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Seafood Restaurant in Hamilton

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The Restaurant andáAmbience

Lobster Pot is one of the most consistently popular seafood restaurants located in the City of Hamilton, near the Hamilton Princess Hotel. Local Bermudians swear by this place. It's in operation since 1973. The Lobster Pot has created an internal ambience with a maritime-theme. The walls around the dining room showcase lobster traps, brass gears and even underwater simulations of corals and sea fans.  
The Lobster Pot 
The Lobster Pot Bermuda 
Source: The Lobster Pot 
There is a well stocked bar right at the entrance. I have seldom passed through it without having a local cocktail. Thatĺs the idea of the bar - have some drinks before you get in to the dining room which is located behind the bar. It has a casual and low key atmosphere where you will find a lot of locals lounging at the bar and in the dining area. There is a lovely fireplace and the tables well spaced out. They also have a little outdoor seating area. 
Although the place is pleasant enough, it hasn't undergone any sort of renovation/ makeover for some time now giving it a rather tired and dated look and could really do with a refresher if not a change in decor. Having said that, the old feel of the place also gives you that á"rich, buttery, 70s kitchen whiff" the moment you step in through the door, if you happen to enjoy that. Besides, you come here for the fish, not the decor ! 
Dining Room, Lobster Pot 
Dining Room, Lobster Pot 
Source: The Lobster Pot 

The Food andáDrinks

The dining room appears a little dark, not so fancy and can get noisy at times. However, the exuberance all around make up for all that, and the food is simply out of the world. The menu is really extensive and choices are staggering. Our favorite starter is a bowl of steaming fish chowder. If you like, they put shots of rum and sherry peppers to further enhance the taste. They have kept the recipe of Fish Chowder the same for over 40 years and make it the same way. 
Fish Chowder at Lobster Pot 
Source: The Lobster Pot 
You get fresh local lobsters from September to March. One of the top local favorites is the yellowtail or rockfish with bananas and almonds. If you want to go for sandwiches, you get some of the most delicious fish sandwiches and platters of tuna, Wahoo, hogfish and rockfish. 
Spiny Lobster Dish 
Spiny Lobster Dish 
Source: The Lobster Pot 
You can ask them to be prepared anyway you want. One of our choices is to get them grilled with amandine and lemon-butter sauce.... delicious! The fish quality, simple cooking and choice of preparation is marvelous. 
Some of the great favorites here are herb crusted andábaked snapper, pan seared tuna, pan fried rockfish, snapper prepared Mediterranean style and the rockfish with capers and onion, all very fresh, locally caught, and nicely prepared, and of course the lobster dishes that this restaurant is named after. Note that Bermuda Spiny Lobsters (i.e. the Caribbean lobsters) are not same as the ones you get in New England states in the US. The lobsters in Bermuda do not have claws, not as sweet but have longer and more meaty tails. Overall very delicious. 
Baked Onion Soup 
Baked Onion Soup 
Source: The Lobster Pot 
Among some of the other dishes that we tried, the escargot is simply delectable here and the food is beautifully presented too. The shrimp cocktail was nice too with a spicy house cocktail sauce, though the plate was a little small. You can also have the shrimps rolled in coconut flakes and golden fried, onion rings with the Black Parrot drink that brings it wonderfully together. 
Shrimps rolled in coconut flakes andáfried 
Shrimps at Lobster Pot 
Source: The Lobster Pot 
The appetizers are simply great especially the conch fritters and the Four lobster that we ordered was moist, delicate and scrumptious. The mixed grilled seafood platter (lobster, mussels, shrimp, fish) here is possibly the best on the island. The crust on the seafood is just perfect and the sides of vegetables complement them well. The chef can even do amazing things with the oyster. 
They also have steaks, racked lamb, chicken and even pasta on the menu, and serve some vegetarian dishes as well. However it's the seafood for which Lobster Pot is so well known for. The fish is brought here daily by the local fishermen. Many are repeat guests. 
They have a separate vegetarian menu that includes dishes like the vegetable lasagna, Thai vegetable pasta, Ratatouille kebabs etc. There is also a kids menu available. 
The Frozen Dark n Stormy as a dessert is a perfect finish to your meal and will make you leave very happy and refreshed. You can also try the chocolate mousse desserts, the decadent chocolate brownie served with a side of whipped cream, and chocolate chip cookie ice creams or the Banana Fritter with Rum Raisin ice cream. There is the Apple tart with vanilla ice cream which is nice too. 
While most drinks are available at the bar, some of the great local cocktails that are my personal favorites are Rum Swizzle and Dark n' Stormy. They also have a good beer selection. 


Service is quite attentive and prompt. The owner and staff are pleasant and friendly who want to ensure you enjoy your food and drinks. The service renders the place a cozy and homey ambience. 


The restaurant might seem a little expensive for the portions. However the food served is delicious and beautifully favored. If you are dining in the evening, taxis can be arranged for your ride back very promptly and without fuss. Given the want in upkeep of the place, the bathrooms too need maintenance work on them. The restaurant can get very busy so make a reservation. 


This is a charming seafood venue with a seafarer's paraphernalia making for the decor as you will see lining the walls and the ceiling. Slightly off the tourist trail on Front Street, but certainly well worth the detour if you are in core Hamilton, the place is authentically Bermudian and a good choice for a lively evening with the entire family or even a quiet nook for two. 
Choose to have the famous Bermuda classic dishes or their famous Bermuda lobster with a great drink mixed for you, this restaurant never disappoints. Although it is not a restaurant 'with a view', the consistent good food and a warm welcoming atmosphere, The Lobster Pot is easily one of our favorite places on the island, one that we would definitely want to go back to. 

Indicative Prices

  • Appetizers: $12-$19, Soups andásalads: $9-$11. 
  • Entree salads (for lunch): $19-$26, Sandwiches/ burgers/ wraps (for lunch): $ 13-$20, Pastas: $18-$25. 
  • Other fish and meat main course items: $20-$37 . 
  • Spiny lobsters are offered based on market rates. 
  • Vegetarian menu: $17-$22. 
  • There is a limited availability of a set three-course menu that costs $25 and $48 for lunch and dinner respectively. This is a great deal for the food you get. 
  • $15 gratuity is added to the bill. 
    They accept credit cards. It would be difficult to get a table without reservation. Dress code is smart casual. 

    Open Hours

    Lunch is served Monday to Friday 11.30am to 5pm 
    Dinner is served everyday 
    Monday to Friday : 11.30am - 9.45 pm 
    Saturday : 5.30pm - 9.45 pm 
    Sunday : 6pm to 9.45 pm 

    Location and Contacts

    Lobster Pot Bermuda,  
    6 Bermudiana Road, City of Hamilton (Pembroke Parish). 
    Phone: 441/292-6898 for reservation.  
    Check out Hamilton Dining Map to see the location of this restaurant and others around. 
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    Visitors' Reviews andáComments

    Karen Wyon (May 2014) 
    At the lobster pot tonight we (7) ate the waitress recommended fish dish with the special banana and onion topping. it was cooked to perfection as was the broccoli and zucchini. our waitress was very attentive to our 3 year old making sure that he had his kid menu first and coming right back to take his order and following up with his dessert. It was a pleasure.