Cafe Cairo Bermuda

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As the name suggests, Cafe Cairo is an Egyptian themed bar in Bermuda and a great favorite to the local Bermudians. Earlier it used to be known as The Rum Runner. Located in Hamilton on the Front Street overlooking the harbor, Cafe Cairo has a mix of great elements as a nightspot. 
It has a dance floor, a great restaurant and a Hookah (water-pipe) lounge. After 10 p.m at night, Cafe Cairo gets into a new life of a vibrant dance club. Dance and music continues till 3 a.m. or even beyond while food and drinks are served. It often becomes packed on the week ends with local crowd. 
The restaurant, which serves traditional Middle Eastern food, is decorated in North African furnishings with creatively recycled pieces: hand-carved Egyptian plows recast as regal chairs, inscribed copper bed frames molded into ornate tables. You can relax and recline on plush cushions of a Bedouin tent-style dining room. It has nice menu items on cuisine of Egypt, Lebanon and Morocco. 
Try out a salad and accompany that with warm pita bread with garlic humus. End it with a soufle with ice cream. Remember that at night it gets into a bar scene and therefore you can not expect a great service. However the balcony upstairs is a great place to have a drink and watch the harbor. 
Cafe Cairo Bermuda 
Cafe Cairo Bermuda 


Lunch 12:00 ľ 14:30 (Monday - Friday), Dinner 18:30 ľ 22:30 (Monday - Saturday). The wine bar is open from 5 p.m. to 1 a.m., Monday through Saturday. Sunday closed. Dress code is smart casual. 

Location and Contacts

Cafe Cairo, Bermuda. 93 Front Street, Hamilton City, Pembroke. 
Phone: (441) 295-5155, 441/292-4737; Email: [email protected] 
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