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UPDATE May 2012: Unfortunately Silk restaurant has closed down. Until last year, it was part of the Fresco's group owned by Claudio Vigilante. After he quit, the controlling share holders closed it down as the operation was no longer commercially viable. Recently, the owner of Bistro at the Beach has taken over the assets of Silk and is planning a new restaurant here.
With a picturesque harbor view from Front Street of Hamilton city, Silk restaurant Bermuda is our top favorite Thai restaurant in the island. We came to know that a team of chefs from Shangri-La Hotel in Bangkok prepare the superlative Thai food at the Silk restaurant Bermuda. We had earlier stayed for 3 nights in Shangri-La Bangkok way back in 1992 and we wonít forget the Thai food we had there. 
We were naturally therefore attracted to try out the Thai dishes at the Silk restaurant in Bermuda. No wonder Silk Bermuda offers the same authentic Thai cuisine, and sometimes based on original recipes from Thailand. Subtle blends of herbs and spices characterize the cuisine. Some of our favorite dishes include the duck with mango salad or fried noodles. You can also start with the delicious prawns and coconut wrap. 
Silk restaurant also prepares some great curries. The one made with chicken breast in a green curry with coconut milk sauce is fantastic. In addition to a number of spicy rice and noodle items, there are such delights as stir-fried duck breast with baby corn chili and basil sauce or marinated pan-fried quail in a soy sauce laced with cilantro and garlic. Our favorite specialty at the Silk is the spicy steamed filet of red snapper served on a banana leaf and topped with a ginger and chili sauce. And itís nothing like dining on the covered patio with a superb view of Front Street and Hamilton Harbor. 
Prices of Main courses at Silk restaurant range from 17$ to 26$. 
Silk accepts credit cards. Reservation is recommended. Dress code is smart casual. 
Open Hours 
Lunch Sunday - Friday: 12noon - 2:30pm. No lunch served on Saturday.  
Dinner daily 6:30pm - 10pm 
Location and Contact 
Silk Bermuda, 55 Front Street, Master Building, City of Hamilton, Pembroke Parish.  
Phone: 441/295-0449 for reservations.  
Bus route: #1, 2, 10, 11 
Check out Hamilton Dining Map to see the location of this restaurant. 
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