
Located right on Front Street of Hamilton (nowhere close to a beach as the name may suggest), this is more like a casual budget bistro having both an outside patio with seating and an inside dining with bar that runs until late night. Expect lots of vocal Bermudians as they drink merrily. Happy hours is available and there are DJs on the weekends. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. 
($$, Seafood/Bermudian) Chancery Lane 
Another small bistro type restaurant with a bar having nice selection of wine. It's a sister restaurant of the more well known and elegant Port 'O Call, but serves Bermudian and Seafood dishes at reasonable prices. The dining space is small and cozy giving a homelike friendly feel and the menu is limited but enough. A favorite for locals. Serves lunch and dinner. 
Bistro J Bermuda 
Photo: Bistro J Bermuda 
($$, Continental) Front Street 
A British style brasserie located on Front Street and overlooking the street and the harbor. It has a nice mix of friendly yet classy ambience. The front upstairs balcony is ideal for a harbor view. This is one of the best brasserie style restaurants in Hamilton serving continental cuisine. Has a bar as well. Serves lunch and dinner. 
($$, French) Pitts Bay Road 
A French style cafe serving breakfast, lunch and dinner and very popular with locals particularly for the sumptuous breakfast and traditional brunch it serves. Located at the western side of Hamilton city. 
Bouchee Bermuda 
Photo: Bouchee Bermuda 
($$, Middle Eastern Cuisine) Front Street 
Well known for its nightlife and bar scene with the locals, the restaurant serves nice middle eastern cuisine (humus is well known here). The upstairs terrace/balcony offers a great view of the harbor. 
($, Deli/Light Bites) At Washington Mall, Church Street 
Located inside Washington mall just after the entry from Reid street, this is a nice cafe which is well known for the breakfast it serves ... great Burrito and coffee. Serves lunch as well. 
($, Chinese and Thai) Reid Street, Hamilton City 
A restaurant serving authentic Chinese and Thai dishes at an affordable price. This is one of the best restaurants in Hamilton to look for great Chinese cuisine and accompany that with great Chines beer. 
($$, International/Sushi) Reid Street 
Located downstairs at the basement of a building on Reid street, these two sister restaurants are extremely popular to locals for the cuisine they serve. Coconut Rock serves excellent international cuisine with the grilled or pan fried fish platter being the most favorite of all, while Yashi is island's only independent Sushi bar serving great Sushi dishes. 
($, British) Front Street, Hamilton 
This is more like a sports bar with large plasma TVs and projection screen around the main bar area showing popular sports channels. You can also play pool and dart. Serves typical British pub fares. 
($$, Fusion, Contemporary, Coffee) 
Located on Burnaby Street and few minutes off Front Street, this is arguably one of the best places in the island serving coffee as well as great contemporary and fusion food. There is an inside dining as well as an outside roof covered terrace. The place is extremely popular with both locals and tourists. 
($$, Irish) Front Street 
The only Irish bar in the island, this popular restaurant serves Irish cuisine and is quite popular with both locals and tourists. The main dining area is upstairs and has a balcony with wonderful view of Hamilton harbor. Downstairs there is a sports bar. 
Food Court ($$, all types of food) Washington Mall, Church Street 
The food court opened in 2015 at Washington Mall (20 Church Street, Hamilton City) located at the lower level of Phase-III. This is a large open space where several food stations are located. The whole idea is people with different taste and food preferences can walk in and approach a food station, pick up their choice of food and sit in a large common place. 
The existing restaurants in the mall like 'China Grill' and 'Delicious' have shifted to the food court. Types of food includes pasta, Mexican, salads, fruit and vegetable juice, grills, 'Around the World' bugget and lot more including healthy choices like gluten free and vegan food. Plan a lunch or snacks here. 
