Spinning Wheel Night Club Bermuda

Operating since the 1970, Spinning Wheel Nightclub is located on Court Street in Hamilton Bermuda. It has been like a virtual institution and catering to the neighborhood in Pembroke with nightly entertainment since many years. 
Being a local favorite, you will see many Bermudians savoring drinks or enjoying live music at the upper level. If you like to get a break from the crowded bars at the city center, relax and have a drink and listen to some live music, this is the place to go in Hamilton. Spinning Wheels was founded by Charles Burgess and Gladwin Ming, and named for the song by Blood, Sweat, and Tears. Their main objective was to bring entertainment of their ethnic group to the neighborhood. 
The venue has hosted several major events including the Black Family Productions that paid tribute to those making contributions to the economy, to world business, to medicine and to education in Bermuda, and also to cultural heroes. 
Today The Spinning Wheel has evolved as a complete entertainment center in Hamilton City and a popular meeting place for the locals. It has four bars, a night club, a sports lounge, and a restaurant serving Bermudian cuisine. It also offers its facilities and friendly services towards private functions and events. 
For visitors like us who have experienced the Spinning Wheel, we remember the club for meeting many locals in a friendly environment and enjoying the local flavors. 
At the upper level of Spinning Wheel, Chewsticks provides live musical entertainment on every other Saturday evening. You can listen to jazz, reggae and lot more. Chewstick brings in rappers, singers, poets, musicians, dancers, DJs, musicians, and many other skilled local artists. On the lower level, a DJ plays great collections and classical tunes on Friday evenings at the Grown Folks Disco. 
There is a cover charge for upper level entertainment from Friday through Saturday. 

Open Hours

Monday - Thursday: 3pm to 3am. Happy Hour: 4pm - 7pm. 
Karaoke 8pm - 1am with Dj Double D' and MC Kazz, music until 3am. 
Friday: 1pm - 3am with Dj Kasper, Dj Magnum and Dj Jadda. Saturday and Sunday open with the first match of the day during soccer season until 3am. Music by DJ Double D'.  

Location and Contact

33 Court Street, Hamilton City, Pembroke, Bermuda. 
Phone: 441/292-7799 
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