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Located in Hamilton City, Spot Restaurant is a die-hard favorite to the locals who are looking for cheap but good food. You will often see the restaurant full with office goers taking lunch, or those who are staying nearby in self catering apartments trying to grab some quick bites at a reasonable price. 
So to the tourists, the restaurant gives a great opportunity to experience the local scene while dining. The Spot was opened in early 1940s when it was originally owned by Arthur Foote. Since then it has changed several hands. The current owner Thomas (Ted) Powell has been running the restaurant since 1971. And until now other than small tweaking and adding a dining room in the retail space, Powell has hardly made any changes to the restaurant. 
Today, The Spot is one of the oldest continuing restaurants in Bermuda. For those who have to eat out everyday, Spot is a good choice given the prices elsewhere in the island. The locals have been coming here for generations. Many just come to meet up with friends. You will see all sorts of people including construction workers, MPs and even actors who performed on the stages of Bermuda theaters. 
While the restaurant has full service menu and home style specials, Spot is more popular for lunch rather than dinner. For soups, they serve the Bermuda Fish Chowder and Soup of the day with turkey in it and served with rolls. 
They have different types of sandwiches including grilled chicken, roasted beef, steaks, chicken salad, turkey breast etc. The club sandwich and the homemade hamburgers are quite popular here. There are a number of salads to choose from including grilled chicken Caesar salad. 
Spot boasts of making the best turkey dishes in Bermuda. They roast about 50 pounds of turkey every day. Some of the great turkey offerings include fresh roast turkey dinner or the curried turkey dinner. They also serve sandwiches and wraps with turkey fillings. Turkey Melt is one of the tastiest preparations. 
Out of the entrees, other than the turkey dinner, they offer steaks, shrimp and fish combo, fish n' chips etc. Dessert items include ice creams, fresh pies etc. One of the great favorites here is the old fashioned milk shakes. Once the Bon Appetit magazine had asked Powell for the recipe of their famous custard pie. 
The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. There are 12 old time staffs working in two shifts. You will need to pay in cash as credit cards are not accepted. In 1971 when Powell took over and started running The Spot, the listed price of the Fish Chowder was only 55 cents. Today you will need to spend close to $7. 
There is also a take out service. 

Open Hours

Monday - Saturday 6:30am-10pm. Sunday Closed. 

Location and Contact

6 Burnaby Street, Hamilton City, Bermuda (North of Reid Street). 
Phone: 441/292-6293 
You can reach the restaurant by Bus #1, 2, 10, 11 (all these routes originate at the Hamilton main bus terminal). It's also at a walking distance from the Hamilton ferry terminal. 
Check out Hamilton Dining Map to see the location of this restaurant. 
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