($$, Mediterranean) Chancery Lane 
($$$, Italian, Seafood and  Sushi) Crow Lane 
($$$, Steakhouse) Pitts Bay Road 
($$$, Bermudian and American) At Hamilton Princess Hotel 
($, Deli) Bermudiana Road 
($$, Pub with British and  Bermudian cuisine) Burnaby Street 
($, Indian Cuisine) Park View Plaza, North Street 
($$, Bar with Live Jazz) Angle Street, North Hamilton, Pembroke 
($, Jamaican/Caribbean) Parson Road 
($$, Mediterranean) Victoria Street 
($$, Asian) Bermudiana Road 
($, Italian) Washington Lane 
($$$, Italian) Pomander Road 
($$, Seafood) Bermudiana Road 
($$, Seafood/Bermudian) Reid Street 
Great seafood restaurant offering authentic Bermudian cuisine. The fish is caught fresh by the owner who also runs a fishing charter business and goes out for fishing himself. The restaurant is family friendly, TVs on the walls running sports and cartoon channels and service is very friendly. Excellent place to try out fish platter, catch of the day and crispy fried wahoo. There is also a bar. 
($$, European) Richmond Road, Western part of Hamilton 
($$, Italian) Chancery Lane, Close to Reid Street 
($, Italian) Elliott Street 
($$, Japanese Sushi) Front Street 
($$, Bermudian and International Cuisine) Front Street 
($$$, Seafood) Front Street 
($$, Italian Cuisine) Bermudiana Road 
($$$, Italian/French/Mediterranean) Reid Street 
($$$, Steakhouse) Front Street 
($, International) Richmond Road 
($, Coffee/Tea) Reid Street 
($$, Mexican/American) Front Street 
($, Barbecue/Caribbean/Bermudian) Front Street, Near Ferry Terminal 
($, Bermudian) Burnaby Street 
($, Chinese and Sushi) North Street 
This is a small restaurant with a take away section serving a wide range of Chinese and Sushi dishes. 
Yardie Kitchen 
($$, Caribbean and Bermudian) Glebe Road, Pembroke 
This is a cafe and a snack bar. The original branch is in Pembroke. There is another Branch next to the Shelly Bay Beach in Hamilton Parish It serves Caribbean and local food like fries (chicken and mutton), wraps, curries, peas & rice and other dishes. 65 Glebe Road, Pembroke, Bermuda. Phone: (441) 295-6652. (Update: They also had a Shelly Beach branch which has closed down). 
($$, Ice Cream Parlor) 
Located on Bermudiana road and a short walk from the Hamilton ferry terminal, this little shop serves excellent ice creams and frozen yogurts along with cookies, cheese cakes, cup cakes etc. They have a wide range of ice cream flavors (some of them are unique and of their own) and toppings and you can mix and match, and then pay by weight. 

Restaurants that have closed down

($$$, French) East Broadway 
($$, Indian, Chinese, American) Queen Street 
($, Bermudian and International) 
($$$$, Steak and  Seafood) 
($$$, Mediterranean) At Hamilton Princess Hotel 
($, Continental) 
($$$, Bermudian) at Hamilton Princess Hotel, Hamilton City 
($, Bermudian/Indian/Bar) 
($$, Italian/Japanese) 
($$, Thai cuisine) 
($$, Night Club, Bermudian) Court Street. 
($$, Caribbean) Washington Lane. 
($$, Coastal Southern) Victoria Street. 
($$$, Bermudian and  Continental cuisine) Pitts Bay Road. 
Wild Wing Wednesday 
($$, Bermudian) Parson Road 
This is a relatively new eatery opened in November 2014 by Dakia O’Brien. She also owns the well known catering business 'Dae N Night'. Although the eatery's name bears the word 'Wednesday' it is actually open on other days of the week as well (open Tuesday-Sunday, 11 -5pm). It serves boneless chicken wings with choice of many different flavors, curry chicken, coleslaw, mango salad etc. It will soon add several other traditional Bermudian dishes including fish, chicken legs, macaroni, rice & beans etc. The restaurant is located 16 Parsons Road, Pembroke. Look for the green pastel building with slanted white roof. Phone: (441) 292-8811. They closed down in September-end 2016. 
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