The Hog Penny, Bermuda

$$, Pub with British and  Bermudian cuisine 

The Restaurant and Ambience

Just a few steps off the Front Street in the City of Hamilton, the Hog Penny is a great old-fashioned pub and restaurant serving British and Bermudian food. This is one of the oldest pubs in the island opened in 1957. In fact they claim that it is the oldest licensed establishment of Hamilton City and has been the original source of inspiration for the Cheers Pub in Boston, USA. 
The place was originally a bicycle shop that sold the Penny Farthing cycles. It later on got converted into a slaughterhouse and then finally the restaurant came into being. The decor now includes some items like the mirrors, benches, sheep shearing tools etc that have been procured from England's old Watney's pubs back in the early 20th century. With its dark wood finishing in British decor, bentwood chairs, and antique mirrors, Hog Penny offers a nostalgic feeling of London Pubs. 
Hog Penny Restaurant 
Source: Hog Penny 
There's live music and DJs most nights (starting at 10pm) in summer and less frequently in winter. The pub like atmosphere is nothing fancy but definitely a favorite among Bermudians. 

Food and Drinks

Having won numerous "Best of Bermuda" awards for the hearty meals that they server, Hog Penny is one of the favorites with visitors and locals alike. The food here is consistently good and the specials change weekly. The menu is large and should certainly have something in there for everyone. Don't miss out on the specials as some of them are so good they ought to find a place on the permanent menu! 
Some of the popular dishes at Hog Penny (and our favorites as well) include the Fish Chowder with a shot of Goslings Black Rum, mussels steamed in a broth of leeks, shallots, sun-dried tomatoes, white wine and cream. The fried calamari and the jambalaya are outstanding too. The latter is beautifully prepared and served in a sizzling hot bowl. 
Deep fried chicken served with macaroni in 
cream tomato sauce with peas and cheese 
Deep fried chicken 
Source: Hog Penny 
Another great favorite here is the authentic Indian Masala Chicken prepared with lots of fresh Indian herbs and served with vegetables and Mango chutney. Masala means 'spice' in Indian and they offer a few authentic Indian curry dishes here as well. If you are planning for lunch in Hog Penny, a great choice can be the pub specials including Yorkshire pudding, shepherd's pie or tuna salad. In fact the Shepherd's pie here is legendary and a must-try. Chicken and lamb preparations are very nice especially the chicken pot pie and the spicy lamb meatballs. 
Comfort Food 
Comfort Food 
Source: Hog Penny 
Fish and Chips and steak-and-kidney pie are some of the all-time favorites here. You can also choose from an impressive burger selection. The pan fried Mahi burger is quite different but good. 
There is no lunch served on Sundays. Dinner menu at Hog Penny Bermuda is more elaborate. We would typically go for a whole lobster, a fresh fish of the day like Bermuda yellow-fin tuna, and excellent Angus beef prepared really well. Visit a little early and enjoy their Sunday roast which is simply delicious. If you are strictly looking for seafood dinner, Barracuda Grill, a restaurant upstairs in the same building, in my view is a better choice. Hog Penny is essentially a pub and is one of the best in the island in its own category. 
They have gluten free options as well as a good vegetarian selection too. The Bermuda onion soup here is beautifully flavored and very well prepared. The baked potatoes are top notch too. The portions are quite generous and we sometimes even found it difficult to finish some of the dishes. Leave room for desserts as the sticky toffee pudding is great here. 
There is a bar tucked away in the corner of the restaurant where you can sit and relax with a nice local craft beer or two. They have on offer three really nice local draft beers as well as a full bar offering. Try out the dark Samuel Smith beer or the British ale from the tap. 
Bar at Hog Penny 
Bar at Hog Penny 
Source: Hog Penny 


With its cheerful and lively environment, we have always found Hog Penny bustling with people and the service quite good despite being very busy. The servers are pleasant and will explain everything you wish to know including which drinks to try, recommendations on the dishes and even places to visit on the island. The manager and the staff make you feel right at home from the moment you step in. 


There's nightly entertainment from 9:30pm to 1am. Prices, in comparison to many other local places, are quite reasonable. They also have free WiFi. Book in advance especially on Sunday as it gets very busy on quiz nights. The quiz is great fun here with a wide range of questions for all generations. 
Live music at Hog Penny 
Live music at Hog Penny 
Source: Hog Penny 


Stop by at this great little restaurant in the heart of Hamilton. The very centrally located Hog Penny is a great venue for a nice drink and good pub style food in a fun and relaxed ambience with friendly staff and nice entertainment. The pub makes you feel like you are in jolly ol' England with its decor and lively ambience. So come over during a day of shopping or simply make the trip to the restaurant for its amazing food and hospitality, as it is well worth the effort and gives you something truly wonderful to remember of your visit to Bermuda. 

Indicative Prices

  • Soups and Salads: $8 to $12, Appetizers: $12 to $16, Main Courses: $24 to $35. 
  • Main courses (Pub fare, sandwiches/rolls/burgers, house specialties, fish of the day etc): $15-$37 
  • Desserts: $9-$14. Tea/Coffee/special coffees: $3-$9 
  • Indian curry dishes range from $23 to $26.  
    They accept credit cards. 
    Fresh draft beer locally brewed by the Dockyard Brewing Company is now available at Hog Penny. You won't have to go all the way to the Frog and Onion Pub in the dockyard to get the freshly brewed local beer. They are now available in Hamilton both in Hog Penny and Pickled Onion. Several different types of beers are served. 

    Open Hours

    Lunch daily 11:30am - 3pm 
    Dinner daily 5:30pm - 10pm 
    Pub daily 11:30am - 1am 

    Location and Contact

    5 Burnaby Hill, city of Hamilton, Pembroke Parish. Phone: 441/292-2534; Email: [email protected] 
    Bus route: #1, 2, 10, 11. Walking distance from Hamilton ferry. 
    Check out Hamilton Dining Map to see the location of this restaurant and others nearby. 
    Road Map 
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    Visitors' Reviews and Comments

    David Sementilli (September 2013) 
    I traveled to Bermuda in 1964, as a young teenager, with my parents. Travel to the island was with BOAC (now British Airways) aboard their Super VC 10. One of my fondest memories of the trip was the great food at the Hog Penny Pub. I'm glad to learn that it is still doing well after so many years.