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This restaurant is not too well known to the tourists, but it does have its own patrons and is a locals favorite. Salt Rock Grill is located in western Bermuda in Sandy's parish. It is in the old Loyalty building at Somerset and overlooking the beautiful Mangrove Bay. So if you come to Somerset or the 9-Beaches Resort area to enjoy the scenery, you may be able to discover this restaurant. And if you happen to take your lunch on its tented terrace, you are likely to come back. 
The view of from this large terrace is really unbeatable and the sunset over the Mangrove bay is excellent. During summer time the terrace becomes quite busy. But it's a large open area and is never overcrowded. During winter (after October) you should wear a jacket or a sweater if you plan to dine on the terrace, it gets quite cold outside. 
There is also a lounge area inside with a bar and television sets running sports channels. Atmosphere inside is vibrant and casual. If you want a quieter place and avoid all the noise in the lounge, there is also a separate dining room that can accommodate up to 35 persons. This room can also be booked for private dining. 
There are many appetizers including salads and soups. Avocado, Chicken &Mango Salad and Caesar salads are some of the popular choices. 
Salt Rock Grill Bermuda - Terrace 
Salt Rock Grill Bermuda 
Salt Rock Grill prepares great fish dishes with locally caught fish. Try out silver snapper, or the cod fish &banana cake, or the tuna filet with sesame sauce. These are some of the best fish dishes here and often recommended by the waitresses. 
Another favorite here is the Jumbo shrimp Tikka Masala (an Indian preparation). Even Fish &Chips is very nice. They also serve spiny lobsters during season. Although a little expensive, the terrace view, friendly atmosphere and good service compensates for that. The beef used is certified Angus. If you are a meat lover, try out one of Grilled Rib-Eye Steak, Beef Wellington, New York Strip, or Char-Grilled Lamb Loin Chops. 
Salt Rock Grill has a Sushi bar where you can see two Japanese chefs prepare your food. They have over 100 types of dishes in the Sushi menu. I know of many who would vouch by the sushi dishes prepared at the Salt Rock. 
One of the best deals here is the Early Bird Special served on Monday - Saturday between 5:30pm to 6:30pm. It's a three course meal at a reasonable price that includes choice of appetizers like fish chowder, salads and soups, many entree choices including shrimp, steaks and fish, and followed by desserts like apple pie, Bermuda Rum Cake or puddings. 
There is a live local band known as the Native Percent that plays music on weekend evenings. They usually play the old Bermuda songs and other popular island hits. 
The bar is well stocked. There are some house special cocktails and a list of wine that you can choose from. 
UPDATE August 2016: The restaurant is closed. The property is up for sale. 

Location &Contacts

Salt Rock Grill, Bermuda 
27 Mangrove Bay, Somerset, Bermuda 
Phone: 234- 4502; Email:[email protected] 
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