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Update: Sadly Lemon Tree Cafe has gone into liquidation and closed down in 2015.
If you are in Hamilton City near Queen Street, Lemon Tree Cafe can be a great choice for lunch. Prices here are quite reasonable compared to many other places in Bermuda.  
However this is a small unassuming cafe and is a locals' favorite. Many tourists after discovering this place also tend to like it and go back for lunch. You can also drop in for breakfast. So what's special about Lemon Tree Cafe? Nothing much though. Just good food with vibrant atmosphere. 
The cafe remains open till mid night on Fridays during the summer months (May to October) when it gets packed with locals and visitors. You can sit inside or there is also an outside seating that overlooks the Queen Elizabeth Park.  
When the cafe gets overcrowded, you will see some part of the park becoming an extended seating area. On Friday evenings, many locals gather here after the happy hours at the Hamilton Princess Hotel to continue on budget drinks and food. It's well known in the island as the Friday night happy hour spot. 
This cafe once used to be a Scottish wool shop. Lee Uddin and Jean-Claude Garzia took it over in 2002 and converted it into a cafe. It became a vibrant place for locals particularly for its open patio adjacent to the park. But the couple sold it off to Brendan Huttick in 2008 who has been running it successfully. 
Lemon Tree serves breakfast and lunch. During breakfast, other than the usual stuff like bacon and eggs, you also get some unique items like Bermuda fish cake served on raisin bun. 
During lunch you get many types of sandwiches and wraps which are all quite nice. Try the Parma ham with Brie cheese. They also make daily specials like fresh salmon with a garlic blue-cheese dressing. If you like wraps, try out the one filled with crabmeat and avocado. 
There is a bar at the Lemon Tree Cafe. Locals and tourists come here for listening to DJ's disco style tunes. Try Bermuda's unique Rum Swizzles if you haven't already experienced it. It's quite a strong drink though. 
The service here is quite good. They accept credit cards. 
Update March 2013: 
Lemon Tree has recently introduced Paleo Diet food, also known as the Caveman's food. Paleo which is a short form of Paleolithic era when the cavemen hunters made natural food out of whatever they hunted on the day. With increasing demand in the island for Paleo dishes (mostly from the health freaks though), the restaurant has introduced several such dishes that comprise of fish, meat, roots, fruits, nuts, vegetables etc all prepared naturally by hand and not using any processed food items like sugar, cheese, vinegar etc. 
Lemon Tree now offers Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and snacks comprising of Paleo Dishes that are gluten free as well. A great Paleo preparation here is the homemade Paleo chicken nuggets served with celery, carrot salad and mixes fruits. They now have a separate menu for Paleo food. 

Open Hours

Monday - áFriday: Breakfast andáLunch 7:30am ľ 3pm 
Saturdays: Lunch 11am-3pm 
Tiki Bar: Daily 11:30am-9pm (Fridays: 5pm-12am happy hour and DJ's old hits). 

Location and Contact

7 Queen Street, Hamilton City, Bermuda 
Phone: 441/292-0235  
You can reach the restaurant by Bus #1, 2, 10 or 11. 
Check out Hamilton Dining Map to see the location of this restaurant. 
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